Tuesday, May 31, 2022

It's the Bakers


Summer Citrus Cake is bursting with refreshing citrus flavors. | recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #bake
It's the bakers.
I already knew it, had known it for quite some time. 
There was a school shooting in Texas a week ago. Correction: yet another school shooting, this one in Texas. More than 20 children, ending their school year, had their lives ended instead.

And it's the fault of the bakers.

I, like all human beings, was heartbroken by not just this latest school shooting, but that we'd done nothing, as a country, since the last one. And the one before that. And the one before that.

I turned on the news to hear Kellyanne Conway saying that people are in mourning, it isn't the time to talk about change. Ted Cruz skirted the issue with deflection, Greg Abbott used the tragedy as a media opportunity, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wants to arm teachers.

All of this at a time when the Republican stacked supreme court indicated it will overturn women's right to choose, protected by Roe v. Wade. And Republican politicians everywhere are responding with their personal religious convictions, that they are pro-life, that they have a responsibility to protect the unborn, even at the cost of the life of the mother.

Pro-life? What about all of these children who have died in public schools? Continue to die in public schools? Screw the personal religious beliefs, the hell with the political posturing. If you're pro-life, save lives.

I'd had enough, and I posted this on social media:

It's the Bakers, on gun control reform and school safety | graphic designed by, featured on, and property of www.BakingInATornado.com | #MyGraphics #kids


There was a discussion started on my FB page. Most all of the comments were in line with my personal beliefs. But one was not. One woman, apparently from Texas, had something different to say.
I'm not going to quote her completely as I don't have her permission, but I'm going to characterize what she said. You can go to the Baking In A Tornado FB page and read the thread for the exact content

She stated that she knew her opinion would be unpopular, but asked me to just think about what she has to say. She started off with two over used arguments, that it is wrong to think that guns kill people, they don't, and that if the government tries to take peoples' guns away, criminals would certainly not surrender theirs, leaving only criminals with guns.

She went on to say that her governor (Abbott, of Texas) has a genius idea, to arm teachers. A teacher with a gun at least has the opportunity to try to protect herself and her students. She acknowledged that teachers don't want to kill a child (the Robb elementary school shooter was 18), but would either successfully defend her students or die a hero, in Texas or any other red state, anyway.

In conclusion, she said that she has pit bulls, and a .45. If someone breaks into her home, ignoring the dogs, she "will not ask them to sit down for coffee and cake until the police arrive," she'll shoot to kill. So arming teachers is a genius idea, and if you disagree, we should take guns away from presidential security details, jewelry stores, courtrooms.

There's a lot to unpack here. So much made me angry, mostly the disinformation. But a lot here gave me hope too. This woman was making her points. She was not angry, she was not insulting or disrespectful in any way, she had something to say and she took the time to say it.

My response: 
Thank you for your comments and for sharing your perspective.
First, your entire premise is just completely false. No one is talking about taking away all guns from law abiding citizens who have purchased them legally, that is not what those of us who want limitations, licensing, and background checks are saying.
Second, I think we ask enough of our teachers. What Texas is recommending is an unfair burden on them, they are not trained police officers and they didn't go into teaching to be both teachers an police officers. I think many talented teachers would leave the field they love.
Third, at the recent supermarket shooting in NY, a trained retired police officer was there, he shot the perpetrator more than once, but the guy was wearing Kevlar, so he did not die and killed the officer. The shooter yesterday was wearing a bullet prof vest too.
I firmly believe that NOT taking guns away from law abiding citizens, but reforming our laws and closing loopholes allowing weapons to be purchased other than in gun stores, in order to be as responsible as possible about who can have guns, and what guns, and Kevlar as well, is the only answer. Children's lives have to matter more than how we deal with gun ownership, under our current system (or lack thereof), they don't.

"This absolutely makes sense," but she went on to say that she still believes teachers should be equipped with guns, or there should be security outside every school.

Although we have different viewpoints, I think we (you and I) are proof that there can be rational conversation and common sense solutions. If our politicians were willing and able to talk, just talk like we are, without misrepresenting what the other perspective is, if they were willing to admit that neither "side" will win or lose, but a common sense compromise can be reached and will actually protect our children, we'd all be better off.

