Tuesday, October 6, 2015

University of Mom

I miss my boy. Truth is, it seems that nothing makes me happy. One son is in college 700 miles away and I can't stand how much I miss him. The other one is living at home again and I can't stand how much I miss missing him. {{Sigh}}.

Somewhere there has to be a happy medium, a middle ground, a compromise of some sort. 

So while I try to figure out how to get College Boy a little further away, I'm also trying to work out a way to get PurDude a little closer.

PurDude came very close to not going back to Purdue this year. He went through a devastating situation immediately followed by a heartbreaking loss last semester. It was all too much, for all of us. He applied for a transfer to our local university an hour away, where College Boy was going to school.

You'd think I'd be thrilled, right? Turned out not so much. Yes, I wanted him closer, but even though PurDude had been solicited into the honors program there, I really felt that he wouldn't get the caliber of education that he should have. Purdue is a better school for Computer Science. I was torn.

I made him an offer. One I thought he couldn't refuse. I hadn't quite figured out the dorm situation yet, but I did put together a list of class offerings. 

Welcome to the University of Mom.

University of Mom: Unique education for those who dare | www.BakingInATornado.com | #Halloween #MyGraphics

Real Holidays in American Culture: 
Fruitcake Toss Day, I Forgot Day, Bad Poetry Day, If Pets Had Thumbs Day, how many holiday celebrations are you missing out on? But the main focus of this class is one we already celebrate and the one it's really all about: Halloween.
*This course meets a history requirement or a sociology requirement.

Goo, Guck, and Fake Blood:
Making your own goo, guck and fake blood is a skill you can use through your entire life, not just on Halloween, but to get out of any task you choose to avoid. 
*This course meets a nutrition requirement or an art requirement.
The Freshman 15, Fact or Fiction:
Most students start college not realizing that they need to watch what they eat. In this class we'll explore strategies for making through the school year without ripping your pants.
*This course meets no requirements but the snacks are to die for.

Bloody Fingers Halloween Dinner: Simple ingredients made to look like a bloody hand for a fun and entertaining Halloween dinner, for a party or at home| Recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #Halloween

Bloody Fingers Halloween Dinner
Bloody Fingers Halloween Dinner: Simple ingredients made to look like a bloody hand for a fun and entertaining Halloween dinner, for a party or at home| Recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #Halloween

Siestas in Everyday Life: 
You are what you eat? No, you are what you sleep. Power naps: when to take them and how they relate to your future success.
Note: this course is designed to be taken in conjunction with "The Freshman 15, Fact or Fiction".
 Also Note: For all you party animals, this is "siestas" not "fiestas".
*This course meets a foreign language or a philosophy requirement.

When and When Not to Post: 
What will that future employer think of that FB picture of you with your underwear over your head? In this class we will explore social media scenarios as they pertain to your future.
*This course meets a business or a sociology requirement.

The Art of the Selfie: 
 All your pictures show the inside of your nose or the wax in your ears? Learn the art of taking a successful selfie.
Note: this course has a prerequisite. You must first take and pass "When and When Not to Post"
*This course can meet a business or an art requirement.

Hard to believe but my offer was rejected. Before I even had a chance to work out the housing situation. Maybe I better work on a scholarship program.

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Bloody Fingers Halloween Dinner

Printable Recipe
4 hot dogs and/or precooked sausage links 
1 mini hot dog
1 slice bread
black edible piping gel
6 - 8 slices deli roast beef

NOTE: you will need 5 toothpicks and a clear disposable glove

*Cut the bottoms of the hot dogs and/or sausages about 1 inch up in half and then cut each half in half. Be careful not to keep the strips attached to the hot dog.
*Make three thin shallow slices sideways on the hot dog in two separate places to resemble knuckles.
*Place the hot dogs and the mini hot dog onto a microwave safe plate and microwave for 1 1/2 minutes or until the color starts to change and the bottom pieces separate.
*Cut a very small piece off of the top of the hot dog, just to create a straight edge. push a toothpick down inside, close to the top, so it's sticking out about 1/4 inch.
*Cut the crust off of the bread. Cut 5 triangles out of the bread. The bottom should be approximately the width of the top of the hot dog. For length, it should approximate a fingernail.
*Toast the bread pieces. Remove and gently push the flat portion of each piece of toast into the toothpick at the top of the hot dog to look like a fingernail.
*Garnish around the fingernail with ketchup to look like blood.
*Pipe the black gel around the fingernail for definition.
*Tape the plastic glove "fingers" to the back of the glove. Fill the glove with the roast beef slices. Place under the hot dog fingers to resemble a hand. Squeeze ketchup over the bottoms of the hot dogs and the top of the glove.
NOTE: I do not serve the roast beef slices, I use them only for decoration, then discard.



  1. That is gross!! Of course, my kids would love it!!

    1. It might be the kid in me, but I kinda love it myself!

  2. I'm always looking for good recipes for my Halloween party with the grandkids. This one beats "Kitty-litter Cake" for grossness.

  3. I think your courses are brilliant! I love that you have a prerequisite to the Art of Selfie course. The picture is fabulous, pure yuk response!

    1. Yes, "yuck" is the response all cooks go for. . . well, this time of year anyway!

  4. That looks disgusting... in the best possible way. Sorry PurDude turned you down - I'd take your classes!

  5. I can't imagine having a child living so far away damn we complain at times that Kathy lives 25 minutes away yes I know only 25 minutes but at times it seems so far and we don't see her as often as we would like, by that we may only see her two or three times a week

    1. It really is difficult. I'm glad he's where he needs to be to get the best education he can, but I miss him so much.

  6. I can't imagine your university programs were turned down! What is this world coming to? I imagine students would be lined up! :)

  7. Finally a degree for me! Yay! Get my dorm ready!


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