Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ode to the Cow

I'm doing a second poetry post this month and here's why: each month the poetry group participants suggest, discuss and choose a theme for the month. The proposals are diverse, but some are thrown out there just as a joke. A member may google that month and find some interesting tidbits, especially since there's now a day set aside for pretty much everything.

Jules suggested Reflection. Lydia put out a number of serious themes, but also added that July has a Cow Appreciation Day. I jumped on that and I wasn't alone. With my vote we were tied. Of course we were. I abstained and we went with the theme Reflection. But I really, really wanted to wax poetic about my appreciation for cows. Turns out a few brave friends did too. Today's the day.

Humorous poetry in honor of Cow Appreciation Day. | www.BakingInATornado,com | #poem #poetry #MyGraphics

I've actually written about cows before believe it or not (well, their male counterparts anyway), about four years ago. But since Full of Bull is about my having learned of the mortifying practice of eating . . . well . . . their private parts, I'm not sure that one really falls into the realm of cow appreciation. 

Let's correct that now.

Ode to the Cow

Mrs. Cow, to you I vow,
appreciation, here and now.

It's your day, and may I say,
amazing, what you do with hay.

Milk you share, nothing can compare.
Drink, cook, bake, use it everywhere.

Chocolate Berry Cobbler, chocolate cookies mixed with fresh berries baked with a chocolate topping. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream | Recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #chocolate #berries #dessert

Chocolate Berry Cobbler
Chocolate Berry Cobbler, chocolate cookies mixed with fresh berries baked with a chocolate topping. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream | Recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #chocolate #berries #dessert

(What? You were expecting a beef recipe?)

Kids delight at the sound of "moo". Friendly, love to pet you too.
Calves at your side, gentle nature shows through.

So, Mrs. Cow, to you I vow,
appreciation, here and now.


While we're chatty, not to be catty.
Please? . . . less production of the patty. 

'Cause I want to visit you. But I'm sorry, no can do, 
in a minefield . . . dodging piles of poo.

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Baking In A Tornado signature | www.BakingInATornado.com | #MyGraphics

Chocolate Berry Cobbler         

2 # strawberries, cleaned, dried, hulled, sliced
6 oz raspberries, cleaned and dried
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon 
15 oreos
1 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 egg 
1 tsp vanilla
1 TBSP orange juice
1 stick butter, melted 

OPT: Vanilla ice cream or whipped cream for serving

*Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Grease an 8 X 8 baking dish. Layer the bottom rack of your oven with tin foil as this may bubble over while baking.
*In a food processor, grind the oreos to crumbs.
*Mix together the strawberries, raspberries, brown sugar, cinnamon and 3/4 cup of the oreo crumbs. Spread into the prepared baking dish.
*Whisk together the flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and remaining oreo crumbs. Mix in the egg, vanilla, orange juice and half of the melted butter.
*Dot the dough over the berries and pat down gently. Drizzle with the remaining melted butter.
*Bake in the center of the oven, above the rack with tin foil, for 35 to 40 minutes until top is browned and berries are bubbly.
*Serve warm with a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.


  1. OMG love the poem, I starting almost singing it, LOL. I have no clue what I would do without milk, alternatives are just not the same.

    1. I agree, I cook, bake, use milk in almost everything I do in the kitchen.

  2. Absolutely priceless! Love my cows. But I so agree. A bit less of the supportive production systems would be vastly appreciated!

    1. "Supportive production systems", LOL, like the way you put that. Wonder if I could find a rhyme for it.

  3. This looks amazing! Pinning it for sure! Happy Cow Appreciation Day!

  4. I like your poetry but I was expecting a milk themed recipe! I enjoy going to the State Fair and actually baked a few times in contests, but checking out the cow barn is always a high point. The aroma is a bit pungent but seeing the 4H kids lovingly groom their girls is so sweet!

    1. No milk themed recipe, but there's ice cream on top. Score!

  5. Cow appreciation day. I never got the memo. I blogged about day lilies. Interesting that cow appreciation day was just a couple of days after Ice Cream Day. Who knew? Will the cow in my life (OK, no, I don't have a cow in my life) moo to me ever again? Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

    1. I read your post about Day Lilies and loved it, beautiful pictures.

  6. Nice poem, cows give us so much and expect so little in return


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