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Dinner Betting and Sneeze Mowing: Fly on the Wall

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Welcome to a monthly Fly on the Wall group post. Today 3 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. At the end of my post you’ll find links to this month’s other participants’ posts.

I'm sure you're aware that it was Halloween a few weeks ago. Hubs went downstairs to watch football and I was in the den giving out candy to the kids. About ten minutes before the game started, Hubs came upstairs.

Hubs: I'll give out candy for a while, I want to see some of the cute kids.

I sit down on the couch, and a few minutes later, the doorbell rings, Hubs jumps up, grabs the candy, and goes to the door.

Hubs (opening up the door): Trick or treat!

He hands out the candy, and comes back.

Me: I think we need to talk.
Hubs: OK.
Me: I'm not sure you get how this works.
Hubs: Huh?
Me: You're actually not the one who's supposed to say "Trick or Treat." 

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One little boy came alone to the door. I opened the door, and in a sing song voice, he looks at me and says:

Trick or treat
give me something good to eat
or you'll have to smell my farts.

I'm thinking my husband isn't the only one who doesn't understand how this whole halloween door decorum is supposed to work.

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Next a whole bunch of older kids came to the door, one by one I gave them candy, and one by one they wished me well.

First kid: Merry Christmas.
Second kid: Happy Thanksgiving.
Third kid: Happy Hanukkah.
Forth kid: Happy New Year.
Fifth kid: Happy . . . umm . . . happy birthday!

What happened to Happy Halloween?

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A few things as back story. First, Hubs is semi retired, goes to work a few days a week. Second, I'd hurt my knee, so was walking as little as possible, and third, we have woodpeckers who peck holes in the siding of our house, causing about a thousand dollars of damage each year.

On Monday I could hear the woodpecker on the side of the house and, since I was babying my knee, called to Hubs, who went out and scared it off.

The next day Hubs was at work and the woodpecker was back so I had to go out there and yell at it myself.

Wednesday, Hubs was home so I once again sent him out. 

Me (as Hubs came in from outside): What is your schedule this week? Are you working tomorrow?
Hubs: I'm trying to decide.
Me: You can stay home and yell at woodpeckers.
Hubs: Well, those are words I never thought I'd hear . . .
Me: Funny, those are words I never thought I'd say.

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It was a Saturday morning and we were looking forward to the Purdue football game.
Hubs: My prediction is that Purdue will win by 10.
Me: That's a pretty bold prediction, the teams are fairly equal.
Hubs: I still think Purdue will win by 10.
Me: How about a little wager?
Hubs: OK. What?
Me: If Purdue doesn't win by 10, you cook dinner for the rest of the month.
Hubs: No.
Me: Not so sure now, are you?
Hubs: Oh, I'm sure. I'm sure we don't want to starve to death.
He has a point. But we could always drink dinner . . .

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 Cinnamon Orange Coffee

Hubs, College Boy, and I had all gotten our booster shots. I knew PurDude had an appointment, and was anxious to hear he'd gotten his.

On the day he was scheduled to go, I texted him:

Me: Did you have your shit today?

And as much as I'd like to blame autocorrect, I doubt autocorrect changed "shot" to "shit," so I'm thinking I'm going to have to own this one.


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This one actually was autocorrect.

I was texting with him later in the month and telling him that Hubs' car tire had a leak. He took it to the tire place, who said they had good news and bad news.

The good news was that there was a nail in the tire and it could be patched. The bad news, when they went to take the tire off, their machine ripped the sidewall.

PurDude: Well they shouldn't be taking his tire off in the street with an excavator.
Me: Street? Excavator? Huh?
PurDude: Well, you said their machine ripped the sidewalk.

And looking back at the text, yes, that's exactly what I'd said to him.


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I came home and noticed that College Boy was there. Walking through the kitchen, I notice something sitting on the counter that I hadn't bought:
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And all I could think was "I really hope he's thinking of cooking something, and not, you know, hinting at his future plans."
I'll let you know how that goes.

