Tuesday, September 27, 2016

An Elephant, Deodorant, and a Wedding Planner?

It's not just annoying, it's gotten scary, aggressive even. All those ads on pretty much anything we try to read these days. It started out subtle. You know, little boxes, subliminal messaging, a passive "click here" if you're interested. Everywhere. On social media, news articles, search engines . . .

Then it got frightening. Targeted ads. Check something out on a website and suddenly ads for that item show up everywhere. Visit an international web site to read an article and find ads for businesses in your home town. Yikes. I covered up my laptop camera with tape, closed the blinds, considered shopping under the covers but privacy? No such thing any more. Those marketers, they're everywhere. No way to run, nowhere to hide.

And now it's getting more and more aggressive too. From subtle messages on the sides of pages to eye popping, pop-ups to videos. Before you start reading is bad enough, but covering the page when you're in the middle of an article? What's next? I'm thinking someone's going to jump out of my laptop screen, grab me by the throat and shake my money out of me.

So, for the record, I'm paying attention. No need to jump through that screen. And really, you don't want to see me first thing in the morning sitting on the couch with my hair heading in all directions and makeup smeared over the bags under my eyes. For my sake, and yours, I'm willing to take a serious look. This is, apparently, what I need:

An Elephant, Deodorant and a Wedding Planner, a humorous look at what internet adds say we need | www.BakingInATornado.com | #MyGraphics #humor

~ to never have to shave again.
{{crossing band aids off of my shopping list}}

~ to adopt an elephant. 
{{adding peanuts to my shopping list}}

~ extra strength deodorant.
{{OK, now that's just mean}}

~ new dining room chairs.
{{wait. I like my dining room chairs. Picked out the fabric myself, as a matter or fact}}

~ a Red Robin burger.
{{I love burgers, but you should have hit me up earlier, I already made dinner}}

Slow Cooker Stuffed Turkey Tenderloins, turkey tenderloins stuffed and rolled, slow cooked in seasoned chicken broth for a flavorful dinner | Recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #slowcooker #dinner

Slow Cooker Stuffed Turkey Tenderloins

~ a wedding planner.
{{before or after I'll need a divorce lawyer?}}

~ a college degree.
{{another one?}}

~ invisalign. 
{{is that for your teeth or for your eyes? I can't remember. And I'm afraid to google it because that'll just encourage them. Sigh}}

~ a vacation.

~ Nutter Butters.
{{adding Nutter Butters to the shopping list. Maybe I better add 2 'cause . . . you know . . . the elephant . . .}}

That's my list. What do you need?

Baking In A Tornado signature | www.BakingInATornado.com | #MyGraphics

Slow Cooker Stuffed Turkey Tenderloins
Printable Recipe
turkey tenderloins (approximately 1 3/4#)
salt and pepper
6 slices proscuitto
1 1/4 cup dry Pepperidge Farm cornbread stuffing mix
1 3/4 cup chicken broth, divided
1/4 cup cranraisins

1 tsp dried tarragon
1 green onion, cleaned and sliced

1 TBSP cornstarch

NOTE: You will need butcher's twine and/or toothpicks

*Heat 3/4 cup chicken broth until hot. Place the stuffing mix in a large bowl with the hot chicken broth and cranraisins. Mix.
*Butterfly the tenderloins by slicing, lengthwise, into but not through about 1/2 of the way up from the cutting board. Leave the 2 halves attached. Roll open and lay flat. Cover with plastic wrap and press a rolling pin back and forth gently over the meat to flatten it as much as you can. Remove and discard the plastic wrap. Sprinkle the turkey with salt and pepper.
*Lay the slices of proscuitto onto the tenderloins. Place the stuffing into the center, lengthwise, then close and tie fairly tightly with butcher's twine. Tuck the ends in or pin them with toothpicks.
*Place the tenderloins into the slow cooker. Add the remaining 1 cup of chicken broth, tarragon and green onions. and cover.
*Cook on high for one hour. Carefully turn the meat, then lower the temperature and cook on low for four to five hours. Turkey must be completely cooked and reach 165 degrees.
*Remove tenderloins from the slow cooker. Tent with tin foil and allow to rest.
*Turn the slow cooker back up to high. Whisk the cornstarch with 1 TBSP cold water until smooth. Add to the slow cooker. Cook and stir until the sauce thickens. Strain, if desired.
*Carefully cut the twine off of the tenderloins. Slice and serve with sauce.


  1. This is such a pretty presentation of turkey tenderloin. Sounds yummy, the prosciutto and cranraisins add some savory sweet pizzazz.
    Too funny that target ads are becoming the literal elephant in the room for you! I keep getting people wanting to give me their winnings and a tactical light whatever that is.

  2. You're nicer than I am. I leave the page. Those things are a pain......

    1. If they pop up and stop me from what I'm doing, I leave. If it's on the side, I try to ignore it if I can.

  3. A post that made me shake my head, think what the hell, and do elephants need deodorant

  4. I need to always keep a sense of humor or at least strive to have one half as witty as yours!!! <3

  5. Bras. New clothes. A car. Red Robin. To shop at Target. A new car seat. Planner supplies. To shop at Michael's. Various different alcoholic beverages. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. I get a million different coffee ads.

  6. You nailed it. Been up for 24 hours - so too tired to write more (: except to say that is the best looking turkey tenderloin I have ever seen. I swear I am going to move close to you.

  7. Apparently I need to "grow my member" so I can "WOW the ladies!" Also, I have to plan, schedule and pay for travel for a few people in my department. Then when I'm done, I get all kinds of vacation ads and it just hammers in the point that I don't get to go places on the company dime! :(

    1. Sounds like those vacation ads are taunting you. Not what they'd intended, I bet.

  8. So very true...it's not easy or I must say impossible to hide oneself from those ads and the kind of "fears" they create within us...I feel insecure at times too...not sure where we are safe?

    Nice post, Karen...

    1. Not on the internet, that's for sure. Sites are able to get way too much information on what we do.


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