Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Power Outages and Freshly Cut Toenails

Winter storms are serious business. Especially ice storms like the one we had last month. Mainly because the threat of power outage in the middle of a cold snap is daunting. There are so many things that need to be done to be as prepared as we can be because, honestly, with ice on the roads there's no way any of us are leaving the house whether we have electricity or not. 

We don't have a generator. We talked about it but it but it made no sense realistically. We lose our power maybe once every few years and it's out more than an hour rarely. The last time I used my Ninja Pioneer Woman skills was 4 years ago. 

So prolonged power loss doesn't happen often, but when you have advanced notice that it's probable, you need to work fast. Work smart. Be prepared. Whether it's an ice storm, a snow storm or even a spring severe thunderstorm, here are some things I've learned will help get you through: 

Power Outages and Freshly Cut Toenails: Winter storms and power outages need to be taken seriously. Toenail cutting optional. | www.BakingInATornado | #laugh #MyGraphics

1) Move the good liquor to the front of the cabinet.

2) Charge the batteries on all devices, hand held kid electronics and don't forget those hand held adult-only devices. Everyone will need to be entertained. Everyone. Or things are gonna get really ugly really fast.

3) Fill the bathtub with water for toilet flushing. Take my word on this one, I learned it the hard way last time. I may be getting old and forgetful but there are some things that stay with you.

4) Have flashlights available. It's not a power outage if someone in the family is not blinded by a flashlight to the eyes.

5) Pile all of the spare blankets onto your bed. When it comes to cold toes, it's every man woman for themselves. The kids can play a fun new game called "wear every pair of your socks to bed." You're a mom, sell it, you've convinced them of worse.

6) Make something delicious. Do not be an idiot standing in a bare-shelved store fighting to the death over the last loaf of bread or gallon of milk. Who the hell wants to ride out a treacherous storm eating bread and drinking milk anyway. This is a storm, not prison. Besides, everyone knows calories consumed in the pitch black in an emergency situation do not count. 

Crockpot Vanilla Yogurt Cake, a super easy, moist vanilla flavored cake made with greek yogurt and cooked in a slow cooker. | Recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #Crockpot #cake

Crockpot Vanilla Yogurt Cake

Are you with me so far? Here's the other side of the coin. Don't waste your time and energy, there are things you do not need to do to prepare for a power outage. Take my word for it because, chalk it up to stress, but, of course, I did them all.

1) Cut your toenails. Because if the lights stay out for more than a day I could end up looking like one of those terrifying pictures you see on FB of someone whose toe nails are so long they resemble a foot long pig's tail?

2) Shave your legs. How counterproductive is this? Hair keeps you warm, right?

3) Wash every stitch of laundry in the house. In case we all have to wear all of our clothes at once?

4) Fill the cars with gas. Because although we're going absolutely nowhere in an ice storm, it's important to have all car gas tanks full.

5) Back the cars into the garage. Not only do we need full tanks of gas in those cars we won't be using, but it's very important that they be facing out.

6) Thread every hot dog and sausage in the house onto skewers and place by the fireplace. You know, just in case the power's out so long you need some protein. Warning: you may want to be sure you have TWO bathtubs filled with water if you follow my lead on this one.

7) Empty all of the trash cans in the house. Because you may need to throw something out in the dark and what will you do if the waste basket is full. Yeah, I hear myself. Does it make it worse if I admit that this one actually made sense at the time?

Oh, and by the way. If you're really, truly, completely prepared . . . that's the time you won't lose your power.

Baking In A Tornado signature | www.BakingInATornado.com | #MyGraphics

Crockpot Vanilla Yogurt Cake         
Printable Recipe
1 box white cake mix
2 (5.3 oz each) containers of vanilla greek yogurt
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup water
3/4 cup oil
3 eggs
1 cup white chocolate chips

*Spray crockpot with non-stick spray. Turn on to high.
*Vigorously whisk together the cake mix, yogurt, vanilla, water, oil and eggs. Mix in the white chocolate chips.
*Pour evenly into crock pot, then turn down to low.
*Put a paper towel over the crockpot so that the cover holds the towel up under the cover. It shouldn't be anywhere near the cake. This is to keep the condensation from the top from falling into the cake. Check and replace the paper towel every now and then.
*Cook on low for approximately 4 hours.
*NOTE: check regularly after about 3 hours as times vary depending on size of crockpot and differences in heat levels. It's done when the center springs back to the touch.
*Serve warm.


  1. Hmmm . . . all good suggestions. I especially like the 'bathtub' one. I'm doing that for sure! And I hesitate to admit how many of the others I've also done.
    Oh, and turning off the lights when I eat. The Pitch Black Diet. Genius.

    1. Pitch Black Diet. That could be a thing. We need to be promoting that!

  2. Thank goodness we rarely have power outages. Those are great suggestions, though, especially the one about filling the tub. Your cake looks delicious! I'll be sure to turn the lights off before eating it. ☺

    1. Yes, and be sure to make that caske before the storm comes through too!

  3. Great suggestions! We had a 7 hour power out and who knew reading by flashlight(LED) in my old age would give me a migraine and of course I did not leave the migraine meds handy. How many hours as a kid did I read by flashlight! I would add matches and or lighters to have handy. Since no one smokes in my family these were stuffed back in a summer bbq wares drawer. Needed to light the pilot on my gas top range. The cake looks fabulous for any occasion.

    1. Bet that gas top range came in handy. I've got electric so it's the grill or the fireplace.

  4. Thankfully we don't have black outs very often but when it does you can trust that will be the one time the generator will not work, every time you test it, it works but when it is dark and you can't see it will not start.

  5. Very delicious recipe! I'll try it at home.

  6. Living in hurricane central, I have lived through my share of storms. Your post is spot-on and I LOVE all of your tips! The cake is pretty dope, too! ;-) <3 Sharing on Desserts Required's FB page manana.

  7. Interesting. I have never made a slow cooker cake. Ever. Especially in a power failure. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

    1. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend making it DURING the power failure. Before the storm would work.


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