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Holiday Amnesia: Secret Subject Swap

Root Vegetable Soup | recipe developed by | #recipe #soup



Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This month 4 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. Read through mine and at the bottom you’ll find links to all of today’s other Secret Subject participants. 


My subject is: What is your motto to stay calm as we approach the holidays?
It was submitted by: Tamara of Part-time Working Hockey Mom.


My motto? People have mottos? And those mottos have a magical calming effect?

Is "oh, shit" a motto? Because a few short weeks ago, that's what I'd been saying most. Well, that and a few other choice words I won't mention, you can use your imagination. End result, didn't calm me at all. None. But then I'd had a horrendous time just before Thanksgiving. Which, for all intents and purposes was my entire holiday season.
And "tomorrow's another day," wasn't going to do anything but bring more dread. What next?

You see, with PurDude only able to come home for a few weeks this year, we would pack College Boy's birthday, Thanksgiving, and an early Hanukkah into those 2 weeks.

I'm a planner, down to the last detail. OK, you may say anal, but I'm going with planner. I buy for and prepare all of PurDude's favorite meals, sides, and desserts, along with College Boy's favorite birthday meal, our traditional family Thanksgiving meal, and our Hanukkah dinner. It takes a lot of planning, all worked out on my calendar, down to what needs to be done each day. Mostly I do it because if I can cut the whole couple of weeks worth of meals into bite sized (pun intended) work load pieces, the organization allows for me to spend as much time with my family as possible.
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What is it they say about the best laid plans? Yeah, whatever. Because one week before Thanksgiving, it all went to shit. All of it. Day after day of one disaster after another. Compounding. And no amount of planning could fix it. Crying wasn't helping much either.

It's a story, a long story, and I'll tell it. Eventually. Right now I'm still too traumatized.
As far as mottos go, let me just say this: if you even think of bringing up "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," you better do it from far away because you're sorely underestimating the proximity that had existed between me and my breaking point. 
My best chance at comfort this holiday season would be amnesia. 
Not even comfort food was providing comfort. Now that's dire.

 Root Vegetable Soup | recipe developed by | #recipe #soup

Root Vegetable Soup

Although our major Hanukkah celebration is now in the record books, we'll still do something (less elaborate) to celebrate. And I'll do my normal Prosecco and appetizers New Year's Eve buffet. 

But now that I know there are mottos to help stay calm during the lead up to these celebrations, I'll have to try one out, see how it goes.

I'm thinking something along the lines of "when the going gets tough, the tough open the Prosecco early."
A self imposed amnesia of sorts.

Don't judge.


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Root Vegetable Soup         

Printable Recipe

2 TBSP olive oil
3/4 cup frozen chopped onion, thawed
1 tsp minced garlic
3 cups chicken broth
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
20 oz bag frozen root vegetables
2 cups half and half

OPT: seasoned croutons for garnish

*Heat the olive oil in a large pot over medium heat until hot. Add the onion and garlic. Cook and stir for about 3 minutes.
*Add the chicken broth, cumin, thyme, salt and pepper to the pot. Bring to a boil, stirring now and then. 
*Add the frozen root vegetables, bring back to a boil, lower heat and simmer for about 20 minutes, until the vegetables are fork tender. 
*Carefully pour the soup into a blender or food processor. If needed, work in batches.
*Blend or process until the soup is smooth. Add the soup back into the pot over medium low heat, stir in the half and half. Cook until hot.
*OPT: garnish with seasoned croutons for serving.


  1. Bad things have to be in the air because I know several other bloggers (and someone I've worked with for years) who have had their lives turn into total disasters in recent weeks. OK, add another co worker of many years to the list. It is of no comfort to you to know you aren't alone, I know. Best laid plans. Bad things. Time for soup. Your soup sounds good. P.S. I don't believe in the "what doesn't kill you..." belief. Sounds good in theory, but doesn't necessarily work in practice.

    1. My situations were difficult and stressful, but I made it though. I'll write it all out, share what happened, and a little side lesson, soon.

  2. Your plans made me tired just reading. The best plans just seem to happen and that is what works for me. Wade gave up planning the first vacation we took. I like to roam. No schedule. Happy Days! Donna.

    1. There are definitely times when it's more fun to let life just happen, I'm pretty sure holiday time isn't one of them. For me, anyway.

  3. Best laid plans and all that. I really hate it when the things that I had planned don't come to fruition and plans change when I wasn't expecting them too.

  4. I am so sorry things were that bad. You did mention something the other day, and I was wondering what might have happened.
    I do like "the tough open the Prosecco early", and it's worth a try next season, right? In the meantime consider yourself hugged ❤️

  5. Expectations can be a bear, but I'm glad to hear that you made it through.

    1. These expectations were hardly unusual, but yes, I did make it through.

  6. No judging, my motto would have to be something to the effect of hang on tight, it's going to be a rough ride.

    1. I really was torn between holding on and just letting go and skipping the ride.

  7. My tree is up but undecorated. My son keeps putting it off. My motto, Christmas will come with or without. It’s not worth the stress.


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