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Sincerely Sarah: One Step Forward

I'm honored again today to publish an ongoing piece of fiction. This is the fourth Progressive Story Project, each a very different story but all written by multiple authors. All participating bloggers add their voice to the story, collaboratively building a unique but cohesive story. It's a challenge, but it's also a lot of fun, both to write and to read.

Sincerely Sarah, a Progressive Story Project: One cohesive piece of fiction written by multiple bloggers, each contributing their voice to the story | brought to you by www.BakingInATornado.com | #MyGraphics #fiction #blogging

To the top right of all segments of each chapter you'll find the name of the author of that section and a link to their blog. Please take some time to stop by and check out their blogs, my friends are talented, thoughtful and amusing writers.

The story featured today was started last week. Be sure you read that chapter before moving on to today's post: Sincerely Sarah: Set the Course

And don't forget to come back next week for chapter three of Sincerely Sarah. 

Chapter Two: One Step Forward

She wanted to become a full partner and she had forgotten that for a while . She had been too busy trying to advance HIS career. Well, enough of that. She was going to go straight to the top and she was going to do it by herself.

She knew that Declan was interested in her too, but she wasn't interested in anything and the more she thought about it the happier she became. Who needed Parker or Declan? 

This is what she had repeated to herself over and over on the ride up in the elevator and by the time the doors had opened she was back in control. It had been a few weeks since their breakup and she was getting stronger every single day.

She had the trial of the year to keep her company at night for the next few years and if that didn't make her a partner she might consider switching firms. Getting a fresh start. Either way, when this trial was over she had promised herself that she would take 3 weeks off and go somewhere. Anywhere she wanted, all by herself.

Doing exactly what she wanted when she wanted with nobody to answer to. That is what had gotten her through these last few weeks and it was enough.

She walked into her office and slammed the door. Time to get down to work. She had to be in court at 9 and wanted to go over her notes. Today she would interview the Doctor himself. it was charged that he had left a scalpel inside the abdomen of his patient during surgery. The patient, Sarah's client, was suing him and the hospital for over a million dollars for gross negligence.

She would make a small fortune for the settlement. It wasn't a case of if but of how much and when. It had taken two surgeries and 18 months for her client to get healthy again. She could almost feel sorry for the doc if it had been an isolated incident. Accidents happen, but this guy had a record of complaints dating back years. No more, part of the demands would be for his license to practice to be revoked. 

Karen of Baking In A Tornado

Segments. That's how she'd thought of her life. There was work, kept separated in her thoughts from relationships, kept separated from personal hopes and desires.

No more.

She had done some soul searching since her marriage ended and she'd walked away from the relationship with Parker. The key to the life she wanted was to integrate it all together, to become one person not many. And she was working hard towards that end.

Sarah was on track with work. She would fight for partner and this case could well be that path. And she would have a relationship eventually too, but organically. One that grew, not one searched out. It would be a connection that allowed her to be exactly who she is, not one based on who she feels her significant other wants her to be. It would have to be with someone who could respect her career, her desire for a family, and could support the time constraints inherent in the life she's chosen.

For today, she was off to court.

And later today she was trying again, IVF.

She was actually happy her marriage had ended when they found out she was infertile, before options were explored. Because her eyes were open to who her husband really was. Yes, he was a partner in a law firm and therefore understood the long hours of a lawyer. But she saw his true character when they hit their first real emotional snag. He moved on. Now she was too.

She was trying again. Maybe one way or another this would be the last time. But then again, maybe not. It would be her choice. Her life, her career, her family . . . or not . . . but it was all in her hands. 

 The questioning with the defendant, Dr. Taylor, went better than she expected. Previously he had tried to blame the OR nurse who was supposed to count all the instruments before he irrigated and closed the field. Not today, though. He admitted that he couldn't be 100% sure to have double-checked himself, and he apologized to the patient.

Wow, this was a first!

Throughout her career, Sarah had been dealing with medical people many times and it always came down to the doctors protecting each other and blaming either faulty equipment or the nurses. 

She felt a newfound respect for this occupation group in general, and for her "opponent" in particular.

Maybe this is why, upon walking into the sushi bar for lunch, she asked permission to sit next to Dr. Taylor. Or maybe it was either this seat or no seat ;-)

Rule #1 for every lawyer is not to socialize with anybody who is involved in an ongoing trial.

"That was a gutsy thing you did today" she said to him, appreciatively.

"Yeah well, there comes a point in life when you have to look in the mirror, face reality and stop covering up mistakes", he said. "I have been thinking about this for a long time, and I'm ready to move on. Losing my license isn't the end of the world. Although I am glad that my Dad won't have to be part of it. He was so proud of my becoming a doctor. He passed away last year. I couldn't be there for him because I was called in for an emergency surgery that lasted all through the night. Your client's surgery was the next day. I didn't get any sleep. I wasn't quite myself. Not that this is an excuse."

She couldn't get the words out of her head all afternoon.

Look in the mirror, face reality.

What has she been doing with her life?

Lydia of Cluttered Genius

As the end of the day approached and the others in the firm were planning to head to the bar to drink away the day's stress, Sarah listened to the buzz of their conversation. Her appointment was at 4:30, and she was hurrying to gather a few files so she could prepare for the next day in court while the procedure was going on.

She didn't hear Parker walk in when he started to talk.

"Hey there," he said, quietly tapping on the door. "I hear your day in court went better than you expected."

Sarah's throat went dry. She didn't want to deal with him today. "Um, yes. Great," she said quickly and without looking up.

"That's wonderful. I know how much it can change the course of a case if the defendant actually tells the truth!" Parker's face broke out into a huge - yet extremely forced - grin. When Sarah didn't respond and just kept shuffling papers on her desk, Parker continued. "So, we're all headed out ot McKendrick's for Happy Hour. Maybe you'd like to go for a celebration cocktail? I mean, I know how much you . . . "

Before he could finish, Sarah had her bag on her shoulder and was walking past him.

"No thanks," she said, "I have plans this afternoon." She brushed past him and hurried out of the law office. There was a spring to her step as he watched her go.

The elevator doors closed and Sarah let out the breath she'd been holding. She couldn't believe she'd made it through the first day back AND a kind-of conversation with Parker. She could do this. She could be strong.

Her cell rang. It was her doctor's office. "Sarah, we're going to have to cancel for today. We've had an unforeseen emergency and Dr. Gregory is going to have to be out of the office for the remainder of the day."

Disappointed, Sarah stood and waited when the elevator doors opened. Several from her office were congregated at the door of the building laughing and chatting as they waited for others to make the walk down the block to McKendrick's.

With a deep breath Sarah walked up to Ginger and Irene, law assistants with the firm. "Hey ladies - would you mind if I tagged along to the bar?"

Progressive Story Projects: One cohesive piece of fiction written by multiple bloggers, each contributing their voice to the story | brought to you by www.BakingInATornado.com | #MyGraphics #fiction #blogging

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    1. So happy to share this with everyone. Can't wait to share the next chapter next week.

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