Friday, May 23, 2014

Fly on the Wall, May 2014

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 12 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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As we were going through discussions as to where High School Senior should go to  college, I had to admit that my first choice was 1000 miles away.
Me (to Hubs): You know if he goes that far away I will cry and cry and cry.
Hubs: You know what a lot of Moms do when their kids go far away?
Me: I’m going to move there with him and get an apartment.
Hubs: Ummm, no, that’s really not what I was getting at.

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I hate to iron and I’m really, really bad at it. Many of my husband’s work shirts are passable without my ironing them if I look at them very quickly and without my contacts in.

He has a few shirts that are just beyond wrinkled and even my crappy ironing job would be an improvement.

I keep putting off ironing them because once I do he’s going to wear them and I’ll just go right back to ignoring them needing to iron them again.

I’ve been thinking of throwing them out. I mean, it’s just too much pressure, the whole wear, wash, ignore, iron, wear, wash, ignore, iron thing. I think the best thing would be to just throw them out and put me out of my misery. That’s a good plan, right?

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The irony is not lost on me that when our refrigerator was leaking we went out to the store and bought a brand new stainless steel refrigerator . . . that leaks.

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I have to give you the back story to this one. My son likes to come home from school and take a snack up to his room. Often he likes to take pistachios, cashews and almonds along with some cranraisins and dried blueberries. Sometimes I buy the nuts all in one can but sometimes I buy them individually.
Me: I bought cashews, almonds and pistachios separately, do you want me to mix them together and put them in a big jar?
High School Senior: Yes, please.
So I go into the kitchen and pour the nuts out all over the counter. I get them all mixed up and put into a jar. On the counter are the really tiny bits from the bottom of the cans. I sweep them into my hand from the counter and am about to eat them when my son comes into the kitchen.
Him: Watcha doin’, Mom?
Me (without thinking):  Eating nut dust.
Him, looking at me: {{blink, blink}}
Me, looking at him: {{blink, blink}}
Him, looking at me: {{blink, blink}}
Me, looking at him: {{blink, blink}}
Both of us at the same time: BAAAAAAHAHAHAHA

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I’m in the living room watching TV when High School Senior comes in and changes the channel. At this point I’m willing to watch what he wants to watch just to get him to sit and talk to me.
He lays down on the couch and covers his head with a pillow.
Me: What are you doing?
High School Senior: Taking a nap.
Me: You changed the channel and you’re not even going to watch the TV?
High School Senior: That’s the plan.
Smart a$$.

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Chocolate Raspberry Cake Squares

High School Senior comes home from school.
Me: You have a black eye.
High School Senior: No I don’t.
Me: Yes, you do, your left eye.
High School Senior: No I don’t.
Me: Did you hit it at the gym last night?
High School Senior: No.
Me: Did you bump into something at school?
High School Senior: No.
Me: Does it hurt?
High School Senior: No.
Me: Well something happened you have a black eye.
High School Senior: No I don’t.
Me: Go look in the mirror.
High School Senior takes out his cell (of course), does something (I don’t know what) and says: Hey, I’ve got a black eye.

Black Eye | pricture taken by and property of

You know when kids are little and one does something wrong and the other threatens “I’m telling”. Well, we’ve got that going on in my house.

The boys don’t love that I write about them all the time. Honestly, I mostly leave their pictures and their names out of this blog but there’s no question that I talk about them more often than not. In fairness to them there is much more that I don’t and wouldn’t say here, and anything that I’m on the fence about I ask them and offer to allow them to read the piece to see if they approve.

But the little stuff, now that I see as fair game. So whenever they do something that only makes sense to a teenager but would aggravate any adult, I say “I’m telling” and they know they’re in trouble now. The next sound they’re gonna hear is the tap, tap, tap of laptop keys and another Fly on the Wall snippet is born.

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High School Senior: You need to sign this permission sheet for me to go on a field trip tomorrow.
Me: What class?
High School Senior: AP Calculus.
Me: You’re not in AP Calculus.
High School Senior: I know, but I did take it.
Me: So you’re going on a field trip for a class you’re not in?
High School Senior: Yes.
Me: Do they know you’re going?
High School Senior: Just sign your name, Mom.
So apparently he decided to go on a field trip with a class he isn’t taking. I'm sure this makes sense to someone. Me, not so much. But I figured what the hell, if it’s a problem the school will call me. I’ll deal with it then.

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College Boy is home for the summer and I keep encouraging (that’s a kind way of putting it) him to get a job. His education, room, board, books and the majority of his essentials are paid for but he’s responsible for most of his own spending money. He had 2 to 3 years worth saved up but he spent it all in his first year of college.
Me: You need to find a job, any job, you’ll need spending money next year.
College Boy: I’m not taking just any job, it has to be something I want to do.
Me: What do you want to do?
College Boy: Nothing.
Me: Looks like you found it.

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High School Senior’s graduation is in two days.
Nothing funny about it.
I’ll have to think of something else to call him on this blog.
And I’ll have to figure out a way to stop crying.

