Friday, February 17, 2017

Fly on the Wall: Spagheeeeettaboutit

Welcome to a monthly Fly on the Wall group post. Today 9 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. At the end of my post you’ll find links to this month’s other participants’ posts.

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College Boy was home for dinner for a few days. He loves my Hearty Meat Sauce and asks for spaghetti all the time. The first night I had already made Crockpot Beef Shank Pea Soup. But I had some meat sauce in the freezer so I planned that for the second night.

College Boy: We're having spaghetti!
Me (teasing him even though I know he sees the sauce in the pan): No.
College Boy (teasing me back): Damn. I wanted Pea Soup again.
Me: No problem, I have leftover Pea Soup, so no spaghetti for you.
College Boy: You can't say "no spaghetti for you". You have to say "spagheeeeettaboutit".

Ba dum dum. 

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I was watching AM Joy on MSNBC and she was talking about the issue with KellyAnne Conway having promoted Ivanka Trumps clothing line from the White House. Joy misspoke stating that KellyAnne had been "canceled" then quickly corrected herself, "I mean counseled". 

I couldn't help myself. I tweeted "Ha Ha. Canceled. Freudian slip @amjoyshow? #AMJoy".

Imagine my shock when I went back to twitter later to see that President Trump had liked my tweet.

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Well, or not . . . looking at it closer I saw that, of course, it wasn't from either of the president's accounts. 

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PurDude was home for winter break (aka the fastest 3 weeks ever). I think part of the reason his vacations seem to fly for me is that even though he's home, I rarely see him. He sleeps until 2:00 or 3:00 pm, showers, goes to the gym, has dinner with us then goes out with friends or joins the family in the den where he promptly falls asleep on the couch. Nonetheless, I loved having him here.

The day came and he was headed back to school. I often send him back on a Saturday to give him one day leeway whether it be for travel issues (he has to take 2 planes and drive 1 1/2 hours) or just so he has a day to settle in, do laundry and shop or whatever before he starts classes on Monday.

So I got up on the Saturday morning when he'd be leaving and checked on the status of his flights. All was well. We went through the "mom rules for travel day". He has to text me when he boards his first flight, when he gets to his next gate, when he boards his second flight, when his luggage arrives, when he gets on the bus to his car, when his car starts and when he gets to his frat. I know it's a lot but it's a long day and I want to know where he is.

Hubs and PurDude were in the car to go to the airport when I checked one more time and yup, first flight late, he'd miss his connection. Long story short there was no way to get him to Indianapolis that day, they could book him on the same flights the next day. Giving him that one day leeway turned out to be a good strategy. He'd go back on Sunday (knock wood) and wouldn't miss any school.

And in the back of my mind I selfishly thought "yay, one more day to have him home." Just before he laid down on the couch and . . . you guessed it . . . fell asleep.

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While he was home I asked PurDude to be more in touch with me once he was back in school. I asked him to text me daily (no, I didn't think he'd text daily, but I would ask for everything and hope for something). But this past semester was extremely difficult and stressful and he barely had time to breathe. I didn't hear from him as much as I'd like, and mostly when I did talk to him he was completely exhausted. 

He dutifully smiled and nodded his head. Yes, it would be another difficult semester but he'd text me daily (I don't know about him, but even I didn't believe this).

And then he went back to school.

Monday: nothing.
Tuesday: nothing.
Wednesday: nothing.
Thursday: nothing. Fought off my extreme desire to text him, telling myself to wait for him.
Friday: nothing. I gave in and texted him.

Me: Ummm . . . hello?
PurDude: Hi.
Me: Have you met that guy who was going to text me daily?
PurDude: Yes, he said to tell you that he texted the required 7 times during his travels on Sunday, he's got 2 more days credit.

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We were expecting an ice storm and with that comes the possibility of losing electricity. I had Hubs bring lots of fire wood from the pile outside into the garage and asked him to go get a few more small flashlights. We had one big heavy duty one he'd bought at Lowes, but wanted a few smaller ones for each of us to use for up and down the stairs. I told him to just go to Walmart or Target for those.

He left and I was going to go shower but, of course, I can't shower when I send him out to do errands because I'll miss all of his phone calls. And right on cue my cell rings for the first time.

Me: What's up?
Hubs: I'm at Walgreens but they don't have any flashlights here.
Me: What are you doing at Walgreens?
Hubs: You told me to come here.
Me: OK, now go to the other Wal. You know, the one with m-a-r-t at the end of its name.

Better charge my phone, it's gonna be a long morning.

French Onion Brown Rice Casserole, a hearty side dish of rice and vegetables cooked with the flavors of French Onion Soup | Recipe developed by | #recipe #rice
French Onion Brown Rice Casserole

And you guessed it, my cell rings again.

Me: How's it going?
Hubs: I'm at Lowes.
Me (rolling my eyes even though he can't see me): Did they change their name to Lowesmart?
Hubs: Huh?
Me: Nothing, what's up?
Hubs: So they have these heavy duty high amp bla bla bla (he didn't say bla bla bla, that's just what I heard) . . .
Me: No. We have one heavy duty flashlight, I'm just looking for something small and light to keep us from walking into furniture or tripping on the stairs.
Hubs: But it's got bla bla amps and is made of bla bla bla and will last into the next millennium and . . .
Me: Let me put it this way, do you want to drive me to the hospital in the middle of an ice storm when I drop that thing on my foot?
Hubs: Oh, look at this little hand held plastic one. Even you couldn't hurt anything with this one.
Me: See ya soon!

