Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Day in the Life of a News Cycle

Have you ever just sat down and read through trending news stories and hashtags on social media? Well you should. There's something in there for everyone. It runs the gamut from the mundane to the absurd. But there's one thing it's always sure to provide and that's the entertainment factor.

One day, a few weeks ago, I decided to make notes on the many stories and hashtags and whatnots of the day, then come back another day and see where it all takes me.

Today's that day. Here's a representation of what I had noted:

Serious stories like the one about the surfer, Mick Fanning, who was attacked by a shark while participating in a surfing competition (Mick, that is, not the shark). The video is horrifying until you find out that he actually punches the shark in the nose and gets away.

There are "shake your head in disbelief" stories like Donald Trump defending his remarks about John McCain not being a war hero because he was captured and tortured for years. Trump, in his infinite wisdom prefers soldiers who did not get captured.

Oooh, I just thought of another use for that surfer's nose-punching skills.

And then there's the just plain bizarre, like the Fox news person who, when discussing the Mick Fanning story, suggests that the ocean should be cleared of sharks for competitions. I guess those kids who lost limbs this summer to sharks are fair game. But for a competition? We need to shore up our borders.  Move along, sharks, no entering without the proper paperwork. Someone needs to get right on that.

Sign this guy up to be Donald Trump's Vice President. A vision of a future of a filter-free America, that's a campaign platform, right?

A Day in the Life of a New Cycle: A humorous look at trending news stories and social media hashtags. | www.BakingInATornado.com | #MyGraphics #humor #funny

There are stories that you just can't figure out why they're stories. Like the one about the man who ate at a Mexican food chain for 100 days in a row. I'd like to recommend him for a job as food procurer for the Trump campaign. I'm sure I heard Donald make some kind of statement about liking Mexicans. Time to put your money where your mouth is. Or to eat your words. . .

Another trending story is America's new fascination with tiny houses. People are downsizing. Way, way, way down. Like to 200 - 400 square foot houses. The old lady who lived in a shoe had no idea how trendy she'd be one day.

But here's something I would highly recommend. Do not live in a tiny house with someone who eats at a Mexican food chain for 100 days in a row. I'm thinking that could be lethal. And it's not like you can go into another room. You'd literally have to run out the front door. Take a tent.

Another story, a diner owner in Maine who defended herself in the media for yelling at a toddler who had been crying in her restaurant for close to an hour and whose parents had refused to leave.

Now I don't know about her experience but I had toddlers and seldom did I find that yelling at them is a successful strategy for achieving quiet.

A cookie? Now that'll do it.
PB Cup and Oreo Cookies: Two favorite treats meet up in one cookie. Crispy, crunchy and not too sweet. Recipe by BakingInATornado.com | #bake #cookies

PB Cup & Oreo Cookies
PB Cup and Oreo Cookies: Two favorite treats meet up in one cookie. Crispy, crunchy and not too sweet. Recipe by BakingInATornado.com | #bake #cookies

There was the story of a couple arrested for having sex in the fitting room of a store in China. although the store publicly distanced themselves from the incident saying they knew nothing about it, I think it's a genius marketing strategy. I mean, if I were trying on clothes and heard those kinds of sounds coming from the next dressing room, I pay pretty much anything to buy whatever she was trying on.

And yet I'd sure as hell steer clear of that clothes stall when trying on my next round of picks.

#NationalJunkFoodDay was trending on twitter on this particular day. This sacred holiday is, in fact, saved for just once a year? Who knew? Not my kids. And I really hope my boys didn't see this one. I'd like to decline the responsibility of trying to get through to them that every day is not National Junk Food Day.

The Mother of that guy who ate at a Mexican food chain every day for 100 days got away without explaining it to her kid so there is a clear precedent for not banging my head up against this particular wall.

#ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens was also trending. This one was so much fun. Basically, people were tweeting about how you would explain some of the behaviors we observe every day to space aliens. Hey, I can think of some fun ones.

Like mowing the lawn, watering so it'll grow and then mowing it again.

Or why "going commando" is something we're marketing on television.

Or Donald Trump running for President.

