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Monthly Poetry Group by Baking In A Tornado

Monthly Poetry Group is a multi-blogger monthly writing challenge. It's for serious poets, just for fun, or anyone who just wants to try their hand at poetry, any kind of poetry. This is how it works: We've chosen themes, one for each month of the year. Each participating blogger in any given month writes a poem based on that month's theme. We all simultaneously publish our work (we post at 10:00am Eastern time on the last Friday of the month). Sign up files, along with dates and a graphic (I make one for each month's theme) for each month are in our Monthly Writing Challenges private Facebook group.

The best way to see what it's about is to click on the links of published Monthly Poetry Group posts below and read a few. If you're interested in joining in, PM me on my Baking In A Tornado Facebook page or email me.
Links to all the past Monthly Poetry Group challenges and dates of all of the upcoming posts:



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