Secret Subject Swap

Secret Subject Swap, a multiblogger writing challenge | developed and run by | #MyGraphics 
What was a Secret Subject Swap? A writing challenge taken on by a group of bloggers willing to push the boundaries of blogging. Each participant in the swap sent in a prompt, was then assigned someone else’s prompt, and wrote a post. All of the bloggers on the same day and at the same time divulged their Secret Subject, linked to the blogger who provided their subject, and publish their piece.

The Swap, meant to be a one time post to inspire a friend with a bit af a writers' block, went on monthly, for over 10 years, ending with a loving tribute to a long time member of the community.

First Secret Subject Swap: October 2012
Last (#141) Secret Subject Swap: May 2023




Secret Subject Swap: Used to be Mine 6-9-17 
Secret Subject Swap: Identifying Characteristic 5-5-17
Secret Subject Swap: Jump in the Fray 4-7-17 
Secret Subject Swap: I'll Take Half 3-10-17


Secret Subject Swap: That Unicorn Better Come With A Maid 12-4-15
 Secret Subject Swap: Still Learning 11-6-15
 Secret Subject Swap: Overnight Sensation 10-9-15
Secret Subject Swap: Eau de Tornado 9-4-15 
 Secret Subject Swap: Spinning out of Control 8-7-15
Secret Subject Swap: Simple Legacy 7-10-15
  Secret Subject Swap: Eyes Wide Closed 6-5-15 
 Secret Subject Swap: Welcome to the Zoo 5-8-15 
  Secret Subject Swap: Can You Haiku? 4-3-15
  Secret Subject Swap: Happy's Back 3-6-15
 Secret Subject Swap: Public Gestures 2-6-15
Secret Subject Swap: You Found that Where? 1-9-15

  Secret Subject Swap: Only Five Things  12-5-14 
 Secret Subject Swap: Just Once  11-7-14
 Secret Subject Swap, October 2014  10-3-14
 Secret Subject Swap, September 2014  9-5-14
 Secret Subject Swap, August 2014 8-8-14 
 Secret Subject Swap, July 2014 7-11-14
Secret Subject Swap, June 2014  6-6-14  
 Secret Subject Swap, May 2014  5-9-14
 Secret Subject Swap, April 2014 4-4-14
Secret Subject Swap, March 2014 3-7-14 
Secret Subject Swap, February 2014 2-7-14 
Secret Subject Swap, January 2014 1-10-14

Take Two - Secret Subject Swap, December 2013 12-13-2013
Take One - Secret Subject Swap, December 2013 12-6-1203
 Take Two - Secret Subject Swap, November 2013 11-15-2013
 Take One - Secret Subject Swap, November 2013 11-8-2013
 Take Two - Secret Subject Swap, October 2013 10-11-2013
 Secret Subject Swapiversary 10-4-2013
  Take Two - September Secret Subject Swap 9-13-2013
 Take One - September Secret Subject Swap 9-6-2013
  Take Two - August Secret Subject Swap 8-16-2013
  Take One - August Secret Subject Swap 8-9-2013
 Take Two - July Secret Subject Swap 7-19-2013
 Take One - July Secret Subject Swap 7-12-2013
 Take Two - June Secret Subject Swap 6-14-2013
 Take One - June Secret Subject Swap 6-7-2013
Take Two - May Secret Subject Swap 5-17-2013
 Take One - May Secret Subject Swap 5-10-2013
Take Two - April Secret Subject Swap 4-12-2013
  Take One - April Secret Subject Swap  4-5-2013
  Take Two - March Secret Subject Swap 3-15-2013
  Take One - March Secret Subject Swap 3-8-2013
Take Two - February Secret Subject Swap 2-8-2013
 Take One - February Secret Subject Swap 2-1-2013
 Take Two - Jan Secret Subject Swap 1-11-2013
Take One - January Secret Subject Swap 1-4-13 



  1. I wanna play!!!!!! How do bloggers get involved in the Secret Subject Swap?

    1. Couldn't find an email address for you so left you a comment on your blog. Go to my "about me" page, get my email address and send me an email saying you want the info on the Secret Subject Swaps. I'll email you back with what you need to do to join in!

  2. I'm also interested! I'll be sending an e-mail soon!

    1. OK, I'll send you the info as soon as I get your email!

  3. I'd love to particpate! Please email me at

  4. I would love to participate in this really unique idea! If there is still room, please e-mail me at

  5. This sounds so fun and cool can I join. My email is would love to get on board !

    1. Sent you an email. Read it through and see if it works for you.

  6. I'd like to get involve in this sneaking blogging business! Here's me email, let me know what to do! Thanks!


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