Friday, September 23, 2022

Humorless Humerus: Fly on the Wall

Chip Crusted Cod (oven or air fryer) | recipe developed by | #recipe #dinner


Welcome to a monthly Fly on the Wall group post. Today 4 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. At the end of my post you’ll find links to this month’s other participants’ posts.

Me: Can you take a look of the pics I took for my blog?
Hubs: Sure. But I'm surprised, you're so picky, you never want anyone else's opinion.
Me: Well, I think they're great, but . . .
Hubs: But?
Me: They're pictures of a new cocktail.
Hubs: And?
Me: I kinda did a taste test or two (or twenty), so I think I should get a second opinion, in case they don't look quite as good as I think they do.
Hubs: OK, but it'll cost you.
Me: Cost me?
Hubs: Got any of that cocktail left?

Me: Ummmm . . . how about a cookie?
Hubs: Sold.


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Do not tell my family this.
I went to the bathroom, which is between the laundry room and the garage door. I was going to throw my underwear into the washing machine, then head upstairs to shower.
I threw my underwear into the recycle bin.

Good thing I caught it. Immediately.

Also good thing no one in my family saw it. Or caught me in the garage, sans underwear, with the top half of my body down in the recycle bin reclaiming my bloomers.

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College Boy comes up from the basement, stands at the top of the stairs for a few minutes, then I hear him talking to his dad, who's in our home office:

College Boy: Is Mom OK?
Hubs: I think so, why?
College Boy: She's just standing in the middle of the kitchen with a funny look on her face.

Hubs peeks around the corner into the kitchen, then turns to College Boy:

Hubs: Yeah, she's fine. That's her "I'm trying to remember what I came in here for" face. You'll get used to it.

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A friend and I were talking about . . . well, hot flashes.
Me: I hate when I'm trying to sleep and I can't cool down, I have to throw off the covers.
Friend: I know, and I have an even harder time cooling down because my husband likes to hold me when we sleep.
Me: Awww, that's sweet.
Friend: And your husband?
Me: My husband likes to snore when we sleep.

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Hubs comes into the kitchen as I'm wrapping cod fillets and putting them back in the fridge: 

Hubs: Oh good, we have fish. 
Me: Yeah, but I can't make it.
Hubs: Why not?
Me: I have a new recipe idea for it, but I can't hold onto the ingredients.
Hubs: What do you mean?
Me: I want to crust it with chips, which I bought.
Hubs: And.
Me: And ate. And bought again. And ate again.
Hubs: So buy them again and I'll hide them.
Me: Now that's just mean.

Chip Crusted Cod (oven or air fryer) | recipe developed by | #recipe #dinner
Chip Crusted Cod (oven or air fryer)

We were watching the Red Sox and every now and then, MLB will put a little info box below a player. I don't have my glasses on, so when an info box comes up under our pitcher, I tried to read it.

Me (squinting and reading): Brasier has thrown his sister 
Hubs (interrupting me): Sinker.
Me: Huh?
Hubs: Sinker ball. The pitcher's throwing his sinker, not his sister.

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Watching the Sox again the next night, and the batter came close to getting hit by the ball.

The announcer thought the batter had been hit, so they replayed the pitch, and the announcer said that it just missed his . . . and then he stopped talking, I'm guessing trying to figure out where on the batter's anatomy the ball just barely missed.

Me (helping him out from my couch): Humerus.
Hubs: No, that's not funny at all, that 100 mph ball can really hurt.


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I love when the cleaners come to clean my house. I also really love my dishwasher, it fits more than any dishwasher I've ever had.

But when they leave I have to go to the kitchen and check the dishwasher, when they clean it, they often accidentally press the buttons and turn it on.

Last week, when they left, I went to check the dishwasher, but it wasn't on.

As I turned to leave the kitchen, though, I noticed a red light on my ovens. I walked up and saw a little lock icon, and it said "controls locked." Tried to turn the top oven on. Nothing. Tried to turn the bottom oven on. Nothing. Not good.

I immediately texted Hubs:

Me: What do you think about take-out?
Hubs: Tonight?
Me: I was thinking more like forever.

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I wrote recently about my reaction to PurDude's phone calls. In the post, I mention the recent accident he had.

The day he was supposed to get his car back was also, coincidentally, the day I was posting the recipe for a cocktail, my Blackberry Lemonade Fizz.

