Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Suckdom is for Mondays

Sunday sucked. I blame the TV repairman.

It pains me to say this about a Sunday because no part of a weekend should suck. Ever. Let alone a whole day. If you need to survive a sucky day, it should be Monday. If I'm ever president of the United States, that will be my first order of business, I'm signing an Executive Order. Saturdays and Sundays cannot suck. Suckdom is reserved for Mondays.

The precipitating factor actually happened earlier in the week. Hubs' 50 inch TV, down in the man cave, stopped working. He took it to a repair shop, then started spending an inordinate amount of time in(vading) my space. 

Now I don't know if you're one of those who thinks that spending all your free time together is good for a couple. I can tell you I'm not. Some time, yes. But too much is . . . well . . . too much. For one thing, I don't mind quiet time. I read my Kindle, do Sudoku on my iPad, bake, read news stories on my cell, all without the TV on. And when I do watch TV, it tends to be true crime shows. During the day, I do this in the den as it's near the kitchen where I'm cooking, baking or prepping meals and near the laundry room as well.

Hubs, on the other hand, likes to have the TV on a lot of the time. It's mostly tuned to the financial news network or to men riding in carts who stop now and then to hit a ball while announcers whisper about where that ball is going (which, honestly, you can see all by yourself) as if speaking too loud would spook the damn thing and set it off in another direction. Simultaneous to having these shows on, he's not reading but listening to stories on his cell. LOUDLY. So it works out that I am often in the den while he does most of his Sunday relaxing one floor down in his man cave.

This past Sunday was a rainy day. There were things to do around the house, but it was a lazy day and we weren't going anywhere. I hadn't planned to watch much TV, and while the laundry was in the washing machine, I decided to lay down on the couch in the den to read a book on my iPad. First I opened up this blog post to check on the recipe pics, Peach Spritzer. They looked good to me. I needed to write the accompanying post by the end of the day today but at least I had the recipe and pictures done.

Peach Spritzer, a fruity summer version of a wine spritzer. A cool refreshing drink for a hot summer night. | Recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #cocktail

Peach Spritzer 
Peach Spritzer, a fruity summer version of a wine spritzer. A cool refreshing drink for a hot summer night. | Recipe developed by www.BakingInATornado.com | #recipe #cocktail

Hubs walks in and turns on the TV. Golf. Of course. Sits down on the other couch, grabs his cell and starts listening to a news story. Did I mention LOUDLY? So much for reading, so I shut the iPad. When it comes to TV shows today, I do have one recourse. The Red Sox are playing at noon and I can set up my laptop to screen it onto the TV, something we'll both enjoy.

First though, I had to write that blog post. I usually write 4 to 6 weeks out, but I was way behind. I had too busy a day on Monday so it had to get it done. It's difficult to do on my cell or iPad so I needed to write something before hooking my laptop up to the TV.

As I was about to start writing, the washer played it's "I'm done" song. Hubs got up and went into the laundry room. He has never, ever done that. Usually if he's in the den when it goes off, he sits there while I passive/aggressively sarcastically say "I'll get that", and go put the clothes into the dryer. But he went in there, and I thought (naively, it turns out) with him helping with the laundry and the Red Sox about to play it would be a good day.

Hubs was in the laundry room an inordinate amount of time, so I went in to check on him. Turns out he did not know how to open the door to the washing machine. Yes, you read that right. And clearly I've been doing something wrong. So I put the laundry in the dryer and now I even had something to write about. The woes of not training a spouse early on.

I wrote my blog post. It was a good one. Pinky swear. Unfortunately you'll never read it. I always, I mean always, consistently, regularly, invariably, repeatedly, habitually, unfailingly (get the picture?), copy and paste every blog post, or partially written post if that's the case, into a document. Just in case. But the Red Sox were starting and I wanted to hook up the laptop. Don't worry, I saved the post (twice to be sure) and closed blogger.

