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Use Your Words: When to Get Away With Murder

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I've always tried to take my responsibility as a moral compass for the boys very seriously. I hope that not just what I say but what I do is an example of how I hope they will choose to act.

But there's one instance, just one time, when my actions were not ones I chose for the boys to emulate. In fact, as much as I believe in honesty, I've kept this isolated incident a secret from them. I was unsure whether to even put this story into my blog post because . . . well, besides the legalities . . . it is something the boys can never know. 

But they don't read my blog so as long as you don't tell, I think it's fair to assume my secret is safe.

This happened many years ago when the boys were in middle school. Hubs was changing careers and I'd been keeping my eye out for a job I might like to do. Something not too stressful and that would have me home at a reasonable hour.

I'd found just the thing. An assistant to a VP at a local company known for treating employees well. I sent in my resume and was called in for an interview.

The day before my interview was laundry day. I had put it off all day and at around 4 pm was finally going to have to give in and get it started. That's when the phone rang.

It seems the VP had been called out of town the next day and wanted to know if I could come in now. Now? Who does that? I can't come in now. I have to do laundry. All I've got left for underwear is an old pair of granny panties and a bra held together with pins.

But, of course, I had to go.

The VP's office was lovely. What a great work environment. His secretary was friendly and kind. I knew we'd get along.

A short time later the secretary's phone rang. When she hung up she looked at me as she started to stand and said "I'm so sorry but I have to get to my son's soccer game. Make yourself comfortable, he says he'll be no more than 10 minutes."

When she left I took the opportunity to use the lady's room, wash my hands, fix my makeup, brush my hair, no toilet paper stuck to my shoe, good to go. I was back in the empty outer office no more than 2 minutes when he opened his door and brought me inside.

Now I'm not bragging, but I have to say that the interview went well. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. This one did. There were no inane questions, just discussion of what he needed in an assistant and what I had done that qualified me to meet those needs.

As I was leaving the room, feeling quite confident I might add, I turned to smile one last time. A parting reminder of my sparkling personality.

When I turned, I happened to see in the window behind him, a mirror-like image of myself. With the most cliche embarrassing moment on the planet. Yes, the back of my dress was tucked into my underwear. My big ugly laundry-day granny panties.

And I just snapped. How to get away with murder? That's just a tv show. But when to get away with murder? Well, he'd seen my ugly underwear. There's no going back. It's justifiable. Good thing the office building was empty 'cause I was gonna have to kill him.
Spaghetti Brains: A fun Halloween dinner presentation. Easy to follow directions. | Recipe developed by | #recipe #dinner #Halloween

Spaghetti Brains
Spaghetti Brains: A fun Halloween dinner presentation. Easy to follow directions. | Recipe developed by | #recipe #dinner #Halloween

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Spaghetti Brains
Printable Recipe
8 oz spaghetti
1 cup Homemade Marinara: Recipe HERE
1 cantaloupe
2 orange slices jellied candies
2 gummy lifesavers
2 mini M&Ms
1 2-inch piece of twizzler

NOTE: You will need 3 toothpicks
OPT: kitchen knife for presentation

*Make sure your cantaloupe can sit on a platter. If not, slice as little as possible off the bottom so it sits flat.
*Cut the top off of the cantaloupe and carefully remove the fruit. Be sure not to puncture the sides.
*Cut the toothpicks in half. Press a toothpick half, from the inside of the cantaloupe, into spots for the eyes and ears. Attach the orange jellied candies to the part of the toothpick sticking out to make ears. Do the same with the gummy life savers for eyes. Fill the inside of the eyes with mini M&Ms.
*Position the twizzler piece where you want the mouth and press into place with the remaining toothpick halves.
*Carefully, avoiding the toothpicks, line the inside of the cantaloupe with tin foil. 
*Cook the spaghetti according to package directions. Toss with the marinara. Place into the cantaloupe, making sure none of the tin foil shows.
*OPT: Place kitchen knife in the top for presentation.


  1. Sweet mother of funny. I cannot stop giggling! I love you. Let me eat this spaghetti, and then I'll help you bury the cantaloupe.... er umm body!!

  2. So funny and definitely justifiable! Nobody who sees the granny panties gets to live! Don't worry I know a good cop and a bad cop and they ain't tellin'!!

  3. adorable halloween food!!!! I came out of the bathroom at school like that, thankfully no one was around...I might have died if a student saw me...

  4. Another advantage of the days before electronic surveillance... you got away with it ;-)
    Oh man, it started out so well!

  5. I know EXACTLY why this has stayed hidden from the boys....because I know EXACTLY what my boys would continually bring up at all the wrong times if they had known this happened to me. LOL. Funny timing for this, though, because my second grader came outta school with her dress tucked into her tights.

  6. Funny story but OMG I would have DIED!

  7. That's hysterical! But you didn't tell us if you got the job or not!?!?!

  8. Bad way to lose a job. You could have bribed him with food to keep him quiet. But you would still have to face him every morning. I guess murder is the best.

  9. LOL, too funny! Yep, no choice in the matter, really.

  10. Oh man.....but, I mean.....self-defense and what not, right?

  11. You'll get no argument from here, that was totally justifiable. You certainly couldn't work for him once he'd seen your granny panties, that's just a level of intimacy you can't have with a boss...

  12. Replies
    1. That's OK, took some drastic measures, but situation is under control, LOL.

  13. After all that. Death over granny panties. LMAO!


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