Friday, June 21, 2019

Hot Oil and Naked Girls: Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a monthly Fly on the Wall group post. Today 6 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. At the end of my post you’ll find links to this month’s other participants’ posts.

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Sometimes I wonder how PurDude ended up so damn literal, then other times I'm reminded of exactly how.

The Red Sox had played an afternoon game, which I had watched. Hubs came home from work:

Hubs: I saw on my ESPN app that the Red Sox played a game this afternoon, did you know that? They killed the Blue Jays.
Me: There wasn't a game, there was a home run derby.
Hubs: No, they don't do those other than at the All Star games mid-season.
Me: Think about what I'm saying, what was the score?
Hubs: It was like 12 - 2.
Me: Yes, I saw it on TV. It was a home run derby.
Hubs: Then how was there a final game score?
Me (rolling my eyes so hard I can hear them rattling): Think about what I'm telling you. It was a home run derby.

Hubs starts to talk but I walk away thinking, you know, that I may need my eyeballs for another day or something.

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It has been raining. I'm mean really raining. Constantly, consistently, never ending wet, soggy, sloshy rain.

It's been raining so much that even the ducks are crossing the road to get to the other side.

Ducks crossing the road in the rain | Picture taken by and property of

Before you tell me how horrible my picture taking skills are, let me say that it was dark, I couldn't control the rain drops, obviously, and (I was safely at a stop, btw) I was trying to take the picture in between passing cars that blocked my view. 

But this first picture I tried to take of the ducks? Well, I've got no good excuse for this one:

Picture taken by and property of

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We didn't grow up in the cell phone generation, Hubs and I, so it's been an adjustment. I spoke before about how, when Hubs first got his, he couldn't text. Either I'd have to take his phone and respond to texts for him or, if he wasn't home, he would call me, tell me what the boys had texted to him and then text back his answer from my cell. Ugh.

Those were the days of flip phones. Now, of course, texting is so much easier and he's able to do it (yay, progress). But now also, we have to tap the screen to use the phone. If I'm sitting with him watching TV, I often hear knocking noises. I look over and Hubs is banging on his cell.

Me: What are you doing?
Hubs: Checking my phone.
Me: You just need to tap it.
Hubs: I am.
Me: Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if that thing got a restraining order.

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We were all sitting in the den watching the Red Sox. It was just the first inning when it looked like when the batter hit the ball, it hit our pitcher.

Me: Oh no, that ball hit the pitcher. He hit the pitcher.

{{silence}}, everyone's busy on their cells.

Me: Did you see that? It's the first inning and the manager is out on the mound talking to the pitcher. He could come out, this is awful.


A few minutes later Hubs looks up and sees the pitcher coming out.

Hubs: Hey, what's going on? 
Me: I told you. No one listens to me. You're too busy beating the crap out of your phone.

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Another day and Hubs and I had just finished dinner. The Bruins were playing for the Stanley Cup but the basketball finals were on too. I haven't been interested in the basketball playoffs since the Celtics were eliminated so I stayed upstairs to watch the Bruins while Hubs took his dessert on a plate and went down to the man cave to switch back and forth between games.

It wasn't until hours later, in the 3rd period that Hubs came up to stick his plate in the dishwasher.

Hubs (peeking up the stairs): So, the Bruins tied the game.
Me: Yes, I was pretty pissed off through most of this game.
Hubs: I know, I could hear you screaming at the TV all the way downstairs.
Me: Is that why it took you 2 hours to come up and wash your plate.
Hubs: Well, yeah.
Me: What if they never tied it up, would you have sat in the basement with your dirty plate until tomorrow.
Hubs: You know I would.
Me: Jeez, I didn't know I was that scary.
College Boy (walking into the room): Well, I could have told you that.

Grilled Portobello Skewers, vegetables are marinated in a red wine vinaigrette, skewered and grilled. Serve over brown rice for a meatless dinner. | Recipe developed by | #recipe #grilling

Grilled Portobello Skewers
Grilled Portobello Skewers, vegetables are marinated in a red wine vinaigrette, skewered and grilled. Serve over brown rice for a meatless dinner. | Recipe developed by | #recipe #grilling

My Pinterest account really seems to be heating up. Which, initially, would make me happy. Until I went and looked. These are actual words that actually came out of my mouth:

Me: Oh good, naked girls are following me on Pinterest.
College Boy: Seems like your fan base.
Me: No, it's bad enough when hot oil splatters on you when you've got clothes on, no way would naked girls be a messy baker's fan base.

