Friday, March 21, 2014

Fly on the Wall, March 2014

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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On Tuesday and Thursday evenings hubs works late. I leave him a plate of leftovers that he microwaves and my son and I fend for ourselves for dinner. One Tuesday, High School Senior and I were sitting in the den and my son was trying to figure out what to make himself for dinner.
High School Senior: I think I’ll have scrambled eggs with scallions, spinach and cheese with an English Muffin.
Me: Sounds great, honey, go ahead.
He gets up, comes over and starts to pull me up from the couch.
Me: What are you doing? How many people does it take to make scrambled eggs?
High School Senior: One . . . and it’s not me.

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It’s taken quite a few years, but I’ve finally stated to figure a few things out.

The following Thursday when High School Senior and I are home, I tell him I’m going to make a grilled cheese for my dinner and ask if he wants one or wants to figure out something else to make for himself. He says he doesn’t want grilled cheese.
I go into the kitchen, make grilled cheese and sit down with my sandwich.
High School Senior walks over and starts eyeing my sandwich: You know, Mom, that actually looks really good.
Me: There are two grilled cheeses for you on that plate by the stove.
Got that one right.

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I had just finished baking and my son came into the kitchen to try a cookie. I told him to please shut the light off in the kitchen when he left. He said he would.

Twenty seconds later he was on his way up the stairs and the kitchen light was still on.
Me: The light’s still on in the kitchen.
Son: I forgot
Me: It was twenty seconds ago. How long CAN you remember something?
Son: I guess about 19 seconds.

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Hershey’s sent me a gift box for Valentine’s Day. I opened the box and there were two large packages of candy and one giant package of Reese’s pieces.
Me: I guess I’ve got some baking to do. I’ll have to think about what I want to make.
Son (walking away with the giant Reese’s bag): Well, I’m going to make these my snack.

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College Boy pocket dialed me twice this past month. The first time I could hear a bunch of kids but couldn’t make out anything specific (damn), and eventually hung up. I don’t think he even knew it happened.
The second time he must have been about to use his phone because he noticed.
College Boy: Hello?
Me: Hi, honey.
College Boy: Oh, hi, Mom. Ummmm, listen, I hate to ask, but did you call me or did I call you?

Brussels Sprouts with Pignolis and Prosciutto | recipe developed by | #recipe #vegetables

Brussels Sprouts with Pignolis and Prosciutto

You know things are heading in the wrong direction if you place the dinner dishes on the table and immediately have to answer a question (asked with a mortified look) with: Yes, it IS food, they’re called Brussels Sprouts and yes, you’re going to live.

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I made a new cupcake recipe while High School Senior was at school and left one out on the counter for him. I was anxious to see what he thought of it.

So he came home from school and I told him that the cupcake was for him to try. I stood directly across from where he was sitting at the counter and waited anxiously while he took a bite. We looked each other in the eye as he chewed, swallowed, took another bite, chewed, swallowed and proceeded to eat the whole cupcake. While i stood there looking him right in the face.
Me: Why do you think I’m standing here staring at you while you eat?
Son: I don’t know Mom, why?
Me: I’m waiting to hear what you think of the new cupcake, do you like it?
Son: Yes.
Me (rolling my eyes and walking away): Next time try not to be so overly enthusiastic with your praise, it’s embarrassing.

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In the midst of a horrendously cold winter we had 2 warm days last month before we were expecting more snow. High School Senior’s car was filthy so when he came home from school for lunch on the second warm day, I thought I’d suggest that after school he fill his gas tank and get the free car wash that comes with it.
Me: How much gas do you have in your car?
Son: Full tank.
Me: Oh, OK, darn, oh well.
Conversation ends.
Would I have asked the other person what they were thinking? Yes.
Would you? Probably.
Would he? Never. Wouldn’t dawn on him.

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Every night while the Olympics were on, I’d watch and either hubs or son would ruin whatever I was watching by telling me the outcome. Obviously I asked them to stop.
At dinner on the last day, I was talking about wanting to see if the US got the bronze medal in hockey but there was something else on at the same time that I wanted to see. I decided that I’d watch the hockey.
Son: You’re gonna want to watch the other show, Mom.
Me: Thanks Son, I’m sure that didn’t give anything away.

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If you were in my house you’d roll your eyes like my kids do at the level of technical (dis)ability my husband and I have.
Hubs: Do we have a log-in for the website for our mortgage company?
Me: No, I’ve never needed to go in there online.
Hubs: OK, I’ll set one up then.
Me: When you do, I need the url and the user name and login you choose. I keep them all in a file so we can get back in again.
Hubs: I just googled the bank and clicked on the link that came up, I don’t know the url.
Me: See if you can figure it out, OK?

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Brussels Sprouts with Pignolis and Prosciutto

1 TBSP butter
2 TBSP pignolis
1 TBSP olive oil
1 lb Brussels Sprouts, rinsed, white end trimmed, cut in half lengthwise
salt and pepper to taste
1 TBSP orange juice
1.5 oz Prosciutto, coarsely chopped
*Melt butter over medium heat in a saucepan. Add pignolis. Cook, stirring constantly until they start to brown, about 2 minutes. Remove from pan.
*Add the olive oil to the pan. Place the Brussels Sprouts, cut side down in a single layer in the pan. Sprinkle lightly with salt and/or pepper. You may want to skip the salt as the prosciutto is salty.
*Cook until bottoms have browned, approximately 3 to 5 minutes.
*Use tongs to flip over. Lower heat a little and add 1 TBSP orange juice. Cook until they start to brown.
*Sprinkle with the prosciutto, mix and cook 1 to 2 more minutes, sprinkle the pignolis over the top and serve immediately.


