Friday, February 21, 2020

Happy to See Me: Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a monthly Fly on the Wall group post. Today 4 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. At the end of my post you’ll find links to this month’s other participants’ posts.

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I've talked about the fact that PurDude doesn't read cues. Well, here's where he got that from:

Hubs came home late from work and I had left him a plate of food on the counter. He was eating dinner with his back to me, in the den watching Purdue basketball. 

Me: Damn!

a few minutes later:

Me: Come on!

a minute later:

Me: Give me a break!

Hubs: Are they winning?
Me (rolling my eyes even though he can't see them): Seriously? Do these sound like happy sounds I'm making?

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Hubs went out to pick up dinner when I noticed that he left his cell phone on the counter.

So I immediately grabbed my phone to call him and let him know where it is.

I'm sure you know how that went.

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After doing the laundry, I couldn't find one of my socks. It was just a plain black sock, but it bothered me that I couldn't find it. I looked in the laundry chute, the washer the dryer, all the folded clothes, but it was gone.

I've been doing this laundry thing for years so losing a sock is hardly anything new. Nothing fancy about it so I just forgot about it, I have plenty of socks so I didn't even really miss it.

Apparently, though, it missed me. 

A few weeks later I caught a glimpse of something black wedged between the washer and dryer. Once retrieved I saw that it was my sock.

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And is it my imagination, or was that sock happy to see me?

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Hubs comes home from work, I hear his garage door go up, his car pull in and stop and his car alarm go off. Huh?

I open the house door to the garage and he's stopped the alarm but his car is turned back on. He turns the car off again and the alarm starts up again. 

Me (yelling over the alarm): What are you doing?
Hubs: I don't know, when I turn the car off, the alarm starts.
Me: Press the button.
Hubs: What button.
Me: On the key fob.

Hubs looks at me like I'm speaking a foreign language and turns the car back on to stop the noise. I tell him to shut the car off again and I turn to grab his spare key hanging in the laundry room. The alarm starts again, I press the button on his spare key fob and the alarm stops.

Hubs: What did you do?
Me: I pressed the button on the key fob.
Hubs: What button?
Me (rolling my eyes): Am I going to have to follow you around from now on?

Hubs: Yeah, probably.

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By now you all know that my youngest moved to Boulder in September. I'm thinking Colorado, with the mountains has to be much colder and snowier than our winters. He may have all kinds of fun stuff to do that I don't have, but at least I don't have to deal with all of that snow and cold.

One Monday afternoon recently it was snowing yet again and it was absolutely freezing out. I sent PurDude a PM:

Me: I'm having your weather. It's snowing for the second time this week and it's 2 degrees out.
PurDude: I went skiing yesterday, it was 50 degrees.
Me: No way it's that warm in February, but that's great skiing weather.
PurDude: Yeah, it really is that warm, and it's going to get up to 53 degrees later this week. 
Me: You're killing me.
PurDude: Trying.

I googled the weather in Boulder and nope, he wasn't kidding. I may have to move to the mountains. 

Toffee Turtle Cookies are a cookie reminiscent of a well known candy treat. Pecan and mini chocolate chip cookies are topped with a miniature toffee and pecan half. | Recipe developed by | #recipe #chocolate

Toffee Turtle Cookies
Toffee Turtle Cookies are a cookie reminiscent of a well known candy treat. Pecan and mini chocolate chip cookies are topped with a miniature toffee and pecan half. | Recipe developed by | #recipe #chocolate

Ah, the power of baked goods. I wrote a post about it recently called Bring Me to You. Now I've seen more of that power. I had achieved symbiosis.

I had baked a batch of my Toffee Turtle Cookies. We all loved them, but Hubs and College Boy had their favorite parts. Hubs loved the cookie with all of the pecan pieces. Nuts aren't College Boy's favorite, but he loved the toffee.

I came downstairs to find Hubs and College Boy sitting at the counter. In front of Hubs were cookie pieces. In front of College Boy were toffees. My cookies had achieved symbiosis.

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Every time College Boy is here, when he leaves I tell him to be safe and make good choices. He got a little sick of it, I suppose, although I don't know why. I know he's grown, but I'm still his mom. Anyway, he'd sort of playfully mock me as he left the house so I decided to change it up a bit.

The next time he left the house, I called out to him:

Me: Drive carefully . . . and don't deal any drugs!

That shut him up! 

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It's been a tough sports year for me. The Red Sox sucked, the Patriots sucked, the Celtics dropped from 1st to 4th and even the Purdue basketball team had a dismal record.

Normally, if I'm yelling at the TV, my family knows I'm watching sports, but at the beginning of this month the games that would a Boston fan might want to watch (ie: yell at) were few and far between. So it was a surprise when my family walked in the door and I was yelling at the TV.

Me (yelling): Give me a break, what are you, blind?
Hubs: What are you yelling at? There aren't any games on today. 

Me (watching the impeachment trial): There may not be any sports on, but I'm still sitting here watching a bunch of grown men punt. 

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Hubs needs a part for his razor and can't find it locally. One afternoon he comes over to me and shows me a picture of the part on a website. It's a $10 part.

Hubs: See this?
Me: Yeah.
Hubs: Can you order it for me on your account?
Me: Why don't you order it yourself?
Hubs: I'm sure I'll screw it up.

