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Funny Friday:a multi-blogger challenge: one picture, five captions,  | developed and run by | #MyGraphics Funny Friday is a fun and light humorous project done monthly by a group of bloggers. Each month one of the participants take a picture, choose a drawing from their child or make a graphic and send it to all in the group. We are all then challenged to write five humorous captions or statements about the picture. On the last Friday of the month, we all post what we've come up with. Here are links to previous Funny Friday posts.

Love Hurts: Funny Friday 8-28-20
Up a Tree: Funny Friday 7-31-20
It's Time: Funny Friday 6-26-20
George Goes Fishing: Funny Friday 5-29-20
Pure Heart: Funny Friday 4-24-20
Soak Up the Sun: Funny Friday 3-27-20
Rub a Dub Dub: Funny Friday 2-28-20
Man Down: Funny Friday 1-31-20

Do the Math: Funny Friday 12-27-19
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Funny Friday 11-29-19
I'm Hot: Funny Friday 10-25-19
No Smoking Section: Funny Friday 9-27-19
Not in Kansas Any More: Funny Friday 8-30-19
Throw a Pot: Funny Friday 7-26-19
Bowl Dirty, Hands Clean: Funny Friday 6-28-19
Practice Makes Perfect 5-21-19
Money for Nothin' and Your Gas for Free: Funny Friday 4-26-19
I Don't Like Peas: Funny Friday 3-29-19
Spiderman Meets Electro: Funny Friday 2-22-19
Big Honkin' Fan: Funny Friday 1-25-19


 Take me Home: Funny Friday 12-28-18
X Marks the Spot: Funny Friday 11-30-18
The Case For Staycations: Funny Friday 10-26-18
Is That a Watermelon in Your Seat? Funny Friday 9-28-18
Urban Camping: Funny Friday 8-31-18
Can You Hear Me Now: Funny Friday 7-27-18
It's Like Christmas Here: Funny Friday 6-29-28
Lightsavers and Starfighters: Funny Friday 5-25-18
Legwarmers and Necklaces: Funny Friday 4-27-18
Bananas for You: Funny Friday 3-30-18
Reel Me In: Funny Friday 2-23-18
Ten Months of Hibernation: Funny Friday 1-26-18

I Feel Pretty: Funny Friday 12-29-17
Represent: Funny Friday 11-24-17
Funny Friday: Lost and Found 10-27-17
Funny Friday: The Rules of Panic 9-29-17
Funny Friday: Quite a Diet 8-25-17
Funny Friday: Pass the Blanket 7-28-17
Funny Friday: Mi Casa 6-30-17
Funny Friday: Mom's Cooking 5-26-17
Funny Friday: Take it to the Review Board 4-29-17
 Funny Friday: No Sandbox For Me 3-31-17
 Funny Friday: Just Hangin' Out 2-24-17
Funny Friday: Thar She Blows 1-27-17

Funny Friday: Excuses Excuses 12-30-16
Funny Friday: Strange Bedfellows 11-25-16
 Funny Friday: One Size Fits All 10-28-16
Funny Friday: Worse than the Kids 9-30-16
Funny Friday: Mud Pies and Kissing Booths 8-26-16
 Funny Friday: Give me a Hand 7-29-16
Funny Friday: Mess? What Mess? 6-24-16
Funny Friday: No Day at the Beach 5-27-16
 Funny Friday: A Blogger's Life 4-29-16
Funny Friday: What the Heck? 3-25-16
Funny Friday: Shopping Lessons 2-26-16
 Funny Friday: Mixed Messages 1-29-16

Funny Friday: A Coat of One Color 12-25-15
Funny Friday: Get in There 11-27-15
 Funny Friday: Ever Heard of Halloween? 10-30-15
Funny Friday: Up a Tree 9-25-15
Funny Friday: Superhero Edition 8-28-15
 Funny Friday: Where's the Beef? 7-31-15
Funny Friday: We're Not in Kansas 6-26-15
Funny Friday: All Washed Up 5-29-15
 Funny Friday: Squashed Squash 4-24-15
Funny Friday: Roughing It the Easy Way 3-27-15

June Funny Friday 6/27/14 
 May Funny Friday 5/30/14


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