As always, PurDude texted me that morning, just checking in. He works in the office a few days a week, and he was there so our texts were short.

PurDude: How are you today, Ma?
Me: I'm fine, looking forward to some of the Sox returning to the team from the injured list. How are you? Where are you today?
PurDude: I'm good. At work, really busy.
Me: Have a good day. Oh, are you getting your cat back today?
PurDude: I think you better lay off those cocktails, I don't have a cat.

Car. I swear I typed "car."

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College Boy needed a ride to work, so Hubs grabbed his keys and drove him. It's about a 10 minute ride both ways, and close to an hour later, I was starting to worry. Hubs was just wearing sweat pants (and bed head), it's not like he went shopping at 8am. I was about to call him when he walked in.

Me: I was starting to think you ran away from home.
Hubs: I wouldn't do that.
Me: Awww, cause you love your family?
Hubs: Well that, and you've got the coffee on . . .



Fly on the Wall, a multi-blogger writing challenge | developed and run by | #MyGraphics 

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Chip Crusted Cod (oven or air fryer)

2 Cod fillets, about 1/2# each
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup milk
3/4 cup crushed sour cream and onion potato chips
olive oil spray

OPT: remoulade sauce, tarter sauce, or lemon for serving

*Rinse the fish and pat dry. 
*Place the flour on a dish. Mix in the pepper and paprika.
*Pour the milk into a bowl.
*Coat the fish with the flour mixture. Dip into the milk, just to lightly coat, then press gently into the chips until both sides are completely coated. Refrigerate for one hour.
*NOTE: cooking times will depend on the thickness of your fish. Always be sure that your fish is cooked through, that it is white, not translucent, and flakes with a fork.
*AIR FRYER: Preheat the air fryer to 400 degress for 5 minutes. Place the fish in the air fryer and spray with olive oil. Cook at 400 degrees for 5 minutes. Carefully flip the fish over, spray with olie oil again, and cook for another 5 minutes. Test for doneness, continue to cook at 1 minute intervals, if needed, until the fish is cooked completely.
*OVEN: Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Grease a small baking sheet, place the fish on the sheet and cook for 5 minutes. Carefully flip the fish over and allow to cook for another 5 minutes. Carefully flip the fish over and allow to cook for another 5 minutes. Test for doneness. If needed, continue to cook, checking at 2 minute intervals. 






  1. Love the cat-car comment. I do voice text on y phone and it always comes out weird. Wish I'd had your cod recipe last week. We put cod on the grill, overcooked it, and it was nasty! I'll try your way next time!

    1. Oh, definitely try this one. And let me know what you think.

  2. Hahahahahaha! Oh, man, you made me laugh! I'm still picturing you, bottoms up in the recycle! Hahahahaha!

  3. Those are funny but losing your underwear in the recycle bin is the funniest.

    1. Seems to be everyone's favorite snippet today. And I can just picture you all, picturing me. . .

  4. Next time I have a bad day I'm going to think of the underwear and the recycle bin. But my stomach is rumbling over that cod so hope dinner is ready soon. Flavored potato chips - I never would have thought of it.

  5. Oh my gosh, those snipets were hilarious…and 100% relatable. But the “not sure what or why I’m here” face is the funniest, and me most of the time.

    Incidentally, I’m trying your fish idea tonight - foregoing my usual garlic butter baked cod. We don’t usually have flavoured chips in the house but, having just been to a British car show we bought an array of interesting flavours, all single packs. So for the fish I’m using a combo of “smoky bacon” and “cheese & onion”, both Tayto brand crisps. I’ll deliver the verdict tomorrow…though sure it’ll be delish.

    1. How fortuitous that you happened to pick up flavored chips right when I posted this recipe. And your choices make a very interesting flavor combo, be sure to let me know how that turns out.

    2. Oh my gosh, so good… and a delightful surprise for my chip loving husband. Five stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    3. You get some of the credit too, you chose the chip flavors.

  6. Heeheehee! We all get used to that face. Your whole post was "humerus" -- it tickled my funny bone.

    By the way, you probably did type "car". Doggone autocorrect!

  7. I think that's funny that you may or may not have been knackered and needed your hubby's opinion about whether the cocktail pics looked as good you thought. It's been a knackered week for me as I struggled with a little neck pain.

  8. Never a dull moment in your house! No lack of great food either! Let me know when your next door neighbor moves I'm calling dibs!


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