Friday, May 24, 2019

Have a Nude Day: Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a monthly Fly on the Wall group post. Today 6 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. At the end of my post you’ll find links to this month’s other participants’ posts.

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Always check your caller ID, friends.

Hubs went out to fill our propane tank. We don't do those drop one off and take another stations because we did it once and the tank caught fire. 

My cell phone rings and he tells me the gas station we usually go to has changed hands and doesn't sell propane. I tell him someplace else to try.

My cell phone rings and he tells me the second place doesn't have anyone on staff today who can do the propane. I tell him someplace else to try.

My cell phone rings and he tells me that the third place won't fill our tank because they only fill tanks 10 years old and newer and ours is 11 years old. I tell him someplace else to try.

My cell phone rings and he tells me that at the fourth place the two guys ahead of him got propane and when it was his turn, they ran out. I told him he was a propane jinx and to just come home. He's noncommittal, I can tell he doesn't want to give up.

My cell phone rings and I've had it. I pick it up and yell "JUST COME HOME"! Which would have been understandable if it had been Hubs on the phone.

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The Red Sox have been having a pretty miserable start to their season {{sob}}. Since I don't live on the East Coast, even though I do have MLB channel, I don't get many games on TV so I often have to stream the games to my laptop and hook the laptop up to the TV. Usually it's just me since Hubs is often at work when they're on.

Hubs (on a Saturday afternoon): Are you going to stream the game?
Me: I really don't know. They're killing me this year.
Hubs: Let's watch, it's raining out, we're not doing anything else.

We watched and they won. Next day, same thing happened.

Me: I think you're their good luck charm.
Hubs: Maybe.

Later that week I text Hubs at work:

Me: Can you come home right now?
Hubs: What's wrong? Did the sump pump back up again? You locked out of the house again? Dead mouse in the garage again? What's going on?
Me: The Red Sox are playing a day game.

Yeah, he was thrilled with me.

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So that Saturday when Hubs had first talked me into streaming the game, I'm sitting there watching it with him. 

Me: Oh my G-d. What the hell? That's not possible. Holy crap.
Hubs: What's the matter?
Me: Did you hear what the announcer just said about that player?
Hubs: What do you mean?
Me: The announcer said that he was activated off the IL (injured list) after the castrating he suffered in spring training.
Hubs (looking at me like I'm nuts, which is debatable): He was activated off the IL after the calf strain he suffered in spring training. Calf strain, not castrating.
Me (in my best Roseanne Rosannadanna voice): Never mind.

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I've talked before about these "bot" comments left on my blog. Well, they try to, I have comment moderation so I delete them before they get there. It's aggravating though because they leave at least 15 of them a day in moderation for me to review and delete. Sometimes they make no sense as it's clear they aren't being written by anyone who speaks English. 

Sometimes, though, I wonder if they have a hidden camera in my home. The other day I was having a really bad day when I went into my comments awaiting moderation, and found this one:

"Keep functioning".

Ah, yeah, thanks, I needed that.

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Poor PurDude innocently walked in the front door a few weeks ago and I, exhausted from lack of sleep, pounced the minute he made it in the door.

Me (angrily): You just about gave me a heart attack last night.
PurDude: What?
Me: Whenever my cell phone dings with a text between 1:00 am and 3:00 am, something is always really wrong with you . . . a broken leg, in the hospital, car broke down, frat chef died . . .
PurDude: And ?
Me: So when my cell dinged with a text last night at 1:40 am, I had a heart attack worrying what you were going to tell me now.
PurDude: But it wasn't me.
Me: I know, it was a friend back home, but I still had a heart attack worrying about you until I got my phone and got that message opened.
PurDude: Ummm . . . sorry?

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Cookies and Creme Bars

You may be aware that it was Mother's Day a few weeks ago. My boys rarely buy cards, they're getting better at it, but it's rare. So I was surprised on Mother's Day, when College Boy handed me a card.

Me: You got me a card!
College Boy: I did.
Me (looking at the envelope, which looks a little worse for the wear): And you folded it up and rolled it in a ball. 
College Boy: Happy Mother's Day.
Me: I'm kidding. I'm grateful . . .  but I'm afraid to open it. Is it mean?
College Boy: Would I be mean to you, old woman?
Me: Well, yeah.

I open the card and it's actually a sweet card. And he even wrote a message inside: "You're my favorite Mom". Given the size of the field (one), I'm not sure that's as large a compliment as it seems, but I'll take what I can get.

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I often share my autocorrect issues here in this post not just because they're funny (well, in an embarrassing way) but as a cautionary tale. Check those messages before you send them friends.

A friend had sent me a message the day after Mother's Day wishing me a happy Mother's Day and saying that she hoped I'd done something fun. 

I responded wishing her a happy Mother's Day as well and telling her that I hoped she had a nice day too. Unfortunately I sent the message before reread it. What I actually said was: "Happy Mother's Day. Hope you had a nude day too." 

