Tuesday, November 21, 2017

One Positive Day

How hard could it be?

Famous last words. Well, not last as in there won't be any more. Last as in, never will I try this again. Never.

I know so many people who are positive. All the time. They make it look so easy. It's not. Well, maybe it is for them, but it's not for me.

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It started innocently. A leaning in towards hope. It has been brought to my attention (thanks, College Boy, btw) that whenever the news is on, I spend a lot of time swearing at the TV. My children are not little, so it's not an issue that they hear me express myself this way. It's more personal, do I really want to be that person?

It's cliche and only partially true that you cannot change how others behave, only how we react to these situations. I say partially true because although we don't control others, we do often have the ability to determine our exposure to them, to certain people and, in my case, to the news. So here was the challenge, I want to spend one day being positive. The strategy was this, part limiting my exposure to morons (oops, off to a bad start) and part making a concerted effort to adjust (yeah, that's a generous way to put it) my reactions.

Let me just say that I now believe in omens. As I'm writing this post, blogger, which automatically dictionary checks my words and underlines in my drafts anything that is spelled wrong or is just not a word, is telling me that "positivity" is not a word. There ya go.

But I was determined. So off I went, into the world of rose colored glasses.  

And you know what? By the end of the day I thought my head would explode. 

Here's what I learned: I am not a positive person. I may have other admirable qualities (a debate we'll put off for another day m'kay?), but I am a venter (yes, blogger, I'm aware that's not a word . . . I'm using it anyway so you can just shove it). I need to get things out, feel the negativity (notice blogger has no problem with that word), and work it through. Everyone needs a little sweet in their world, but my personality is similar to my Cran-Apple Quick Cinnamon Rolls, nothing wrong with mixing in a little pucker. 

Cran-Apple Quick Cinnamon Rolls: A quick and easy cinnamon roll recipe incorporating Fall flavors. | Recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #breakfast

Cran-Apple Quick Cinnamon Rolls

At least that's what I'm telling myself. What about you? Could you spend a whole day being only positive?

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Cran-Apple Quick Cinnamon Rolls       

Printable Recipe

5 TBSP butter, softened, divided
1 TBSP apple cider
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp apple pie spice
1 Pillsbury Crescent Dough sheet
1/4 cup cranraisins

1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 TBSP apple cider

*Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9 inch pie plate well with 1 TBSP of the butter.
*Cream the remaining 4 TBSP butter with 1 TBSP apple cider, brown sugar, cinnamon and apple pie spice until smooth.
*On a floured counter, roll out the crescent dough sheet to about 12 inches long by 10 inches wide.
*Carefully spread the butter mixture onto the dough, then sprinkle with the cranraisins. 
*Tightly roll the dough to form a tube. Slice into 8 equal sized pieces and place into the pie plate. Bake for 15 - 18 minutes.
*Mix the powdered sugar and the remaining apple cider. Drizzle over the rolls and serve.


  1. Yeah, I think the only way we can spend the day completely positive is to go and live in a cave. And it'll be drafty. And dark. And cold.

  2. I try....I really try and then the "peopling" starts...not sure if thats a word but I use it a lot so it should be....and once that starts...so much for the positivity...

  3. Hell NO! If I did not talk to anyone and did not look at any screens and could be outside and read all day and night and go to bed really early just maybe for 24 hours! BTW I am making your cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving except no pecans, one of the guests can not tolerate nuts. I will take you a picture and send to you.

  4. You swear at the telly, well so do I and Tim and pretty much everyone I know and we speak to it like those in it can hear us which would be weird if they did.

  5. I grew up with a very negative mother. "when it rains it pours" if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all and...well you get the picture. I swore I would not be that person. I am a realist, I see both sides of the coin, which side I choose to take depends greatly on my mood. Now, these little rolls could set my mood right and positive. Positive I will not make them, as I gave up bread, but...they do look good. Dang it, you make me want to try and bake something keto friendly...which is a daunting task I might add.

  6. I think being *only* positive is kinda impossible. I mean, yes, there are joyous days, days where I praise, and cannot stop smiling but that is only one tiny fraction of the emotions I (and I daresay all of us) feel throughout the day.

    Positivity has its time and place...just like venting, crying, muttering, and every other emotion and outlet does! So...I say keep on being real my friend-that's why we love you. :)

    1. So that was my problem, trying to do too much at once. Moderation, that's the key!

  7. I am positive I am going to strangle a plumber for not doing what he said he would, as once again, I mop up water from clogged drains.............

    1. I'm positive if I were there I'd be helping you (both with the mopping and with the strangling).

  8. Hi Karen!
    I love staying positive. That's what gives me the hope to fight bad- fight in the sense not physically but emotionally within myself. I agree! That ' positivity' or anything we read and hear with the word 'positive living or positive thinking' may seem like exaggerated but we must own the word (if we think we need to) and create it's meaning for our selves. Being positive doesn't mean things will change, peoplke will change, or behavior will change; but most importantly how we will react to any ki nd of negative happenings around us- can make us better or bitter. It's all within us, and we can definitely control what we should take in and what we shouldn't!
    Thank you for this post!


    1. You are always so positive, Epsita. I love reading your posts because they always encourage positivity.


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