Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Hour Long Minute

I've been feeling the ravages of time lately. No, not my age, although I could write (and have written) a post or two about that as well. This time-suck is the dreaded minute. You know the one I'm talking about, the 60 seconds that invariably manage to drag by in about an hour. Those times when you feel compelled to grab onto that second hand and physically drag it around the clock.

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Although it happens to us all now and then, this has been going on for me with frustrating regularity for over a month. It started, as far as I can remember, at PurDude's graduation. We were in line outside the hall, standing in 90 degree weather and I was, of course, wearing 3 inch wedges. Mine were black leather with gold accents, open toe, with a pretty woven wedge. You know, the kind that look great on so you have to wear them with that graduation outfit even though you'll still have remnants of the blisters 2 months later.

Minutes seem like hours in wedge shoes | Picture property of www.BakingInATornado.com | #funny #humor

That's OK, I can make it, gotta suffer for fashion, right? And they're going to open the door in one minute. 

One minute that although literally lasting right around 60 seconds, felt like a melting, excruciating hour. Or two. And I had the frizzy hair and blistered feet to prove it.

More time-bending "in a minute" fun torture:

PurDude was streaming the Red Sox game to the TV. Boston was winning 1 - 0 when it froze. PurDude said he'd be back in a minute and went upstairs to check the laptop we were streaming through. Apparently Windows decided to update at that moment. He switched the streaming to his other computer and the game came back up. It was only a minute, felt like an hour, and we were losing 2 - 1 when we got the game back. Wait. What? What happened? (As a funny aside, PurDude has a friend from college who works for Microsoft. He texted his friend and told Riley he better fix Windows 'cause it ruined our game).

I'm almost home, just a minute away. But if I don't get out of this bra now, I swear it's going to dig into my skin so deep I'll need to have it surgically removed. If you, dear reader, are a woman, I've said enough, you know exactly how long that minute can last. Forget hours, years.

When you bake anything chocolate the house smells divine. As the time winds down and it's almost ready, mouths water. On Saturday we were at that point. All inhabitants of this house converged on me in the kitchen wanting to know when the cookies would be done. I looked at the clock and informed them all it would be just a minute. And then I stood there being stared down by 3 men for what seemed like an hour. And PS: good thing you can eat cookies hot because if that had been a cake this would not have ended pretty.

Nothing in my house freaks me out as much as spiders. Not even my kids, though there were times they sure seemed to make a full time job of trying. I was walking up the stairs the other day and hanging there by the window was a spider. I screamed out "quick, quick, come here and bring a tissue" to which College Boy answered "be there in a minute". I swear that minute lasted long enough for that spider to have gotten married, bought a house (in my hallway) and had twins.

I've had enough of this minute lasting an hour thing. I SO need a Chata Iced Coffee. Can you make me one? And don't you dare say "It'll be ready in a minute . . ."

Coffee, Vanilla and Cinnamon flavors meet summer in this Chata Iced Coffee cocktail. Refreshing served over ice or with a scoop of ice cream. | Recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #cocktail
Chata Iced Coffee

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Chata Iced Coffee         

Printable Recipe

Ingredients (per drink):
3 oz brewed coffee
1 oz french vanilla creamer
3 oz Rum Chata
1 oz cinnamon liqueur

OPT: scoop of french vanilla ice cream

*Mix the hot coffee and the creamer. Refrigerate until cold.
*Remove from the refrigerator and mix in the Rum Chata and cinnamon liqueur.
*Serve over ice or with a scoop of ice cream.


  1. I think it has to do with age. It seems minutes are hours the older I get, that is if it has to do with waiting. In a minute has become my most hated phrase I do believe.
    Now...this rum chata, I've heard a lot about it lately and do believe it is something I NEED to check out. Yes I did say need, especially if I have a minute. LOL

    1. Yes, you need to check it out. And FIY, I have a cake recipe coming up on the blog based on this drink!

  2. I can relate to all those long, very long minutes! I can add the line to the ladies room. Someone says so short only a minute, yeah right! I don't even know what rum chata is and of course didn't know there was a cinnamon liqueur but it looks cold thick and refreshing. Googling now.

    1. Yes, the line to the ladie's room or when I'm driving and just a minute from home.

  3. I think I will be heading to the store after work for these ingredients...or better yet...in a minute! Diana

  4. I say that all of the time when I'm working and someone wants something or to tell me something. Apparently, that minute lasts a really long time too. According to my family at least!

  5. Yes I have 60 seconds that seem like they last years, but I'm pretty sure with the Chata Iced Coffee, they will fly by!

  6. I can also relate to the "endless minute". Strange, because, otherwise, time seems to fly for me (the older you get, etc.) if that's true, why is the endless minute of pain still endless? Oh, and I love Rum Chata. Love! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

    1. Good thing we have Rum Chata for those endless minutes.

  7. I don't like iced coffee or any type of coffee and we all hate those hour long minutes

    1. Don't know how anyone wakes up in the morning without coffee. Every minute would be an hour long minute . . .

  8. The other day I was on the way home from errands. It had been hot the entire time, but I was only a half mile away from home (LESS THAN a minute's drive!) when my feet informed me the shoes had to come off. NOW. It was awful!


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