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Gerrymandered Domestic Tranquility: Use Your Words


Pear and Feta Bites | recipe developed by | #recipe #appetizers



Today’s post is a monthly writing challenge. If you’re new here, this is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once. All of the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s  participating knows who got their words and in what direction the recipient will take them. Until now. 

At the end of this post you’ll find links to the other blogs featuring this challenge. Check them all out, see what words they got and how they used them.
I'm using:  absolute ~ blanket ~ gerrymander ~ steel ~ relief
They were submitted by Diane of On the Border.
I just want to say, for the record, that this won't be a political post, despite the fact that these words catapult me right into a political mindset.
It's not that I don't talk about politics on this blog all the time, you know I do. But I need to lighten it up a bit, for my own sake. 
OK, so maybe I just need to get it out of my system, then we'll move on: As we were nearing the midterms, the level of voter suppression (we had an initiative on our ballot in this state that is thinly veiled voter suppression) and gerrymandering became so terrifying, there were days when the news has me feeling like going to bed with a bottle of absolut(e), pulling the blanket over my head, and staying there until Thanksgiving. All members of the cult that the republican party has become belong behind steel bars. I think that day is coming for many of those politicians, and when (if?) right is reestablished over wrong, it will be a relief.
Sorry, just felt like that had to be said.
Now back to our previously scheduled program . . . a PSA of sorts. About gerrymandering of a different sort, and women's right to control their bodies. And no, I'm not talking politics, I'm talking domestic tranquility. With a little helpful advice to men.

Let me start by saying, no matter what we feel about aging, and how our bodies change, and even some of the ways we can exhibit some level of control over those changes, it is the absolute truth that we're all aging. And as steely as our resolve may be to fight the process, there are some aspects we're going to experience.

So some sage advice to the husbands out there, especially those whose wives do the cooking . . .
Pear and Feta Bites | recipe developed by | #recipe #appetizers

Pear and Feta Bites

. . . there will come a time when you'll notice a redistricting of sorts. In the bedroom. 
I'm talking about that dreaded time when women's internal thermometers go on the fritz. You know what I mean (and if you don't yet, you will). It is during that time, in constant search of fleeting relief, that the normal borders of your blanket will be gerrymandered. Redistricted. Continuously. Up, down, up, down, on the bed, off the bed, at the foot of the bed, over your head.  
And you have no vote in the matter.
So, if you want to keep eating, it is my advice that you allow the rather constant blanket redistricting. Because an exhausted wife benefits no one. So, in support of her, you have a difficult decision to make. Do you want to sleep? Or eat? 

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Pear and Feta Bites

1 small red pear
3 TBSP shelled pecans
1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
1 TBSP apricot jam
12 wonton wrappers
1 TBSP olive oil

*Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease the wells of a 12 count mini muffin pan with non stick spray.
*Core, skin, and chop the pair. Place in a mixing bowl.
*Chop the pecans and add to the bowl along with the feta.
*Add the apricot jam and mix well. 
*Gently press the center of each wonton wrapper into each of the 12 mini muffin wells.
*Divide the filling into the center of the wonton wrappers. For each wonton, dip your finger into water, wet all of the wrapper edges, and pinch the edges in to enclose the filling.
*Spray of brush the tops with olive oil
*Bake for 25 minutes. Cool slightly before serving.


  1. Ha, and I thought you were going to give us "pigs in a blanket"!
    Colin is glued to the TV to follow Midterms reporting. How long till every vote is counted?
    Happy weekend :-)

    1. I think this will go on until early next week (and I posted my version of pigs in a blanket years ago, or that would have been a good choice for this piece).

  2. I find it infinitely interesting that people trying so hard to be lions instead of sheep (remember THAT debacle?) would cheerfully back, even encourage the erosion of voting rights.
    Now onto that blanket thing...Yep. Husbys! Take the cue. For everyone's sake!

    1. What people don't understand is (no matter the reason), if you vote in autocrats, they will never have your best interest in mind, only theirs.

  3. I wish it had been better but I'm just happy to see that normal seems to be making a comeback. Whether it's just a short appearance or is here to stay only time will tell. We lost in SC which I knew was going to happen but feel hopeful for the rest of the country.

    1. I'm not really feeling fully hopeful, maybe just on the cusp of hopeful.

  4. My internal thermostat, in the past two years, has reset permanently to "almost always cold". Men, guess what you have to look forward to with your wives entering ages with a "7" at the beginning. Just coincidentally we had a fantastic local-ish pear season this year. They are so, so good!

    1. Yes, I'm really enjoying the pears this year, not the price so much, though.

  5. I've been battling the blanket wars for years, and have it down to a system that allows Hubby to have them up on his side and I can do my own up/down/up/down thing.

    1. Wow, don't know how you managed that, but it sounds perfect.

  6. My husband has never been able to share a blanket. We each have our own, folded on our side of the bed each day. It helps.

    1. That's a great idea, and I'm sure it would work for us, right up until I stole Hubs' blanket!

  7. Pears and Fetta is an interesting recipe combo. My internal thermostat is set at permanently cold in the winter in Minnesota. I'll have various strategies to combat that, including carrying an additional coat in my car, and turning off and on the heat in the car.


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