"100%. It's all about the babies. All about the voiceless."

Some of the most important information she imparted was where she started: first, that she believes that we don't understand the concept that guns don't kill people, people do. Second, that we want the government to take all guns away from all people.

You cannot compromise, nor even negotiate, if there cannot first be clear understanding of both viewpoints. If we're going to bake together, we need to know, cookies or cake?
I know that it's a daunting task to rid each other of our misconceptions, and I know that has to happen, but not initially. Gun control, gun reform, initially starts on capitol hill. And everyone there already knows what the truth is, what each side of the issue does and doesn't believe.

And we'll never get anything accomplished, even if we agree on cake, if we each come to the table with a cake. We need to come with ingredients, because, (and I know I don't need to explain negotiating to you), we're not going to end up with my cake, or with yours.
But we can end up with cake.

Summer Citrus Cake is bursting with refreshing citrus flavors. | recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #bake

Summer Citrus Cake


If two strangers on FB, with completely different frames of reference, viewpoints, and stances, can have a civil, respectful conversation, agree as to what the outcome needs to be, make concessions in some places and solidify our stance in others, politicians, supposedly professional negotiators, must be willing to come to the table.

Especially politicians who claim to be pro-life. If you're pro-life, get your ass to the table, discuss common sense gun control laws, and save lives.

It has been 23 years since 13 died at Columbine High School. 
Ten years since the 28 deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Four years since 17 died at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

There have been 27 school shootings this year. It's only May.

And you know what? A majority of Americans (over 80%), even Republicans, support expanded background checks, over 60% of Americans endorse an assault weapon ban.
Cake? Someone get me the tea and a ticket back to my home in Boston, because what's going on in our government is taxation without representation.
Politicians need to see the light. Ideally, politicians need to be the light. For now, I could live with them just taking a step towards the light. 
Because in the darkness, there are dead children. 

It's the Bakers, on gun control reform and school safety | graphic designed by, featured on, and property of www.BakingInATornado.com | #MyGraphics #politics

I remain convinced of this: 
When it comes to gun reform and the safety of our children, it's not the cake. It's not the recipe, it's not the ingredients. It's the bakers.

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Summer Citrus Cake        

Printable Recipe

1 box lemon cake mix
1 (.1 oz) packet limeade drink mix powder
1 box (3 oz) orange jello
4 eggs
1 cup water
1/2 cup oil
1/4 cup lime yogurt
1/2 tsp lemon zest
1/2 tsp lime zest
1/2 tsp orange zest

2/3 cup powdered sugar
2 TBSP orange juice, lime juice, or lemon juice

*Grease and flour a bundt pan. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
*In a large mixing bowl, mix together the cake mix, limeade powder, and jello powder. Add the eggs, water, oil, orange zest, lime yogurt, lime zest, and lemon zest, and beat for 2 minutes.
*Pour evenly into the bundt pan. Bake until the center springs back to the touch, 35 to 40 minutes. 
*Cool cake on the counter for 10 minutes, run a knife around the edges, remove from the pan, and cool completely.
*Whisk together the powdered sugar and citrus juice of your choice. Drizzle over the cooled cake.


  1. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

    I have a question about your recipe. You list lime yogurt with the ingredients, but nowhere in the directions. I'm assuming it goes in with everything else?

    1. Thanks for catching that, I actually do edit, but missed it. I fixed the recipe, it goes in with the wet ingredients.

    2. In all the time I've been reading here, this is the first mistake I've seen. I think that's a pretty good ratio.

    3. You're way too kind, but I do appreciate you letting me know so I could get it fixed.

  2. I am really appreciatve of your logical response to her. Carol C

    1. She asked me to think about what she had to say, I'm grateful that she was willing to do the same when I answered her.

  3. Logic and reason can accomplish so much. If we simply turn off the rhetoric and do both.
    Our children are dying for us to do it.