Me: It's very easy, just put it in your cart.
Hubs: OK. Now what?
Me: Go to your cart. 
Hubs: How?

I take his phone to show him where his cart is and it has $800 worth of stuff in it.

Yeah, I grabbed my laptop and ordered it for him. Saved me $790.

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Hubs and I were going out and I was wearing my olive colored jeans.

Hubs: You ready to go?
Me: I just have to run upstairs and grab my purse.

Hubs (pointing to my maroon purse sitting by the counter): It's right there.
Me: That's the wrong color, I'll go get my olive purse and move everything into it.
Hubs: Just take this purse, it's already here and has all your stuff in it.
Me (heading up the stairs): Fine.
Hubs: Then where are you going?
Me: To put on my maroon jeans.

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Toffee Turtle Cookies

Printable Recipe

1 stick butter, softened
1 stick margarine, softened 
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar 
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
2 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2/3 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips 
36 Heath Toffee Bar miniatures, unwrapped
36 shelled pecan halves

*Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cover baking sheets with parchment paper.
*Cream the butter, margarine and sugars. Beat in the eggs and vanilla, then the flour, baking soda and salt.
*Mix in the chopped pecans and mini chocolate chips.
*Roll into about 1 inch balls and place on the baking sheets. Press down slightly with the heel of your hand.
*Bake for 14 minutes and immediately press a Heath miniature into the top of each cookie. Allow to cool for 2 minutes before removing from the baking sheet. 
*As soon as the top of the toffee bars start to melt, press a pecan half  into each. Allow the melted chocolate on each cookie top to harden before storing cooled cookies.


  1. It’s a lot more interesting at your house than mine. More cookies, I can resist. I am not a fan of toffee. Chocolate is my bag. Don’t eat too many those maroon jeans won’t fit and you’ll have nothing to wear with that maroon purse.

    1. There's plenty of chocolate in those cookies. And if you must, you can take the toffee candy off the top . . . and hand it to me.

  2. I swear, disappearing socks are just as bad as disappearing Tupperware lids. I totally get you on the cell phone thing---my first instinct is always to call my husband to tell him he left his cell here. Are we all conditioned or what?? Cookies look yummy---I'll give it a whirl since my hubs LOVES toffee.

    1. There are many times that I think your house and my house are pretty similar.

  3. I miss those days. Matching purse and jeans...yeah. I have jeans. Blue. I have two purses, brown and blue.
    Now if you want and are feeling the need, feel free to bake a batch of those cookies and send my way. :)
    OMGosh the whole car alarm thing, we had a similar situation a few months ago. I still giggle about it.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

    1. I bet you still giggle about it, that's gonna keep me laughing every time I hear someone's car beep when they lock it.

  4. Yes, I truly believe that when a sock is found it is happy. Calling hubby to tell him he left his phone at home is better than calling myself to find out where I left my phone.....

  5. I'll be laughing about the $800 cart for a while - although it wouldn't have been funny if he had placed the order. (Gee, what was in there? His $10 part 80 times? A topic for another blog post. Well, this non-baker has to ask: why both margarine and butter? I know there must be a good reason but I am intrigued. I haven't been to Colorado in years, but I understand the weather is so changeable that they can get a major snowstorm one day and it's melted two days later. I so envy that but I wonder how many people get pneumonia from all the weather swings. Alana

    1. Butter tastes better and makes cookies crisper but when used at room temperature like I do, makes cookies flatter. Margarine doesn't add the flavor of butter but helps the cookies hold their shape. I long ago started using half of each and it works for me.

  6. When socks disappear from the laundry, they go to the hozone layer. Of course yours was glad to see you, very few of them make it back again.

    My husband would also end up with that much in his cart. He goes online, finds what he wants, and then calls the company's 800 number (if they have one) to order by phone. If it has to be done online, i have to do it.

    Those cookies sound perfect!

  7. A fly on the wall would die of bordom here, or die laughing who knows.

  8. Your lost sock incident reminds me of a scene in the movie 'Heartburn' where Nicholson keeps losing his socks and Meryl talks about how the dryer sometimes eats them up.

    1. Yes, that sock thing happens to all of us. Rarely, though, do we find them again.

  9. Anything with buttons on, Husby just hands to me. When I'm with my kids, I hand those things to them. I call it the electronic degression. Sometime I'll tell your husby about dropping my entry key (pre fob days) in a snowbank and having to drive home with the alarm blaring the whole way. Ugh.
    That sock does look happy!
    What's with warm and mountains? Banff is always warmer than we are. I think it's a marketing ploy...
    I told my Daddy (90 years-old) to 'be good' every time I left. The very last time I said it to him, he whined, "Awwww!"
    I told him, "I'm not bailing you out again!"
    I love these glimpses into your family life! Mine doesn't seem so insane! ;)

    1. But from all of those snippets you just shared, yours is every bit as much fun. And you should try your hand at one of these Fly on the Wall posts.

  10. Most men just don't get color coordination. Mine is a fanatic about it.

  11. Hehe..Karen, you never miss making me grin! Your posts are always so filled with bright "colors," like that of a bright sunny day :)
    The last part of the post about matching pant and purse was hilarious. Hehe I agree it has to matching perfect for us before we step out 😍😛😂

    You've a wonderful weekend.
    Epsita |

    1. So glad you were amused, and that you see my point about the matching purse!


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