Monday, October 11, 2021

They Say It's My Birthday: Poetry Monday


Apple Blackberry Cornbread Crumble: Apples are paired with blackberries and baked with a crunchy cornbread crumble topping. | Recipe developed by | #recipe #dessert

Poetry Monday's once a week.
I bet you know which day.
I don't participate every time,
But today I've come out to play.

My friends assign each week a theme,
Throw a Party's what they chose.
Now it's up to all of us,
to put our thoughts into prose.
They Say It's My Birthday
When my kids were young I would
throw a party for most everything.
So much fun to watch as they'd,
play and laugh and sing.
Valentine's Day's a party "must",
it's about love, as you recall.
Crafts and games and friends galore,
with a sweet sugar rush for all.
Father's Day party's to honor
all the men we hold dear.
Now it's much more bittersweet,
miss loved ones no longer here.

Labor Day parties meant cook out.
Another on Memorial Day too.
One celebrated the start of school,
the other meant they were through.
New Year's Day we'd host a brunch,
an open house all day.
I'd cook and bake, more than 40 guests,
I'd have it no other way.
The Halloween party's just the end,
the build up's half the fun.
Party planning starts, you know
way back on October one.

But birthdays, when your kids are young,
there's just no bigger event.
Pizza, skating, even archery,
but worth every penny spent.

And always there were party foods.
Including, of course, a cake.
Loved to see their eyes light up,
when presenting what I'd make.

Funny thing about kids, you know.
ALL birthdays require you bake.
So even when my own came around,
THEIR favorite cake, I'd have to make.

But as I age I much prefer,
not to fuss so much for me.
Yesterday on my birthday, relaxed
with a crumble and a cup of coffee.
Apple Blackberry Cornbread Crumble: Apples are paired with blackberries and baked with a crunchy cornbread crumble topping. | Recipe developed by | #recipe #dessert
Apple Blackberry Cornbread Crumble
Sing it with me:
It's my party and I'll bake what I want to,
bake what I want to, bake what I want to.
You'd fuss less too, 
if it worked well for you.
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Apple Blackberry Cornbread Crumble         

Printable Recipe

1 refrigerated or frozen pie crust
6 apples of your choice, peeled, cored, and sliced
6 oz blackberries, rinsed, well drained, and halved
2 TBSP flour
2/3 cups sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp dried ginger

1/3 cup flour
3 TBSP cornmeal
1 TBSP sugar
5 TBSP cold butter, chopped

*Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Line your lower oven rack with tin foil in case of spillage.
*Prepare the bottom crust as per package directions for a baked pie.
*Place the apples and blackberries in a bowl. Add the 2 TBSP flour, 2/3 cup sugar, salt, cinnamon, and ginger and gently mix. Arrange evenly in the prepared crust.
*Mix together the remaining 1/3 cup flour, cornmeal, and the remaining 1 TBSP sugar. Cut the cold butter into the dry ingredients to create a crumble, then cover the pie with this topping.
*Bake for 45 minutes. Serve warm or at room temperature.



  1. You always put a smile on my face. :)

  2. Your recipe sounds lovely. I've never thought about using corn meal in a topping.

    (I hope that some day someone ELSE bakes you what you want for your birthday.)

    1. None of the men I live with will bake me anything, but they'd buy me a cake.

  3. We use to have some awesome family parties not now though

    1. No, it's been over a year since it's been safe to have people in and out of each others' houses.

  4. I'd cry if I had to give a party. I'm not at all an entertainer and as I get older I just don't like a lot of fuss or pressure. But that pie sounds so yummy. I just made an apple/pear/blackberry crisp but apple season isn't done yet. Alana

    1. Wow, sounds like we were thinking along the same lines.

  5. You always make me hungry. That's a lot of parties.

    1. Best way to get a lot of families together and have a good time.

  6. Wishing you many happy returns of the day, and a crumble if you want it!

  7. Happy birthday ... a crumble is the best! Now I want one too :)

  8. I absolutely love feeding people! Our parties have been non-existent for well over a year as well. We've managed a few very, very small (us and one other couple) lunches in the back yard. It's almost as good...
    This last birthday, Husby asked me to make his favourite cake. Explain to me again how this works?!
    Brilliant poem. I'll slap it down on the counter the next time he asks! 😁🤪

    1. Sometimes they're so thoughtful, then other times they seem to be completely obtuse!


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