    1. Exactly. The career politicians need to go, pretty much all of them, they're out of touch and devoid of compassion.

  4. Call us the bakers, or call us We the People, your interchange gives me some hope. Just some. I have cousins who are teachers, as does my husband. My boss' daughter is a teacher, as is the daughter of someone in a department that sat with us pre-COVID (only one of us has returned to the office so far). One of my cousins is a school psychologist. What we and they hear from them about what is going in in schools would make your hair stand up on end. It's unbelievable. One of them also said flat out "how could I kill someone who could have been one of my students?" Our politicians are so out of touch with their constituents you wonder what alternate universe they live in. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.om

    1. We the People aren't the bakers, we're the ones that the bakers are refusing to represent, lining their own pockets instead. And I don't think they're out of touch, they see the polls, I think they just don't care, put themselves above We the People. Sorry, there goes that hope . . .

  5. A cynical take from Denmark: This year in US of A school shootings so far killed 31, while abortions killed/will kill around 550,000. A murder is a murder no matter the age of the child.
    Ban guns, and ban abortions too. Sorry, but I am with Mother Teresa on this.

    1. Your number of ended pregnancies is a bit high according to what I'm seeing, and we have differing definitions of murder when it comes to a fetus, but I do understand your point of view. It's basically a religious one, there is supposed to be a clear separation of church and state in this country.

    2. As for the abortion numbers, I took the ones accesible, last one is 2019, and continued the (wonderful) downward tendency, so I think I'm nort far off the mark.
      And if thinking a life is a life is a life is religious, then yes, it's a religious viewpoint. We also have separation of church and state, and legal abortion, and the percentage here is only marginally lower. But the numbers of school shootings is one ever because of no guns allowed. We have stabbings (seldomly), but there's a limit to how many you can stab before you're overpowered.
      And I am with you all the way in putting the blame where it belongs ... the politicians!

    3. It is your premise that a woman's right to choose what happens in her body (including when she's been raped or when her life is at stake), is the same issue as buying an UZI and going into a school (or anywhere public), and killing living, breathing people is not something I agree with, they are very different issues completely. I understand your religious convictions, but they are not everyone’s.

    4. When I was young and did not believe in god or anything, I still thought abortion to be murder. And discussed often and much - and people really hating me because I was young, modern, and a girl, and still did not accept abortion as the solution - maybe if mom's life was in danger, then we could discuss how and why to try and make both survive. So for me, it's not religion ... for yes, a woman - and a man too - has the rigth to decide over thir own body. My only problem is that the little thing inside that woman's body is not her body, but somebody else's body.
      Just because there's greater evils, and in this case shootings ARE a greater (maybe bigger is the word) evil, does not make lesser evils right.
      Wo this was hard to write. I hope it is understandable, because even if I discussed this many times as a young one, it is the first time I do so in English.

  6. That cake looks good.
    I like that you were able to have a calm discussion with someone who had a different idea than you did. If more people were able to do that it would be great. So many discussions turn into toddler-like temper tantrums and it's so sad.

    1. Yes, a lot of emotion involved and it escalates. We both were willing to not only talk, but listen.

  7. How right you are. My point for years has been, pro-life or pro-choice, let's stop arguing and start making a world where women don't have to make the heart wrenching choice to end a pregnancy. Believing in climate change or not, let's start working on sustainability of a world where everyone has enough to meet their needs and we aren't destroying the planet. Want to own guns or not, let's make sure evil people who want to use them for horrible purposes don't get them.

    There are ways, and it means putting down all the ideas, all of them, and sorting and sifting and using the best of the best, no matter who came up with them. If the person you like the least comes up with the best idea, you go with it because it's the best idea.

    The yelling, the painting everyone who disagrees with you as a villain, the anger, the posturing, it's all a terrible show and it's destroying us and it's just plain wrong.

    My only hope is it's not too late.

    1. Very well said, Mimi. I think we could make progress if we were only able to take politicians out of the equation.

  8. I agree that there are a LOT of things that need to be done, and politics and money are the main reasons why they are not. What I don't agree with is ANYbody (not saying you did, I've fought this battle elsewhere) linking Guns and abortion, or guns and faith, or faith and politics, or any of the apples-to-oranges comparisons that do absolutely nothing but divide us and, as you said, push us into extremes.

    1. Agreed. Many people's stance on guns and abortion and politics are based on their faith, and I get that, but their personal faith based beliefs, although a valid guide to how they live their lives, has no place determining how we all live our lives and the laws by which we are governed.


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