Friday, August 23, 2019

Chokeberries and Old Lady Rain Hats: Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a monthly Fly on the Wall group post. Today 5 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. At the end of my post you’ll find links to this month’s other participants’ posts.

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Me: The appliances are revolting against me.
Hubs: Huh?
Me: Every time I close the washing machine now it locks itself. And the dishwasher used to chime when it was done but now it doesn't and I have to keep checking it.
Hubs: Well, it must be something you're pressing.
Me: It's not. I didn't do it.
Hubs: I don't know how else it could have happened.
Me: I know.
Hubs: Okay??
Me: It's the boys. They come into the house while I'm sleeping and press all the buttons on all the appliances just to screw with me.
Hubs (laughing): Yes, I'm sure that's it.
Me: Go buy me a nanny cam.
Hubs: {{blink, blink}}

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Hubs comes upstairs and sees me closing the front door and yelling.

Me: Stop that banging. Go away.
Hubs: Wow, I really hope that wasn't a neighbor.
Me: Birds.
Hubs: Excuse me?
Me: It was birds.
Hubs: Birds?
Me: There were 2 Swallows flying around under the portico and banging into the window over the door.
Hubs: So we'll still get invited to the neighborhood block party?
Me: As long as it's not being hosted by angry birds.
Hubs: We may be safe with the neighbors, but I'd cover my head when I go outside if I were you. Those angry birds have been eating the chokeberries out back.
Me: Did you come upstairs because you're going out?
Hubs: Yes, do you need something?
Me: Yeah, one of those old lady plastic rain hats.  
Hubs: Done!

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I've talked before about the fact that as I age, my eye sight isn't what it used to be. The other day Hubs and I were watching the Red Sox. They were playing their long time rivals, the Yankees.

Me: What the hell does that mean?
Hubs: What? 
Me: That sign behind the batters. It's an ad for Dunkin Donuts' frozen drinks. It says "cool relief for hot ovaries". What does that mean?
Hubs: Put your glasses on. Rivalries. It says "cool relief for hot rivalries".
Me: Oh, well that makes a lot more sense.

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There were 2 giant bees living somewhere near one of the flower pots on the front porch. I wrote about them, complete with picture in a post last month called Suckdom is for Mondays.

We had reached a fragile detente, of late. I would gingerly tiptoe out front at about 9 am and water the flowers in that pot and they would buzz back and forth keeping an eye on me but keeping their stingers to themselves (so far, anyway).

Late one morning, Hubs looked out the window in the kitchen (on the back of our house) and saw a giant bee buzzing up against the window.

Hubs: Do we have them out back now too?
Me: No, it's probably one of the ones from out front. I'm late watering the front flowers, he's probably just looking for me. 

Hubs just rolls his eyes and walks away.

Me (exasperated and mumbling under my breath): My friend Dawn has squirrels who come to her yard looking for her every day. I've got bees. Perfect. Just perfect.

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Hubs (checking the mail): What is this check sent to me for 44 cents?
Me: Don't ask.
Hubs: Are you going to cash it?
Me: Well, I'm not rushing off to the bank with it.
Hubs: I'll have to sign it.
Me: No you don't.
Hubs: It's made out to me, I have to sign it if either one of us is eventually going to take it to the bank.
Me: Let me tell you something, if you ever try to put a check into the bank that you signed, you'll probably get arrested.
Hubs (laughing): Why, 'cause you always just sign my name?
Me: Yup. But seriously, you may as well go ahead and sign it.
Hubs: No way, I don't want to get arrested.
Me: If you do, I have 44 cents for bail . . .

Pineapple and Corn Salsa Fresco bursts with fresh summer flavors. Serve with tortilla chips or as a complement to grilled fish, chicken, or over enchiladas. | Recipe developed by

Pineapple and Corn Salsa
Pineapple and Corn Salsa Fresco bursts with fresh summer flavors. Serve with tortilla chips or as a complement to grilled fish, chicken, or over enchiladas. | Recipe developed by
served with my Shrimp Enchiladas

Hubs (walking into the room): What's for dinner?
Me (looking up from my iPad): Roly Polies.
Hubs: What?
Me: Roly Polies.
Hubs: The bugs?
Me: Yes, I was just reading that they're actually crustaceans, taste like shrimp. And way cheaper, I just need to go out back.
Hubs: You're kidding, right?
Me: Would I kid you?
Hubs: I don't know, but I damn well hope so. 

What did I make for dinner? Shrimp. The real ones. And believe me, Hubs double checked. Right after he hid my iPad.

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Another night . . .

Hubs: I'm tired. 
Me: I'm retired. 
Hubs: Retired?
Me: Yeah, I was tired, now I'm tired again, retired.
Hubs: This is your way of letting me know I'm bringing in take out for dinner, right?
Me: I think you're starting to figure me out.
Hubs: And an added bonus, it's better than bugs.

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As anyone who reads this blog and especially my Fly on the Wall posts knows, I'm a major Boston sports fan. Especially the Red Sox. When I was growing up, my grandpa's company had box seats right by the dugout along the first base line. I didn't get to use them often, but those time that I did solidified my love of Red Sox baseball. Just like my grandpa.

This year, however, it's been really tough to be a Red Sox fan. I still love them, always will, but they suck. It's especially disappointing since they are the current World Series champions and to a great extent have the same team they had last year. 

