Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Research and Development

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Yes, recipe research and development in general, but cocktail recipes specifically. Because you can cook or bake something as many times as you want to (or need to) and, really, the only jeopardy you’re in is of ending up in a food coma. Not much of a down side, really.

But cocktail recipes? Those are a little more dangerous. There are rules you need to adhere to, like “by the third try you need to be sitting down, Yes, on the floor is fine, even preferable.” Little lessons you learn along the way that help you progress in your endeavors. Well, and help you to stay out of the hospital too.

Tailgater Cocktails
Tailgater Cocktails | www.Bakinginatornado.com | #cocktail #recipe

Tailgater Cocktails | www.Bakinginatornado.com | #cocktail #recipe

My youngest son is a Purdue Boilermaker this year, resulting in my taking up watching some college football games. Truth be told I’m more sitting as close to the TV as I can, mostly ignoring the game while scanning the crowd for a glimpse of my boy, but lets keep that between us, OK?

Anyway, I set out to develop a cocktail inspired by the Boilermaker. For those who don’t know, a Boilermaker is a beer with a shot of whiskey. You can pour or mix the whiskey into the beer but the way I learned was that you actually drop the shot glass of whiskey into the beer. Oh, and don’t tip that beer glass back too far, you’ll chip a tooth.

Confession time: I don’t like beer. I cook with it, I even use it in some mixed drinks, but I never really developed a taste for it. Hope this doesn’t make you think less of me. There were a few reasons, one I won’t mention because . . . well . . . TMI.  The other is that I’m very small. All beer really did was make me feel full. Fast. No dinner, no more drinks, and I swear I’d slosh when I walked.

Research and Development Department | www.Bakinginatornado.com | #humor #graphic

As long as I’m confessing, I did mention in my previous post WimpGating that I’m not a big fan of eating and drinking in parking lots in cold weather. I prefer to watch the games on my couch by the fireplace. 

But if you're one of the many people braving the cold to see a game, before you go, stop by my friend Stacy's blog for her tutorial on how to make a warm lap rug. You'll be glad you did.

Lap Rug | Stacy Sews and Schools

Another great way to warm up takes us back to the cocktails. Covering all of the options, these cocktails can be made either at home using a glass and a shot glass, or outdoors with plastic cups of two different sizes.

Since this drink wasn’t going to start with beer, the options for product development were endless. I’m proud to admit that I’m nothing if not a tenacious cocktail developer. From that spot on the floor I came up with a few choices, depending on your taste.

And, of course, an integral part of product development is the rigorous schedule of taste tests.
I have to admit that I really enjoyed them all.
Sheesh, the sacrifices I make.
You’re welcome.
Nap time.


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Tailgater Cocktails 
Printable Recipe
Ingredients (four options):
Lemon Tailgater Cocktail:   
                    8 ounces of Hard Lemonade
                    1 shot of Limoncello
                    Lemon starbursts for garnish
Raspberry Tailgater Cocktail:  
                    8 ounces of Raspberry flavored malt beverage 
                    1 shot of Chambord
                    Swedish Fish for Garnish
Lime Tailgater Cocktail:
                    8 ounces of Margarita flavored malt beverage 
                    1 shot of Patron Tequilla
                    Lime sourpatch kids candy for garnish
Apple Tailgater Cocktail:
                    8 ounces of Apple Ale malt beverage
                    1 shot of Cinnamon Bun Vodka
                    Apple skittles for garnish
*Fill a glass or cup 2/3 of the way full with the first ingredient of the option of your choice. Make sure there’s room in the glass for the addition of the second ingredient.
*Pour the corresponding second ingredient into a shot glass.
*If there’s room, drop the whole shot glass or cup (drop bottom first, not upside down) into the larger glass. If there isn’t room, just pour the shot into the glass.
*Add garnish to the glass or cup.


  1. Thank goodness, where I am from it usually doesn't get below 60 at our tailgates or else I would be like you, watching in front of my fireplace. I can't wait to give your cocktails a try!

  2. Here I am, expecting dessert and I get cocktails. And good ones, too! Delicious!

  3. I'd have to be the official taste tester in our home. When it comes to alcohol, my wife is what you'd call a lightweight. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't even make it to three drinks before she forgot what she was doing on the floor in the first place.

    1. LOL, well, that is the beauty of taste testing cocktails on the floor. Not far to fall for lightweights.

  4. Nothing like a quality libation! Now you are speaking my language!

  5. Thank you so much for all your hard work! I'm not a fan of beer either, which confounds my hubby to no end. Pinning these for our next Seahawks party!

    1. I hope you love the drinks, they're so simple but fun and flavorful. And although you clearly root for the wrong team, I'm still happy to share the recipes with you.

  6. I'll take one of everything and a seat on the floor if there's room. After being away from home for the last 5 days I may need a pitcher or two to get caught up!

  7. Cocktails are always a good thing. Although I do not drink a lot I like to have one once in a while.

    1. Yeah, I like to have one once in a while. But then I find that sometimes I just need one. Gotta love teenagers.

  8. You know that I am, in fact, a beer drinker. But, every one of those cocktails looks amazing. Sour patch kids? You KNOW I'm in! The only problem? That Lemon Tailgater up there is only half full. :)

  9. Oh, after the week I've had, I could uses a few of those!!!! They sound SOOOOOO good!!!!! I am all about fruity flavors!!

    1. Oh no, isn't it time for your luck to change? Well, maybe these drinks will help. Can't hurt . . .

  10. After all that's been going on in your life, I understand the need to do some research and development. Sitting on the floor sounds like a good place to enjoy those taste testings. Less space to fall. LOL

    1. Yes, lets just say that I learned that one the hard way, so to speak.

  11. They all sound good. I love Swedish Fish...I may be shopping this weekend at the liquor store!

  12. It's been too long my friend! Love your tasty concoctions!

  13. This was a joy to read. I would dare say I'd end up on the floor....several times!

    1. Yeah, I've learned that sometimes it's best just to start there and stay there till you're done.


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