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Hard to believe that the first few days of this month Hubs had to mow the lawn one last time. Also hard to believe we were still suffering from fall allergies.
I was standing on the deck, talking to a friend on the phone:
Katy: What am I hearing?
Me: I'm out on the deck, Hubs is mowing, you hear the lawnmower.
Katy: But what's that other noise?
Me: Oh, he's sneeze mowing.
Katy: Sneeze mowing?
Me: Yeah, and that's just the first act.
Katy: First act? What's the next act?
Me: Sneeze showering.
Poor guy. But at least he's done. Well, until spring.


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If there's one thing I will not stand for, it's flies in my kitchen. I cannot even think about them landing in my food. So we're pretty careful about keeping them out of the house. Not, of course, the proverbial Fly on the Wall, we're talking about the real thing here.
Mid November, it's usually too cold to have to worry about flies in the house, but I was preparing dinner and caught one buzzing around the food.
I shooed it away and it headed to the window by the dinner table. I grabbed a fly swatter and followed. I saw it on the floor but it was laying upside down. Do flies play dead? I nudged it with the fly swatter and, nothing.
Me: Decoy!
Hubs (walking into the room): What's going on?
Me: There was a fly in the kitchen when I was making dinner and I was trying to kill it.
Hubs: Looks like you did.
Me: No, this was just a decoy.
Hubs: Umm . . . decoy?
Me: Yes, damn fly tried to fool me with a decoy.
Hubs (backing carefully away): OK. Good talk . . .



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Cinnamon Orange Coffee        

Printable Recipe

Ingredients (makes 2): 
3 cups brewed coffee, hot
1 tsp powdered French Vanilla creamer
1 TBSP sugar
1 TBSP speculoos (cookie butter)
3 oz orange liqueur

whipped cream
1/4 tsp cinnamon

*Mix together the brewed coffee, creamer and sugar.
*Vigorously whisk in the speculoos and orange liqueur until completely incorporated.
*Divide into mugs, top each with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon.


  1. Decoy flies. :) Thanks for the fly's tour of your days. Fun (and funny). And the coffee recipe... Will try that one!

  2. Those are some hilarious Halloween encounters. Our trick-or-treaters need to step it up next year!

  3. You gave me some good laughs, which I needed. Really needed (yesterday, I thought some of my medical info had been stolen. Long story). Anyway, your hubbie and mine would make a great team. He yells at woodpeckers. Mine chases squirrels with an outdoor broom. He's already broken one broom this year. P.S. I can't post any links on Facebook, but I do have a Friday skywatching post up.

    1. So glad you laughed, I'd love to see our husbands together out in the wild (so to speak). And yes, I've already visited your blog this morning!

  4. The saying around here is, "It tastes so good it makes you want to slap ya mama!" supposedly because she wasn't such a great cook. It's not supposed to be taken seriously.

    A couple of years ago, i opened the door to a young man who said, "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!" much to his mother's chagrin and my great entertainment. I laughed and told him i used to say that when i was little, and i was really tickled by it.

    We used to have a woodpecker that would peck on the metal woodstove pipe to make bugs run out from under the flashing. It won't cause damage, but he could certainly ruin a Saturday morning lie-in.

    Thanks for the laughs, i really appreciate your wonderful sense of humor.

    1. The trick or treat, smell my feet song is what I thought he was going to say, he just took it in a different direction.

      Our woodpeckers like the fireplace cap, we were told it had something to do with a mating call, but maybe whoever told us that was pulling our leg (which is much better than destroying our house).

  5. Slap Ya Mama is a pretty famous Cajun seasoning blend. The first time I saw it I thought it was a cute name.

    1. It's cuter when you don't have kids who buy it and leave it sitting on your counter . . .

  6. Cinnamon orange coffee sounds great. I swear I'll try anything coffee flavored. This includes coffee flavored icecream and mocha popsicles, and chocolate covered espresso beans.

  7. We haven't had any trick or treaters in years. We used to back when my daughter was little but I hardly even see any kids out going door to door anymore around here.

    1. My son said that same thing about where he lives. So strange, we get tons of kids here.


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