  1. You're son.....he's so funny some times. Boy Child LOVES grill cheese sandwiches, so I always make extras. Thankfully, they are still at that age where they will rave about what I cook. My ego will be crushed when they stop.

    1. Maybe your kids will always love what you cook. Mine were always picky eaters, it's finally getting a little better now that they're old enough to be moving out. . . sigh.

  2. Laughing! I hope you get your warm fuzzies on Facebook, because High School Senior is very literal and applause there!
    I never thought I'd say this in my lifetime, but those brussels sprouts look wonderful! I'm just now beginning to appreciate the little devils.

    1. You have to try brussels sprouts this way, they really were so good.

  3. You were so smart to make extra grilled cheese. That always happens here with C. Lately the kids have been responsible for making their own meals. Somehow, they forgot the part about cleaning up afterward. :(
    Ugh. The Olympics. We ended up watching the live coverage on the sports network. I wish someone had told me not to watch the hockey finals.
    I've never heard of pignolis. I better hit up google next. Happy Weekend, woman! <3

    1. I love pignolis, maybe you've heard them called pine nuts? If you haven't tried them you should, they're delish.

    2. Ah, pine nuts. Yes, I like them very much. :)

  4. My family gives me the same look when I serve brussels sprouts.
    Many a personal grilled cheese fell prey to those who say they weren't hungry before I learned to always make extras. :)
    Sending you lots of hot sunshine from Cali!

    1. Ooooh, I'll take that hot sunshine. It's finally just barely warming up here.

  5. TOO funny!! I swear teenagers are put in this planet to make sure we never have a big ego! LOL
    My kids call brussel sprouts baby cabbages. LOL

    1. Actually I think lots of people think of brussels sprouts as baby cabbages, and they do look like them. Maybe that was my first problem in trying to serve them.

  6. Good thinking on the grilled cheese sandwich! My youngest does that kind of stuff all the time. He also is not very high on cooking praise for things I make, unless it is something obnoxiously sweet!

    1. Yeah, sometimes it's hard to get praise even for the sweet stuff. But if I stopped making the treats I'd sure hear from them.

  7. Wow .. he literally tried to pull you off the couch to make his dinner?? That's crazy -- and such a teenage thing to do!
    Rey better not attempt to pull any of that with me -- although in her case, she'd probably get dad off the couch instead of me. I despise cooking.


    1. Ha, that makes it dad's problem. Smart woman, despising cooking. Maybe I should have thought of that strategy.

  8. OMG the grilled cheese, they always want what you have...never fails. Smart to make extra sandwiches. I have done that a few times and glad I did.

    the cupcake response...OMG...and the peanut butter it a boy thing or just kids that don't get it. LOLOLOL

    1. Yes, they're always looking at our plates and deciding that's what they want, even at this age. . . sigh.

  9. I need to come visit your house, it reminds me of when my boys were still home and makes me miss them more. Funny, sarcastic, crazy kids. Enjoy it Karen, all too soon there will be 2 college boys and then...gone
    LOVE brussel sprouts and this recipe is one I need to try.
    Spatulas On Parade

    1. Yes, I've only got about 4 months left and then they'll both be gone. Makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

  10. High School boys. We didn't understand them when we were that age... and the trend continues! Not looking forward to that stage. My oldest is snarky enough as it is and he's 12. Guess he started early. :)

    You're picture makes Brussel sprouts look delicious! Too bad that's not enough to make me try them. :)

    1. Ha ha ha, that's the funniest reaction to a food pic EVER. I'm SO sharing that!

  11. Those brussels look amazing!!! They are one of my very favorite veges and the way you cooked them, YUM!
    Teenage boys will always be mysterious, sandwich stealing creatures. :)

    1. Yes, I'm learning that you're right about teenage boys. I did make the extra sandwiches after all!

  12. I Love FOTW!!!

    HS Senior's Scrambled Eggs mix sounds DELISH... As does the Grilled Cheese.
    Chuckled at '19 seconds.'
    Favorite Line: "Crickets."

    Always enjoy, Slu

  13. Your sons sound hilarious! Anytime you need an enthusiastic cupcake tester, I am your girl. ;)

    1. I may just take you up on that cupcake tester thing if you promise to actually give me some feedback.

  14. Your son cracks me up. The stories you tell of him should be a sitcom.

    As for turning off the light I do the same thing!

  15. Your conversation with your son tells me that my little one will grow up similar to him or even worse. (Is worse the right term? I think

    1. Not quite the right term but I do know what you mean. He's wonderful but it's a challenge sometimes.

  16. I love brussle sprouts!
    My Highschool boy is my taste tester too. How is it? "Good" he says.
    Either he lacks a full vocabulary or everything I make is mediocre.

    1. You're lucky. I'd take "good" over the comments I get when I serve new vegetable dishes.


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