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Use Your Words, a multiblogger writing challenge | developed and run by | #MyGraphics

Use Your Words is a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers pick 4 - 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All the words must be used at least once and all the posts are unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That's the challenge, here's a fun twist; no one who's participating knows who got their words and in what directions the writer will take them until the day and time that we all simultaneously publish our work. 

If you're interested in joining in, email me at or ask to join the private private Monthly Writing Challenges Facebook group, there's more info there.

Links to all the past Use Your Words Challenges and dates of all of the upcoming posts:
Working On the Railroad: Use Your Words 8-14-20
End of the Line(age): Use Your Words 7-17-20
Coloring Book: Use Your Words 6-12-20
True Colors: Use Your Words 5-15-20
Independence: Use Your Words 4-10-20
Where's the Quilt: Use Your Words 3-13-20 
A Song, A Raven, and Shrimp: Use Your Words 2-14-20
Jack and the Jamaican Jerk: Use Your Words 1-17-20

The Spirit Lives On: Use Your Words 12-15-19
It's Time: Use Your Words 11-15-19
 Date Night Dilemma: Use Your Words 10-11-19
Which Truths Do We Hold?: Use Your Words 9-13-19
Be Careful What You Wish For: Use Your Words 8-16-19
Firetrucks and Football: Use Your Words 7-12-19
Can I Blog? Take Two: Use Your Words 6-14-19
Toilet Brush and Paperback Books: Use Your Words 5-17-19
Wedding Bells for All: Use Your Words 4-12-19
You Can Do It: Use Your Words 3-15-19
Red Hot on the Inside: Use Your Words 2-8-19
Coping, Coding and Cookies: Use Your Words 1-11-19

Not Cool Enough: Use Your Words 12-14-18   
Regaining Civility: Use Your Words 11-16-18
A True Horror Story: Use Your Words 10-12-18
Super Supper: Use Your Words 9-14-18
No More Pencils: Use Your Words 8-17-18
Aloe and Snowflakes: Use Your Words 7-13-18
Froggy Went a Hoppin': Use Your Words 6-15-18
Pomp and Circumstance: Use Your Words 5-11-18
Shades of Parkland: Use Your Words 4-16-18 
Rebuild and Recharge: Use Your Words 3-16-18
Happy VD and Other Oxymorons: Use Your Words 2-9-18
Voluntarily Housebound: Use Your Words 1-12-18

Who are you in January: Use Your Words 12-15-17
When all the Walls: Use Your Words 11-10-17
Hockey Masks and Machetes and Ghost Pops, Oh My: Use Your Words 10-13-17
Expectorant Expectant: Use Your Words 9-15-17
A Stinger-Free Life: Use Your Words 8-11-17 Use Your Words: Bewildered 7-14-17 Use Your Words: I Got Gyped 6-16-17
Use Your Words: An Imminent Demise 5-12-17
  Use Your Words: Cookies or Jail 4-15-17
 Use Your Words: Hello From the Land of the Orange 3-17-17 
Use Your Words: Sometimes a Gyro 2-10-17
Use Your Words: Grey Hairs and Antacids 1-13-17

Use Your Words: Texting the Holiday (2 Year Anniversary) 12-11-15 
 Use Your Words: Life on the Homestead 11-13-15 
Use Your Words: When to Get Away With Murder 10-16-15
  Use Your Words: If a Tree Branch Falls 9-11-15
Use Your Words: Fairy Stale 8-14-15
 Use Your Words: The Husband Definition 7-17-15
 Use Your Words: I'll Take That To Go 6-12-15
Use Your Words: Sounds of Hope 5-15-15
Use Your Words: Guilty 4-10-15 
 Use Your Words: Behind Closed Doors 3-13-15
  Use Your Words: Grumpy but no Cat 2-13-15
Use Your Words: The Grumpy Cat Edition 1-16-15

 Use Your Words: Blogging Advice 12-12-14
 Use Your Words: Speak Softly and Carry What? 11- 14-14
 Use Your Words: The One Where College Boy Lights My Car on Fire 10-10-14
 September Use Your Words 9-12-14
 August Use Your Words 8-15-14
 July Use Your Words 7-18-14
 June Use Your Words 6-14-14
 May Use Your Words 5-16-14
 April Use Your Words 4-11-14
 March Use Your Words 3-14-14
February Use Your Words 2-14-14
 Use Your Words 1-17-14

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