So there you go. A day in the life of a social media junkie's trending news. Have I convinced you to join in the fun? Or run screaming from that screen?

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PB Cup & Oreo Cookies
Printable Recipe
1 stick butter, softened
1 stick margarine, softened
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 cups white sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
2 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup oreos, chopped (about 12 cookies) 
1 cup mini reese's peanut butter cups, halved 

*Cream butter, margarine and sugars until smooth. Beat in the eggs and vanilla.
*Starting on the lowest speed until incorporated, beat in the flour, baking soda and salt. Mix in the chopped oreos and the halved peanut butter cups.
*Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour or up to a day.
*Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cover baking sheets with parchment paper.
*Roll dough into approximately 1 inch balls. Place on prepared baking sheets.
*Bake for 9 - 12 minutes or until they start to brown. Leave on the cookie sheet for 2 minutes before removing them to cool completely.


  1. I am running to the kitchen. Now my problem with this recipe that may end up trending is the assumption that I would have on hand 12 Oreos! Is left over Oreos a reality?

    1. I hear ya. I had to grab the oreos out of the package as soon as I came in with the groceries. And my family was not happy when they later opened the package and 1/3 of them were gone. These cookies made up for that, though . . .

  2. I haven't had time to be on any social media much the past few weeks, so thanks for catching me up on “what's trending.” I now have a new appreciation for all of these "news" stories ... thanks for the laugh, and the recipe Karen!

  3. You had me at PB cups & oreos.

    I lived in a 450 square foot studio that I cleverly made into 5 rooms, well distinct areas. For a couple of years I lived with the craziest man in the east. Not fun. Later I lived in a 630 square foot real one bedroom with a faux kitchen but it was worth half a fortune so like many NY'ers I sold and left for space. There is nothing about the small house movement that appeals to me. Nada.
    My house leaves a small footprint and is amazingly energy efficient. I've seen small houses that lack flushable toilets and other things my grandparents considered to be luxuries. I could go on about this for days without shutting up. I do think that people will tire of their tiny houses and be totally embarrassed by their pretensions. (I can say this having lived the majority of my adult life without a dishwasher, washer & dryer but paying tons more than most who have them.)
    And as a New Yorker I have much to say on DT for pres---nothing good so...

    1. The small house movement doesn't appeal to me either. And I do worry about the safety of these women who move into what looks like a cardboard box on a remote piece of land.
      And the DT for pres thing, I think you know that I feel pretty much the same as you do.

  4. My favorite was the alien one! You have to wonder how the trends get started.

    And I remember watching the Mitch video. I literally LOL'd when he punched that shark!

    1. I know you really have to wonder at some of the things we do. They're funny if you take the time to think about it.

  5. Ahhh Donald Trump..He will b e his own downfall..But scary thing is so many people are with him as this country is in trouble..The shark? Every Floridian knows to punch the shark..lol The cookies? I can't wait to try them!! My cabbage lasagna came out great! Thank you!! Tiny house? Sounds wonderful to save money but..We all have too much stuff..haha Loved it as usual..Great blog..

    1. I actually have to admit (yikes) that I agree with some of Trump's points. But he is ego driven, incapable of filtering himself, admitting he's ever wrong, negotiating, humility or even acknowledging value in anyone else's point of view. He is jut plain not presidential. And I sure am having fun laughing at him.

    2. I agree with a lot he says too...But definitely not presidential..He whines too much..

  6. Donald Trump what can one say about him that sounds nice...................hmmmmmmmmmmm, ok let's move on
    Sharks and the ocean go hand in hand, sharks and swimmers, surfers and such go limb in mouth, followed by a lot of pain and a lot of blood just saying

    1. I know I have a lot of friends who totally support Trump. For me the issue is less the message and more the messenger.

  7. You are so funny Karen! I have the answer. Drop Trump way out in the ocean on competition day and they sharks will go after him instead of the surfers. Of course, then we would have sharks with bad hair stuck in their teeth.

  8. Started my married life in what was originally a kennel. Small home? Totally been there. Survived. Moved on...
    I do like Rena's idea of using Trump to entice the sharks out of the water. Efficient. Effective. Solves so many problems.


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