Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Never Have I Ever

You've seen them, haven't you? Even played along? I know I have. They're all over facebook, those lists of daring activities and life experiences turned into a game. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? Been arrested? You give yourself a point for each one you've never done. Add up your points then do the comparison to your friends. Who's more daring? More interesting? 

More honest?

Been sky diving? Have tatoos? Forget all that, lets play "never have I ever", mom style. Give yourself a point for any situation you have not been in. No cheating.

Never have I ever:

* Cleaned food off the ceiling.
* Pushed the clock an hour ahead to bedtime.
* Pretended to listen.
* Repeated "I will not cringe, I will not cringe" to yourself while your child was singing.
* Said if they didn't stop  --> insert behavior here <--  the police would arrest them.

Never Have I Ever, the mom version. | www.BakingInATornado.com | #funny #MyGraphics

* Faked being on the phone.
* Taken credit for something that dad actually did.
* Hidden snacks.
* Secretly stolen candy from one kid's Halloween bag to give to the other because you know they're going to count, and they damn well better be even.
* Lied about whether they were going to get a shot so they wouldn't scream and cry until we actually got to the doctor's office. 
* Tried to sell cleaning up as a fun game.
* Gagged while changing a diaper.
* Blamed the dog (even when you don't have one).
* "Lost" a loud toy.
* Threatened to kill Barney.
* Told the kids that McDonald's is closed on Tuesdays. 
* Hidden vegetables in a favorite meal.
* Refused to go back home until calling the babysitter to be sure the kids were asleep.
* Claimed to have made something that was bought.
* Drank alone during their nap time.

Holiday Snowflake Cocktail, a thick vanilla milkshake spiked with holiday cheer | Recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #holiday #cocktail
Holiday Snowflake Cocktail
Holiday Snowflake Cocktail, a thick vanilla milkshake spiked with holiday cheer | Recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #holiday #cocktail

Zero? You too? I'm shocked. Just shocked (not!).

Moms rule.

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Holiday Snowflake Cocktail       

Printable Recipe

Ingredients (makes 4 - 6):
1 1/2 quarts vanilla bean ice cream
2 TBSP white chocolate cocoa powder
1/4 cup whipped cream flavored rum
1/4 cup vanilla flavored rum
3/4 cup white chocolate liqueur

*Place the ice cream, white chocolate cocoa powder, rums and liqueur in a blender. Whip until smooth. 
*Place the blender in the freezer for at least an hour. Scoop the drink into 4 to 6 glasses.



  1. Yummy. I just had to spend time in the candy and baking aisles for your recipes and now I have to hang out in the Liquor store to get acquainted with these spirits! The cost of educating myself is well spent on your recipes.

  2. Yes, I did some of those. But I never stooped so low as my best friend's sister did, who told her toddler that her binky was stolen by the Easter Bunny, just so said child would stop using a pacifier. Well, maybe I did do something as bad. And the Easter Bunny explanation worked! Anyway, my husband asked me to look online for whipped cream flavored rum and I came up with an ad for a liquor store in Upland, California. Strange, considering that I live near Binghamton, New York. I've never seen it here - vodka, yes, rum, no. Gosh this sounds good! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

    1. "Bad" is in the eye of the beholder. It's not so bad if you see it as not so bad. More a matter of maternal necessity.

  3. Never have I been arrested, killed an annoying person, or drove a bus over a bridge

  4. My score was pretty low too! And I love your cocktail! Rich and yummy!

  5. Zero. Although my McD's claim was on a Monday. And my drink of choice while they were sleeping was clamato juice. Neat. But it still counts. Right?


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