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Hubs brought home the 2 new flashlights and they were perfect, small and easy to handle but with a bright light.

I'm watching the news a few hours later and they're warning there could well be power outages. I realize that I want the flashlights someplace handy. So I go looking for them. Are they under the kitchen sink where we keep the big one? No. On the desk in the kitchen? No. In the den? No. Office? No. Under the utility sink in the laundry room? No.

I'm standing there trying to figure out what obvious place I haven't looked before calling Hubs and asking where they are. In our laundry room we have 3 lockers where the kids keep their coats, shoes, sweatshirts and backpacks. The third locker I use now and then. Even though the boys aren't around as much, the lockers are still pretty full with whatever clothes they use when they're around. And there, in PurDude's locker, guess what I find. 'Cause if the lights go out, that's certainly the first place I'm going to go running for a flashlight. Or not.

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Me: Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow so we're in for 6 more weeks of winter.
College Boy: How do you know he saw his shadow? Maybe he didn't.
Me: I saw the video on the news.
College Boy: But Mom, haven't you heard? The news is fake. If you want to know the truth about whether there'll be another 6 weeks of winter, you need to check Trump's twitter account.
Me: #AlternativeFacts?

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I heard on the news before heading to bed one night last month that there was snow headed our way but the weathermen had predicted we'd get under an inch. When I woke up there was 3 inches on the ground and it was still coming down.

College Boy: It's snowing!
Me: Very observant of you.
College Boy: You know what that means, right?
Me: Ummm. No idea, but I'm afraid you're going to tell me.
College Boy: We're having spaghetti again.
Me: Huh?
College Boy: When it's a cold windy snowy day you always put a big pot of Hearty Meat Sauce on the stove.
Me: Spagheeeeettaboutit!

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It's Thursday night and this post publishes tomorrow. I only have 9 snippets. I always do 10. Don't get me wrong, about a million snippet-worthy circumstances presented themselves this month, I just did a bad job of getting them into this document. Now what am I gonna do?

Me: Hun . . . can you go to the store for me?
Hubs: Sure, what do you need?
Me: Well . . . I don't really need anything . . . I just need you to go to the store for me. You see, I have this blog post due tomorrow . . .

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French Onion Brown Rice Casserole
Printable Recipe
1 small bunch broccoli florets, cleaned and cut into small pieces
2 cups cooked brown rice
1 can French Onion Soup
1/4 cup milk 
salt and pepper to taste 
4 oz mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
1 1/4 cups shredded sharp cheddar, divided
1/4 cup french fried onions

*Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease an 8 X 8 casserole dish.
*Steam the broccoli until just barely cooked, about 2 minutes in the microwave.
*Place the cooked rice into a large bowl. Mix in the onion soup, milk, salt and pepper. Once well mixed, add the mushrooms, broccoli and 1 cup of the cheddar cheese.
*Place into the greased casserole dish. Sprinkle with the remaining cheddar cheese. Crush the french fried onions onto the top. Cover with foil.
*Bake for 1/2 hour. Remove the foil and bake for another 10 minutes or until the casserole is bubbly hot.


  1. My husband does the same thing. I can send him to the store and can guarantee he will call me at least three times!

  2. "Canceled", "counseled" - same thing, no?
    I think the Donald's Twitter is RealDonaldTrump, probably as opposed to FakeDonaldTrump ;-)
    Hahaha, what a brilliant idea to send your hubby to go shopping. Guaranteed blog fodder!!!
    Happy Friday!

    1. Yes, I've seen Donald's real twitter account. I read it when I want my blood pressure to soar . . . which is pretty much never . . .

  3. My eldest son and his family come to family activities and he disappears. Fortunately, his wife and four kids all stick around and join in the visiting. We find him later, curled up somewhere. Sleeping.
    Just to warn you. This behaviour may never change . . . :)

  4. So many clever comments here, it's hard to pick just one favorite. The title is perfect, and the Trump tweets/fake news cracked me up because it's SOOO TRUE, especially after watching that horror show of a news conference yesterday. But what made me smile the most was the hubs shopping/calling/flash light story. My gawd, our husbands must be twins. I give Mac a shopping list and he STILL calls to ask stupid questions. I can't bitch though since he's doing me a favor, LOL. And what is it with men and their fascination with flash lights?? Sheesh...... :)

    1. Honestly, every time he goes to the store I have to either shower before he goes or after he gets back. I'm afraid if I'm not there to answer his call he'll just buy the whole aisle and bring it home for me to see.

  5. How did parents survive before mobile phones and texting, I really don't remember, I think we worried more just like we worry when they don't text

    1. Yes, I think my Mom had to be way more worried about me out on the roads than I am knowing my boys have cell phones.

  6. Cancelled? I hadn't heard that one. If only.... Alana

    1. Yes, if only. But she may be on her way out anyway. One show has actually banned her, she's making herself irrelevant.

  7. I like ParDude's logic on texting. I was looking for your meat sauce recipe -- you put a carrot out there and I was trying to bite it. I love my sauce but always looking for ways to improve. P S When are you going to stop sending your husband to the store? How many eye rolls do you get in a month? :)

    1. I don't know why you can't find my Hearty Meat Sauce recipe, there's a link right here in the post where I'm talking about it and I just clicked on it myself, it works.

  8. I'm sorry but the 7 text credits with 2 more days just cracked me up! Is he studying to be a lawyer?

    1. Well, not that I know of. I think he might be minoring in "dealing with a wacky mom."


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