Friday, February 25, 2022

Treasured Treats: Monthly Poetry Group


Triple Mint Cookies, the ultimate mint lover’s snack. | recipe developed by | #recipe #cookies

Last Friday of the month is for
Monthly Poetry Group to rhyme.
Diane, Mimi, and I take turns,
"Snack Foods," is the theme this time.
As usual, today I'll try,
a poem to write . . . or fudge.
Whether I'm successful or not,
you get to be the judge.  

Snack Foods, a monthly multi blogger poetry writing challenge based on a theme. | Graphic property of | #poetry


Treasured Treats

As many people as you ask,
their favorite snack to eat,
is how many answers you will get,
some salty, others sweet.

So I went on a quest to find,
which snacks my friends prefer.
Wondering if I'll find that with,
their choices, I'd concur.

The results of my study, though I know
that scientific, it's clearly not,
is that the people who are in my life,
are quite a diverse lot.

Jalapeno chips, crunchy and hot,
but they come with a two-fer.
A snack for sure, but then you get,
the heartburn they incur.

Candy came up many times,
but no agreement on the kind.
Chocolate, sour, fruity, mint,
are a few that came to mind.
Crab Rangoon was a surprise,
a love with which I agree.
But I have t admit they're not,
snack food category for me. 
Ice cream was another choice,
(my favorite, mint chocolate chip).
But problematic in the winter when,
not even a milkshake will I sip.
Pistachios, oh yes, I agree,
with the love of the little green nut. 
But cracking them always breaks my nails,
and those ones that come tightly shut!

Now Cheetos are the messy choice,
though I knew they'd be represented.
People've been happily orange covered,
ever since they were invented.

Though I could choose each and every one,
and binge with all my friends,
My heart belongs to baked goods, where
my snack love begins and ends. 

 Triple Mint Cookies, the ultimate mint lover’s snack. | recipe developed by | #recipe #cookies
Triple Mint Cookies

Monthly Poetry Group, a monthly group writing challenge, poetry based on a theme | graphic designed by and property of | #MyGraphics #poetry
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Triple Mint Cookies        


Printable Recipe

1/2 stick butter, room temperature
1/2 stick margarine, room temperature
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp mint extract
2 cups flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 TBSP green colored sugar
1 TBSP red colored sugar
8 Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses
13 Andes mints
*Cream butter, margarine, and brown sugar until smooth. Beat in the egg and peppermint extract.
*Gently at first until incorporated, beat in flour, salt, and baking soda. Mix in the colored sugars. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least an hour.
*Coarsely chop the candy cane kisses. Cut the Andes mints in half. Set aside.
*Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cover cookie sheets with parchment paper.
*Roll the refrigerated dough into 26 equal sized balls. Place on the prepared cookie sheets and flatten (a glass works well).
*Bake for about 9 minutes, until they start to brown.
*Immediately, while the cookies are still hot, place 1/2 of an Andes mint onto the center of each candy. Once the candies start to melt (about 1 minute), swirl around the top of the cookie. Sprinkle with the chopped candy cane mints. 
*OPT: You can either use a toothpick to swirl the melted candies together (don't mix together completely), or leave the chopped kisses to melt on top of the swirled Andes mint.
*Remove from the cookie sheets and allow to set completely. They'll set more quickly if refrigerated for 15 minutes.


  1. This is the 1st time I've seen the term, jalapeno chips, in a poem! / Carol C

  2. I agree that Crab Rangoon is not a snack. It's an appetizer.

  3. You did good. Love those decorations on the cookies. Me? Prefer cookies as a dessert. My go to snacks are either popcorn (no oil, air popped,) or Chex Mix. Or pretzels. Alana

  4. Baked goods are wonderfully homey, hearty and comforting. If i didn't gain weight so easily, i'd want a lot more of them!

  5. In our house, baked goods are breakfast! I love breakfast...

  6. Those cookies sound great.
    I like sweet snacks while my husband used to like salty snacks.

  7. I'm definitely in the salty group, but I'll tell you a secret. I hate chocolate, coffee and wait for it wine!


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