Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ode to a Sock: Lost Sock Memorial Day Poetry

The Monthly Poetry group is at it again. This month we've decided to pay homage to that never ending laundry dilemma, the lost sock.

Yes, today is Lost Sock Memorial Day. It's a plague we've all dealt with, may as well just acknowledge it, right.

Funny story: kids tend to be serious about rule following. Well, sometimes. Anyway, when College Boy was little, I bought him a 2 pack of socks that actually said "right" and "left" on them. Why? I have no idea. But true to form, one of each pair eventually were lost in the wash. Unfortunately, it was both "right" designated socks. And it took some doing to convince him that it was OK to wear both "left"s. Oy. 

Poems based on a theme: Ode to a Sock, a humorous nod to anual Lost Sock Memorial Day. | | #humor #poetry

Without further ado (yes, that's an old timey saying), my poem, Ode to a Sock.

Ode to a Sock

Who'd have thought,
you're a worthy foe.
How could you, dirty socks,
inflict so much sorrow?

Mocking me each laundry day,
with your disappearing act.

I know I always start with two,
then one you do subtract.

One by one you sneak away,
leaving mates behind.
Me to wear a red with blue.
Why are you so unkind?

Looking dignified while mismatched,
has become quite a feat.
I imagine you're still close to home,
laughing, what a treat.

Bet that there's some sock folklore,
tales of a hideaway.
A magical place where you all go,
to sing and dance and play. 

I've hunted and I've searched for you,
"please come back" I say.
Torn the laundry room apart,
nothing . . . to my dismay.

Sock nemesis, you win, I lose, 
Mr. Red, Mrs. Blue, Ms. Teal.
I will not try to bring you home,
I'm here to make a deal. 
I'll keep your secret, missing socks,
of this I pledge and swear.
May need a hiding place myself.
So tell me, where's your lair?

NOTE: I decided not to try to tie a recipe into the dirty laundry theme today, for rather obvious reasons, instead giving it a gratuitous mention here at the end of my post:

Lemon Raspberry Punch, fresh berries and sherbet make this drink perfect for graduations or any celebration. | Recipe developed by | #recipe #cocktail

Lemon Raspberry Punch

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Lemon Raspberry Punch

Printable Recipe

NOTE: You can make this in a punch bowl or pitcher for a group

Ingredients (per drink):
about 4 fresh raspberries
2 small scoops rainbow sherbet 
4 oz raspberry lemonade
1 oz lemon liqueur
3 oz raspberry liqueur
2 oz ginger ale

*Place 4 raspberries in the bottom of a large glass. Add 2 small scoops of sherbet.
*Mix together the raspberry lemonade, lemon liqueur and raspberry liqueur. Slowly add the ginger ale. Pour into the prepared glass.


  1. Love the poem AND the recipe! Thanks for sharing both.

    1. So glad you enjoyed both, Lisa. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm not surprised, what I'd like to know is who isn't always losing socks?

  3. If you find the lair, will you tell me too?

  4. I know I've had punch like this (but without the hard stuff. And you can have it at any time, too, it's not just for laundry day. Awesome! Alana

    1. Well, without the hard stuff it would just be ginger ale and some sherbet, but yes, that might just be good for any day.

  5. I'm excited about finding this 'lair'. Let us know, won't you?

  6. Great job to separate the pairs for the socks...

    1. The socks seem to do a pretty good job of separating themselves!

  7. I loved that College Boy had trouble wearing 'left' socks on his 'right' foot.

    Each pair of sports socks in the last package I bought had a different colored line around the heel. As the socks whittled down due to loss and old age I had no compunction about wearing different colors together since the lines didn't show with shoes on.

    1. So much has changed. These days if College Boy had gotten the socks you bought, he would wear the different colors together even if he had them all. He couldn't be bothered to match them up.

  8. You poetry has improved by leaps and bounds. Wish I could say the same for my own. Now I'm off to make this recipe or just have a drink. I don't know. LOL

  9. I love all things sesame including bagels and deserts. Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Then these are the cookies for you! Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes.


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