Oy. Perfect.

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Hubs: You know what I forgot to do yesterday?
Me: No.
Hubs: I remembered on my way to work.
Me: What.
Hubs: I forgot to shave. 
Me: Oh, well, it was casual Friday.
Hubs: Yeah, that may be taking casual Friday to a new level.
Me (looking at my legs): Well, it could be worse, my legs have been having casual Friday since last September.

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I had the TV on last weekend and Joy Reid said something I just loved. I knew I was going to steal it and use it one day.

I was talking to a friend who has a toddler and that toddler was being a toddler. She was trying so hard to get through to him, stating the rules, explaining why it's for safety, and on and on. But he was defying her at every turn. 

Lisa: I'm trying so hard to be calm, consistent, I just can't get through to him. 
Me: Oh honey, that's because you're playing by the Marquess de Queensberry Rules and he's playing Whack a Mole (thank you Joy Reid).

Of course she laughed and I could tell some of the tension was relieved.

And I am so using that again. Every chance I get.

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It's lilac season, and I adore lilacs. Each year I can't wait until mine bloom on the side of the house. I always bring some in to put in a vase on the kitchen counter. The whole family have allergies and the lilacs definitely make it a lot worse, but they're beautiful, and they're only out for a short time.

Me: It's lilac season, you know what that means right?
College Boy: You hate me.

Wasn't really what I was getting at . . .

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Cookies and Creme Bars

1 1/2 cups chocolate graham cracker crumbs
4 oz butter, melted 
12 chocolate cookies (I use Dark Chocolate Fudge Stripe)
1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
1 box Cookies and Creme pudding mix
1/2 cup milk

Whipped cream for serving

*Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease an 8 X 11 baking dish.
*Mix together the chocolate graham cracker crumbs and melted butter. Press into the bottom of the baking dish.
*Crush the chocolate cookies to small chunks. Set about 1/3 of the chunks aside.
*Whisk together the sweetened condensed milk, pudding mix and milk until well mixed. Add in 2/3 of the cookie crumbs. Pour into prepared crust.
*Bake for 25 minutes until set. Allow to cool completely. Cut in half lengthwise, then into bars (about 8 cuts along the width should give you a total of 18 bars). Refrigerate.
*Serve dotted with whipped cream and sprinkled with the remaining 1/3 of the cookie crumbs.


  1. Love the part about you hubs calling you repeatedly. I have the same issue here--if I send my guy out on an errand, he calls a gazillion times to ask stupid questions. Very annoying but I have to bite my tongue and remember that he's doing me a favor, LOL. It's a wonder I have any tongue left....

    1. Sometimes I wonder if it would take less time and energy just to do the errand myself.

  2. Your kids are just like mine! Part pain in the ass and part love of my life. Different parts for different days lol! Hope you know who it is!

  3. Oh Karen, we have the MLB network and for all it' worth, we've watched the Tigers lose 9 in a row :( I truly feel your pain. Mother's Day is always a fun time to see what the kids pull out of their hat. I got a birthday card one year with the words, "Happy Birthday" crossed out and "Happy Mother's Day" written above that. It's the thought that counts, right? I look forward to trying out your Cookies and Creme bars. They sound delicious! <3

    1. IDK, when they were younger it was the thought that counts but they're adults now, somehow I think we should raise the bar on the effort a bit. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

    2. Doesn't it feel like with us there is a LOT of "wishful thinking"? So glad to laugh with you again <3

    3. I sometimes think that if I didn't have wishful thinking I wouldn't have anything.

  4. Oh wow! Love your kiddos! Plus, love this receipt. It may show up on my table for memorial day. :)

  5. Sometimes I want your life. And sometimes . . .
    Could you loan your good-luck charm to us for next hockey season? We need all the help we can get.
    Have a Happy Nude Day.
    And Keep Functioning . . .

    1. Sorry, love you Diane but keeping all that good luck for my team, not the opponents, LOL!

    2. Rats. So we'll have to rely on . . talent? Sigh.

  6. OK,I'm reading this in my backyard on my laptop. I got to the castration part, and I scared three robins and four squirrels half to death. I'm still laughing. Alana

  7. Auto correct cracks me up. My brother is horrible at sending texts and tries to shorten every text by making every word an acronym so you're figuring out a riddle by the end. I mistakenly showed a person by way of example (his text) and was put to shame when that conversation had to do with something quite embarrassing.

  8. Gosh -- having my hubby call me with numerous questions while on an errand would drive me nuts. I can only recall my hubby doing that a couple of times and it was usually to ask me if I wanted something that was on sale.

    P S -- would you respond if I texted you at 1:40AM?

    1. Yes I would. Well, you might have to wait a bit until after I had my heart attack and checked to be sure my kid was OK.


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