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Me: What the hell is "eye-ass"?
Hubs: What? You OK? Do I need to get you to a hospital?
Me: No, I'm writing my Longer Days poem for the Monthly Poetry Group.
Hubs: Okay????
Me: I needed help with a rhyme so I googled it and among the options is "eyass". What the hell is that?
Hubs: No clue.
Me: And how the hell does that rhyme with "nights". Words that rhyme with nights are bites, lights, sites, tights . . . and eyass? 
Hubs: I'm sure you're not reading that right, maybe poetry is too taxing for you, why don't you lay down for a while. 
Me (getting frustrated): Lay down? Me? I'm not the one who says eyass rhymes with nights. Maybe google should lay down.
Hubs just looks at me silently.
Me: I think I'll go lay down.

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PurDude got a new car. He and Hubs were driving it back from the dealer to our house. Hubs called from the car.

Hubs: We got it, we're on our way.
Me: He must be so happy.
Hubs: He is, but let me tell you, this is a really fast car.
PurDude (yelling in the background): Don't tell mom that!!
Me: Ask him how he was going to hide that from me.

The next day I spent the day looking into insurance for him. Then I texted him:

Me: I got an insurance quote that's as high monthly as your car payment. Haven't been able to find out how long you have to get the car insured so you really need to drive it as little as possible until we get insurance.
PurDude: {{silence}}
Me: Not gonna happen, right?
PurDude: Nope.
Me: Oh good, I needed something else to worry about.

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Another day and PurDude and I were watching the Red Sox again (yeah, we do that often) while I was making dinner. A commercial came on for free Taco Bell tacos, something to do with the NBA playoffs.

PurDude: Oh, we should go get free tacos.
Me: I don't like Taco Bell.
PurDude: Me either.
Me {{blink, blink}}: If you don't like it, why do you want to go?
PurDude: Well, free.
Me: If I said I would give you diarrhea for free would you drive over here for dinner.
PurDude: Point made.

Phew, in retrospect I really opened myself up on that one, was afraid of what he COULD have said about my cooking . . . 

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Same day, we were still watching the game when I sneezed. He didn't say anything. 

Me: "Bless you" is what you're supposed to say.
PurDude: Love you, Ma.

I'll take that over a "bless you" any day.

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Grilled Portobello Skewers

12 oz thick sliced portobellos
1/2 pint cherry or grape tomatoes
1 zucchini, sliced
1 red pepper, cleaned and chopped into about 1" pieces
1/4 red onion, peeled and pulled apart into individual scales

6 TBSP red wine vinegar
3 TBSP olive oil 
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 tsp minced ginger
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper

OPT: brown rice for serving

*Carefully place all of the vegetables into a sealable bag. You want to be sure the portobello slices don't break.

*Whisk together the red wine vinegar, olive oil, minced garlic, minced ginger, salt and pepper. Pour into the bag and refrigerate, turning once, for 2 hours.
*Remove the vegetables from the marinade. Lay them all flat and carefully push the skewers through the vegetables, with all of the vegetable options on each skewer.
*Heat your grill to medium. Place the skewers on the grill. Grill for about 5 minutes per side. The vegetables should soften. 
OPT: Serve over brown rice.


  1. The diarrhea comment had me LOLing! I love portobello mushrooms--the recipe sounds yummy.

    1. Glad to have started your weekend with a laugh. I love portobellos too, hope you try this recipe.

  2. Okay, Karen. There's no Fly contest, but if there were, you'd have won it this month. You made me laugh out loud - something that isn't that easy too accomplish! (I'm sort of a silent snorter.) Great post.

  3. The "banging on the phone" part - what is it with middle aged men and phones? Do they feel they need to beat the phones into submission? Don't know, but I do know that portobello skewer just got pinned onto my "Skinny One Day" board, no girls or oil included. I would, personally, mix the brown rice with cauliflower rice, but that's me and I'm weird. Alana

    1. No, not weird at all, I think brown rice mixed with cauliflower rice sounds great. Someone else mentioned serving it over couscous and I think that would be a great option too.

  4. Banging on the phone, hub bangs his keyboard to the computer. AND wonders why it doesn't work. Men!
    You are serious about your sports! Scary mean mom LOL but hey when it's hockey or football SCREAM all ya want. I know nothing about baseball.

    1. Not serious about spots in general, just Boston teams. Hubs and PurDude will watch any sports but if Boston isn't playing, I'm outa there.

  5. The title of this post cracks me up! I have several 'sexy' blogs following me on Bloglovin'. Tried to delete them, but can't.

    1. I tried too, even contacted bliglovin a number of times and they would delete them but it was too tedious. Asked over and over for them to come up with a way for blog owners to delete followers but it never happened so I just stopped going to nloglivin.

  6. What is it with men and banging things? I even see it with little boys. Basically we haven't had rain since March and it is scary for a rain forest. I'm tired of summer -- as it is the one season I don't like anyway. Can you send us some rain?

    1. Yeah, it's a male thing, don't know why but it is. And I'd be more than happy to send you some rain. Wonder if UPS will deliver it.

  7. Poems are hard to hard, but they make for great conversations.

    1. I don't know about mine, but some of them do. Probably the ones that don't use eyass.

  8. Those skewers look good. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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