Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall Poetry

It's poetry time!

Anniversary time too.

A year ago in this month, I wrote a funny Halloween poem called Stubble, Rubble, Boil and Bubble. Before posting it I checked with some talented blogger friends and asked them if they wanted to post Halloween poems with me. Ten of them did and the monthly poetry group was born.

Some months we have quite a few participants, some months we have only a few, but a year later I can tell you that I'm still working on it. I'm still pushing my boundries, trying different types of poems and collaborating with some talented friends.

Each month we get together and pick a theme. This month's theme is Fall. 

Monthly Poetry group. This month's theme is Fall | | #poetry #poem #MyGraphics

I hope you enjoy my poem, and that you follow the links at the bottom of this post to the Fall poems of my friends. We all have our own style, which is what makes it so interesting. Enjoy!


Fall has brought its
Autumn cool.
Layered sweaters,
Lacy leaves. 

Fall Poetry | | #poem #poetry

a leaf from the back yard

A roaring fire while
Under a quilt.
Teams to root for
Until throats are sore.
Monsters and witches

Chili Witches, a fun way to serve chili for Halloween | Recipe created by | #recipe #Halloween

Chili Witches
Chili Witches, a fun way to serve chili for Halloween | Recipe created by | #recipe #Halloween

Far from summer's heat
Autumn retreat.
Lazy days as 
Light fades.

Before you go, click on these links to more poetry by some of my friends: 

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Baking In A Tornado signature | | #MyGraphics

Chili Witches
Printable Recipe
Ingredients (per serving):
2 small pita breads
1 TBSP butter
1 spinach tortilla
1 cup cooked hot chili
1 slice of apple
1 small red pepper slice
2 black olive slices

*Place one pita bread on your serving plate. Cut a triangle out of the second bread.
*Roll the spinach tortilla then cut to create long slices.
*Cut 2 lightening bolt shapes out of the apple slice.
*Cut the red pepper slice into 2 pieces to form a top and bottom of the mouth.
*Melt the butter in a pain on medium heat. Place the pita triangle into the pan and cook on both sides until brown.
*Spread the chili over the pita bread on the plate. Place the black olive slices to form eyes and red pepper slices to form a mouth. Layer the spinach tortilla slices along the sides to resemble hair. 
*Remove the pita triangle from the pan and place above the black pepper so it looks like a hat. Place the apple lightening bolts on the "hat".


  1. Oh, this is marvelous! Uber creative! And it reminds me of all that is great about fall!

    1. I love summer so much and hate to see it go, it's a good thing I reminded me what's great about Fall too!

  2. I used to write a lot of poetry and have recently thought I miss it and want to try again. Yours are good and the fall foods are adorable!

    1. Thanks, Doreen. I encourage you to try again, it really is fun.

  3. Maybe I should get into some fall haiku for tomorrow. Great recipe, too! Alana

  4. Poetry not something I can write but something I have read when I was younger


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