Monday, October 26, 2020

Favorite Potables: Eight Winter Cocktails


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Blogging schedule all worked out,
when a friend stopped by to say,
"Favourite Potables" will be the theme,
for this, Poetry Monday.

Love you Diane, my Canadian friend,
changed my schedule to join in.
But I'll spell "favorite" the correct way,
(though the words are clearly akin).

Favorite Potables
"Whatcha doing?" Hubby asked,
right as he walked in.
"Writing a blog post" I answered.
"Need to see which ones will win."

He saw the mess and looked at me,
face askew . . . or so I thought,
(although it was really hard to say,
since that last, quite generous, shot). 

"The entire bar's in front of you,
most bottles seem . . . quite low."
"Research," I answered smiling,
"How else am I to know?"

"What is it you're researching?
And I'd also like to hear,
how writing for your blog requires,
slurring your words, my dear."

I tried to stand, but no such luck,
so answered on my rear end,
"My favorite potables, for Diane.
Yes, I'm that good a friend." 

Favorite Potables: Eight Winter Cocktails | Graphic, pictures and recipe property of  | #recipes #cocktails

Winning recipes are linked below,
I hope you'll try them all.
Maybe not all at once, like me,
unless . . . you like to fall.
Read more poetry,
you're not through.
Some talented writers,
are in this crew:
Diane of On the Border
Charlotte of Mother Owl

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Links to the posts with the recipes featured above:        

                                                       All recipes developed by ©


  1. I see that you did your homework :D I liked your poem. Welcome to this special kind of crazy.

  2. The funny thing is I could see this happening. You were probably watching the debate.

  3. Bwahahahaha! This. Is. Wonderful!!!
    I appreshhhhiate your sacrifich for me. You are a true, true friend. Hic... :)

  4. Oh, this just got pinned! I have to wait for the cold weather, which should be here....Thursday. I know, why wait? I need to find out my favorite before next Tuesday. Alana

    1. We had 3 inches of snow last night, perfect time to restock the bar.

  5. Heeheehee! Wonderful, i am sure that is some of the most fun research you have ever done, as long as you didn't end with a headache.

    1. I cannot (well, I will not) confirm or deny the whole headache thing.

  6. I thought I read potato
    Boy, I was ready to go
    Imagine my chagrin
    Not only could not win

    I Don’t understand Potables

  7. I can bake them with the best
    Load them up and pass the test
    Butter, Sour Cream you know
    Shredded Cheese all a glow

    Bacon Bits adds a crunch
    You could make this lunch.
    A meal of potato dressed
    I love, it must be confessed


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