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Chocolate Raspberry Cake Squares
Printable Recipe
Ingredients, cake:
1 stick butter, softened
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 ½ tsp vanilla
1 ½ cup flour
1 ¾ tsp baking powder
½ cup milk
Ingredients, fillings:
1 (3 oz) package raspberry jello mix
1 cup boiling water
½ cup cold water
1 (3 – 4 oz) package chocolate pudding mix
1½ cups milk
NOTE: Although you’ll be making a package of pudding, only half will be used in this recipe.
Ingredients, frosting:
1 1/2 cup heavy cream
2 tsp raspberry extract
3 TBSP powdered sugar
OPT: Red food coloring
*Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour a 9 X 13 pan.
*Cream the butter and sugar. Beat in the eggs and vanilla.
*Mix in the flour and baking powder, then the beat in the milk.
*Spread evenly into the prepared pan.
*Bake 25 -30 minutes, until the top spring back to the touch.
*Remove from oven. Cool 20 minutes on the counter.
*Using bottom of a wooden spoon, make approximately 20 holes in the cake. Make the holes of different depths but not all the way to the bottom of the pan.
*Stir jello and 1 cup boiling water until the jello dissolves. Stir in the cold water. Slowly pour the jello over the cake allowing the holes in the cake to fill with the jello.
*Refrigerate a half an hour.
*Whisk the chocolate pudding mix with the milk until it starts to thicken.
*Make about 15 more holes in the cake in different spots. Slowly pour half of the pudding over the cake and distribute evenly with a spatula. Return to refrigerator while you make the frosting.
*Beat cream until soft peaks form. Beat in the raspberry extract and powdered sugar and continue beating until firm peaks hold.
*Frost cake. Cover and store in refrigerator.


  1. Two days. My gosh it passed so fast! I hate ironing too. I have a steamer and when the hub is a real pill I steam his shirts, hoping to make him realize I actually do stuff and appreciate it. He doesn't. I vote for sending those crumpled beauties to the Goodwill, there is someone that will want that shirt enough to pay a dollar for it and get the wrinkles out...

    1. I'm with you, there aren't enough hours in the day as it is, why would I spend one ironing?

  2. I love this! And, seriously, what you need at graduation is for your dad and stepmom to appear just before your only child gets up to give her valedictorian speech and watch your stepmom plop her butt down next to your mother (remembering that they are NOT BFFs). I seriously thought I was going to throw up, but it did keep me from crying hysterically as Stephie gave her speech. Ugh. Good luck, and you will be fine (eventually). Got to love teenagers.

    1. Good think you had the speech to concentrate on rather than that uncomfortable situation. Yikes.

  3. Haha - Liked the nut dust and "nothing" lines. Have a great summer with your family!

  4. Sending you GINORMOUS HUGS!!!!!!!
    It broke my heart when Jacob moved out. And it will break my heart when he moves out again. I just had one more graduate and another will graduate next year. :(

    1. Yeah, but you have an endless supply of kids, I've only got 2, LOL!

  5. :( I'm sorry your nest is about to be empty......offer still stands to send you one of my kids.
    I don't even OWN an iron.....if it can't be tossed in the dryer to knock the wrinkles out, it isn't bought. This is why we don't have any nice clothes. lol

    1. I think I need to adopt that "no nice clothes" way of life.

  6. The chocolate Raspberry Cake looks SOOOO good!
    We've got 3 graduations happening next week in our house but none as monumental at high school grad.
    I can't imagine the roller coaster you are on right now, my friend.
    *Big Hugs* to you!!

  7. LOVE the nut dust comment! Funny you mentioned your boys not being pleased about being mentioned on your blog. My youngest daughter just chewed me out this morning for posting some pics of her on my Fly post and threatened to post unflattering pics of me all over Facebook just to get even. I'm ready to disinherit her. When your youngest goes off to college, can I ship my daughter to your house?

    1. I wouldn't know what to do with a daughter. Well, unless she'll let me dress her up like a barbie doll and braid her hair and stuff.

  8. My mom taught me to iron and I did a LOT of it. But in flush times I remember she had a cleaners that picked up Dad's dirty shirts and returned them to a little box on the porch each week, folded over cardboard and wrapped in plastic. Now THAT is what you need!
    What are you going to do for funny snippets once you have an empty nest? You'd better tell your hubby to bring on his "A" game!

    1. I think about that a lot, what I'll do about writing when they're gone. I really don't know. Maybe I better get that apartment in West Lafayette after all.

  9. If it makes you feel better, my freezer on my fridge pees every now and then. There's nothing wrong with it... just ice build up or something.

    The pausing after the "nut dust" comment makes that. Too funny! I would have laughed immediately and ruined it. :)

    1. I think that pause was because we were both sort of stunned at how weird that sounded. But that laugh didn't get held in for long, for either of us.

  10. I'd gladly live with y'all. Thanks for the giggles.

    If I came to live with you, I'd expect this cake at least three times a year. I'd want it more often, but I have a huge list of yummies I'd want you to make, and I can only eat so much in a day.

  11. Love this!
    My ironing basket looks like an archaeological dig. I just stuff Husby's shirts back into the drier and tumble them for a few minutes. Voila! Ironed.
    Nut dust . . . Bwahahahaha!

    1. I have a different basket I'm thinking of sticking Hubs' shirts in, if you know what I mean {{wink, wink}}.

  12. Always a fun read to hear what goes on in other people's homes. If I lived in yours it would just be for the baked goodies.

    Actually, I iron really good, and it was my dad who taught me. Mom hated ironing.

    Have a great Memorial day weekend!

    1. Ha, I'll trade your ironing skills for my baked goodies!

  13. Okay Karen, you know I love your post, but I swear I could not get past NUT DUST ROTFL
    Spatulas On Parade

    1. I know, too funny, right? Neither he nor I could really believe that I had said that.

  14. You do realise that if you toss out all those pesky shirts, you're just going to have to buy more. Which will then need ironing.
    Why doesn't hubby iron his own shirts? Mine did and the boys copied. Much less work for me, since the girls also did their own ironing.

    "I'm not taking just any job..."
    perhaps he'll change his mind if you don't supply spending money.
    My two oldest grandchildren aged 18 and 20 have had after school-weekend and holiday jobs since each was 15. Both now have very healthy bank accounts.

    1. Ha, I'm a horrendous ironer but I'm pretty sure hubby would be worse.

      Son did have a job for years before going off to college. He had healthy bank accounts too, then spent it all the first year away at school.


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