At about this time the dryer dinged and, miracle of miracles, Hubs went into the laundry room for the second time in his life and I even heard the dryer door open. 

Two things happened during the Red Sox commercials. First I had to water one of my plants on the front porch. As I said, it was raining, but this one was under the roof of the deck, the only one of my plants that needed watering.

But there were 2 bees patrolling the area. Not just regular bees either, giant ones, the size of jet fighters. 

Bee guarding the path featured in Suckdom is for Mondays blog post. Picture property of www.BakingInATornado.com | #humor #marriage

They had been there for days, forcing me to come and go via the garage. But they had taken residence right by the archway where my plant is. Whenever I tried to get near the plant, they would zing back and forth across that archway. Territorial little bug(gers). Clearly they were not going to let me near that pot and since bee stings weren't on the agenda, I needed another strategy. So I stood at the front door with a pot of water, opened the door, threw the water at the plant from indoors while slamming the door. Three pots later, the flowers had water. As did my hallway rug, hair, and most of my clothes.

For the record, when I came back, Hubs did not say a word.

Second, I picked up my iPad to check my email. It was open to this blog page, apparently when I checked the recipe and pics earlier I hadn't closed it. So I saved and closed the post. I knew immediately what I had done. I had opened the page earlier, before I wrote and saved the whole blog post. So it only had the recipe and drink pics. And I had just saved it that way. Overriding the previous save WITH the blog post. So it was gone. Heartbroken, I went back into the post to check. Yup, gone. Unrealistically expecting a miracle I clicked the "undo" button. Which deleted the Peach Spritzer pics and the recipe. Perfect.

The Red Sox lost. 

Hubs didn't miss a beat, back to whispering golf and loud cell phones. I went into the laundry room to grab the clothes to put away, only to find the still damp thicker heavier clothes neatly folded among the had-been-fully-dried clothes.

New plan. Make another batch of those Peach Spritzers. Is it 5:00 pm somewhere? I couldn't care less. Skip the cup, I'm drinking from the pitcher. And then I'm starting a go-fund-me account. I wonder how much money it'll take to bribe that TV repair man to move Hubs' television to the head of the line.

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Peach Spritzer        

Printable Recipe

1 bottle Chardonnay
1/2 cup vanilla rum
1 cup white grape peach juice
2 ripe peaches, pitted and sliced
1 cup club soda, tonic water or lemon/lime soda

*In a large pitcher, mix the wine, rum and peach juice. Add the peach slices and refrigerate a few hours up to a day.
*Pour the soda into the pitcher just before serving.


  1. Yes, you certainly deserved that entire pitcher of spritzers :-)

  2. The spritzer sounds delicious, the mystery insect less so. I am no insect expert but I am not sure you have bees. There is something called a long horned bee, and they can get big (according to the Google machine) but they are also hairy and your bees aren't hairy or fuzzy. Me thinks you have some bad news there as in maybe some kind of hornet. I hope not. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

    1. Yes, I do think it's some kind of mutant hornet (I tend to call hornets bees too). Right now we have established a detente, but I'm not very trusting when it comes to thinking it'll last.

  3. Those spritzers sound good. I am one of those people who doesn't like being with someone 24 hours a day so I frequently sneak off during the weekend to go on a hike or photo shoot. If the guy I live with couldn't get the washer door open I wouldn't have to go check on him, he'd be screaming and cussing.

    1. Ha, that would be a clear indication. I think my husband just didn't want to admit it so he was going to stand in there quietly and try to figure it out.

  4. There must be a television virus going around! Our 50 in is quickly losing it's voice (volume). I do not want to replace it, but its not under warranty. Hubby keeps saying 8K and I keep saying NO! (Rena)

    1. We found a guy who knows a lot about them, he's not near us and we had to bring it to him, but we're hopeful that ours can be fixed (yet to be determined). I hope you find someone who can look at yours too.

  5. Oh you make me laugh!You need to set up a tutorial for him on the washer and dryer talking in hushed tones on his phone!


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