Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Freddie and Jason and Spiders and Texts

 Freddie and Jason, ghosts and witches, spiders and bats. Ah, you gotta love Halloween. The holiday, the foods, the trick or treating, the costumes the stealthy stealing borrowing of kids' candy. So much of the holiday is predictable, yet still fun year after year.

One thing that changes, both as you and your kids get older is the meaning of "scary". I wrote a pretty serious post about the new scary, called It's NOT About Religion, Stupid, a few weeks ago.

Today I'm talking about another way that the meaning of "scary" has changed, and it's about technology.

No, I'm not afraid of technology. I may be inept, but I truly have embraced it. I did finally get a smart phone and although most of the features confound me and it has a mind of its own, I have to admit that I,  like everyone else, love texting. It's a great way to keep in touch in quick and easy snippets. Well, I try anyway. For my kids it's just another place to ignore mom.

Although they often "don't see" my texts, the boys do use them to contact me. In fact, it's their medium of choice due to the aforementioned quick and easy. For me, receiving their texts has become a whole new level of scary. Especially as the mom of boys who are always cryptic, giving me just enough info to be an electronic "BOO".

Freddie and Jason and Spiders and Texts: a humorous look at texting from a Halloween point of view | | #MyGraphics #Halloween

Examples? Here are some actual texts I've received. The first group was while the boys were both home, either in their high school days or over the summer:

*I'll be home late, gotta give a statement to the PoPo.

*From my son who was clothes shopping: 
I hope my credit card is in the wash.

*Bringing like 6 friends home for dinner and  we can't eat until after 8:30, it's Ramadan.

*This one from high school truly stopped my heart and is the epitome of not enough information:
There's a shooter.

*This one came in while I was in the grocery store:
Basement toilet overflowing. I had to leave for work.

Bloody Bandaid Sandwich: simple to make, fun to serve, the perfect way to start the day during Halloween season | Recipe developed by | #recipe #Halloween

Bloody Bandaid Sandwich

And these from when they were away at college:

*How do you get blood out of canvas?

*If you hear from the school about the bomb threat don't worry too much, I'm not in that building.

*Speed traps should be illegal. They're entrapment.

*How much would a new clothes dresser cost?

*After having avoided video chatting with me for 2 days, I got this text from PurDude:
OK, I'll video chat with you in an hour. When you see what I look like, please do not say anything.

I have to admit, spiders will always be at the top of my list of scary things, that'll never change, but these days texting is running a close second.

What scares you?

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Bloody Bandaid Sandwich
Printable Recipe
2 slices bread
3 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp red jelly
1 green gummy worm

*At an angle, so it's as long as possible, cut a strip about 1 inch thick out of the bread slices. Leave the crust on one end and cut the crust off of the other.
*From one of the leftover chunks of bread, cut a piece about  1/2 inches long and the same width as the strips.
*Cut 2 - 3 small slices of the green gummy worm.
*Gently toast the 2 long pieces of bread. Immediately spread with peanut butter. Using a knife or toothpick, score the peanut butter diagonally one way, then the other.
*Place the jelly on the smaller, untoasted piece of bread. Dot with the gummy pieces.
*Assemble the "bandaid" with the jelly covered piece in between the two slices of peanut butter toast.


  1. I love it (the sandwich not the texts). I would have a heart attack if I got texts like yours! Guess what it works!!!! I got your posts by email now ! I will never miss another. So I guess you don't me after all haha!

    1. Well, I did need you to clue me in to the fact that I'm actually sending something out!

  2. Gross! And Awesome at the same time. I could use those hotdog buns the kids always want me to buy and then never eat!!


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