I live in the Midwest so I don't have any local channel that shows all of the games. The MLB network shows some, but a lot of the time I have to stream them from my laptop onto the TV. I don't do it all the time any more though, it's too painful.

Hubs walks in late from work and sees me sitting in front of the TV in the den.

Hubs: Are you streaming the Red Sox tonight?
Me: Do I look like I'm crying?
Hubs: No.
Me: Then no.

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I've talked a lot about how frustrated I am with companies and the fact that there's no such thing as customer service any more. I've had multiple issues with our cable company, Amazon, and our local newspaper.

I'd canceled the newspaper (I was getting Sunday only) because every time I got a bill in the mail they were either raising my rates or adding inane charges. I don't need the paper for anything so I canceled.

A rep came to my door and listened patiently to my complaints and in the end talked me into signing back up at a great rate with promised no added charges for one year. A lot happened after that, cut to the chase, I objected to them adding, to the very first bill, a charge for sending me a bill and I canceled for the last time. 

Two weeks later Hubs hands me the mail. There's a letter from the newspaper company saying how much they want me back.

Me: So they lost me because they charged me for sending me mail. 
Hubs: Yes.
Me: And then they sent me mail for free.
Hubs: Yup, pretty much. 
Me: Great business model.

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It's no big secret that people's minds work differently. There are times when I have no idea how Hubs' mind works, or even if it is. In his defense, I'm positive he feels the same way about me.

Hubs' 50 inch TV from down in the man cave wasn't working. I wrote about it in my post Mondays are for Suckdom. Anyway, he took it to a dinosaur, one of the last TV repairmen still in business. I expected it to be fixable because it's not quite 4 years old. A week later he called from work.

Hubs: Bad news on the TV. 
Me: OK?
Hubs: The mother board is gone, it's not worth fixing, would be around $600.
Me: That sucks.
Hubs: I'm going to pick it up from the repair man, then I'll be home.
Me: Why pick that huge thing up?
Hubs: I'm going to hook it up and try turning it on one more time.

Me: And you think that will work.
Hubs: It could.
Me: Could it though?
Hubs: It's worth a try.

Me: Is it though?
Hubs: Yes, I'm on my way to pick it up.
Me: OK, I wish you luck.

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Pineapple and Corn Salsa Fresco

1 ear of corn, cooked, cooled
1 jalapeno, seeded, diced
1/4 red pepper, seeded, diced
1 green onion, chopped
1 1/2 cups fresh pineapple, peeled, cored, chopped
2 TBSP chopped cilantro
2 TBSP lime juice
1 tsp pineapple juice
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp cumin

OPT: serve with tortilla chips or over grilled fish, chicken or with enchiladas

*Cut the corn from the cob and place in a bowl. Discard the cob.
*Add the jalapeno, red pepper, green onion, pineapple and cilantro to the corn.
*Whisk together the lime juice, pineapple juice, salt, pepper and cumin. Pour into the bowl and mix well.
*Cover and refrigerate for at least an hour, mixing once or twice.


  1. On, man! This is so fun!
    Appliances ARE revolting.
    Birds need to stay in the trees and out of my space. (And definitely off my car!)
    You never know with bees...
    Now I REALLY want to know what roly polies are. (This is the second post I've seen them mentioned in today!) But I'm definitely not interested enough to look for them as dinner...
    Extra billing? Yeah. We were changing our phones and wanted the bill put into Husby's name instead of mine. The company we were changing from charged us for closing out my account, then for closing out his. And it was only his for about 30 seconds. Sigh.
    I know the pain of watching a losing team. (Go Oilers.)
    And good luck with that TV.
    Loved this peek, Karen!

    1. Appliances are still revolting, TV has been replaced, and about those roly polies? Don't bother looking them up, especially at meal time (and now I'm wondering who else mentioned them today).

  2. So you read my post about shrimp and their relationship to roaches and roly polies? LOL
    The appliance thing, well, mine have joined yours and are doing weird stuff that could not possibly be operator error, right?
    The TV, so...did it work? LOL

    1. Yes, I read your post about shrimp, and all of your posts about squirrels too.
      And no, of course the TV didn't work. He has a new one now.

  3. I absolutely loved the "retired" comment. I'm going to have use that one on Hubs tonight!

  4. Awh - too funny on the Dunkin' Donuts ad! Bees outside of your house are the worst too. My daughter's friend was stung outside of our front door. Poor girl!

  5. We used to have the same problem with birds banging into the window. I felt so sorry for them. So, we hung something in front of the window and they stopped hitting it. Win-win. I remember having hot ovaries -- no fun!

    I just discovered yesterday that they make a trap for yellow jackets. I went to two local hardware stores and they are both out of stock. We can't eat outside anymore because they are on the attack. Can't wait until I get those traps. The other night while eating, two of them landed in hubby's drink.

    1. Yeah, those Yellow Jackets are really mean. When they're out, I'm in.

  6. I love that "Re-tired" -could be a good comedy bit along with one that I'm working on...including things women regret saying.

    1. Sounds like it would fit right in. Gonna give me credit?

  7. Mmmm… Those enchiladas look good. Thank for sharing the salsa recipe. I like your 'fly on the wall' snippets.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed both the blog post and the recipe.


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